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Journal Community
Name: fandom_counts
Date(s): May 30, 2007-last updated July 18, 2010
Moderator: vichan
URL: profile

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fandom_counts is a LiveJournal community created in response to Strikethrough.

Members did not have posting privleges, but instead joined in order to be counted.

The community had 15,000 members less than six hours after it was open. [1]

As of December 7, 2011, fandom_counts had 33,601 members. In January 2015, it had 26,457 members.

From the Profile Page

"Livejournal has over 13 million journals created.

How many of those journals belong to members of fandom?

Let's find out.

There is no posting access here; this is only a body count. All you have to do is join, and you will be counted."


  1. "Fandom_counts is over 15,000 members now. Seeing as how the community was made less than 6 hours ago, that's pretty damn impressive." -- NEWS: Shota Community, Other LiveJournal Accounts Suspended on Anime News Network, May 30, 2007