I Chose Not To Read

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Name: I Chose Not To Read
Owner/Maintainer: Kallie
Dates: 2003 - c. 2004
Type: hatelisting
URL: http://hate.poetic-genius.org/slash/ (Wayback, 2004)
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I Chose Not To Read, formerly called Gross, was a hatelisting for slash fanfiction.

It was created by Kallie who opened the site in June 8, 2003. The website is a hatelisting (the opposite of a fanlisting) and lists individuals who dislike slash fanfiction and find it 'gross'. Though the site claims it isn't homophobic, the site arguably contains several instances of homophobia. Whilst online, the site gained over 107 members.

The following reasoning was given for their hate of the popular fanfiction genre:

the hatelisting for slash. Okay I am not homophobic or do I hate gay/lesbians but I believe that none of these authors/screenplay writers intended for certain characters to be together. Plus i dont mind the gay/lesbian relationships but it gives me the creeps with i think about it. All we (the people who join this hatelisting) are saying is that we don't read slash. We're not starting an online petition against it. All we're saying is that we don't like it and don't read it. Plus i think 'hate' is definately too strong a word. Dislike is better, but the dislikelistings sounds funky so whatever.[1]


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