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Name: Pares
Alias(es): Dawn Pares, Dawn M Pares, Kormantic
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark is Rising, Hard Core Logo, Highlander, due South, The Sentinel, Sports Night, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, The West Wing, The X-Files
URL: kormantic at AO3
kormantic at Dreamwidth
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Pares is a fan writer.


Pares has been part of fandom for over a decade. She posted her first fic, Mercy, in 1997 in The X-Files. She started writing in Sentinel in 1999, and from there moved on to Sports Night, The West Wing, due South, Stargate SG-1, and finally Stargate Atlantis, with several stops along the way for smaller fandoms like Queer As Folk UK and Cowboy Bebop.

She's written with several co-authors, including Te, Laura Shapiro, Justin Glasser, and Punk, and has written companion pieces for works by Te, Resonant, and Bone.

In 2002, Pares published two stories in the due South zine Duet, The Whole Enchilada with Laura Shapiro, and a solo effort, Head Case. 2006 saw her SGA fic ...and the green sea in the multifandom online SummerCon Zine, and in 2007 she contributed Mr. Karaoke to the Stargate Atlantis zine Surfacing. Continuing her multimedia trend, in 2007 she recorded her SGA fic Ophthalmology as a podfic.[1]

Though her output of fic has slowed over the years, she's still a frequent participant in Yuletide, where she can be found writing as kormantic.

Writing style

Pares is a versatile writer with wide range and a deft touch, able to write short, nuanced character pieces or longer plot-driven stories. She's written gen, het, slash, threesomes, and foursomes in a variety of fandoms and is always true to the characters and their voices. One of her skills is capturing a scene using just the right details.

mergatrude describes her style in due South Author Profiles: "Pares writes wonderful characterisations, without glossing over the scars and bruises. [In due South] she swung both Rays before it became popular and moves easily between gen, het and slash." [2]

Notable Works

The X-Files

due South

  • In Your Corner - Pares, notably, swung both ways before it was cool. A Ray V story.[4]
  • Third Party - An unbelievably hot and sad look at the Kowalski's marriage.
  • Mr In-Between. Ray Vecchio and the people that matter to him.
  • Head Case Fraser/Kowalski. This story first appeared in the 2002 due South zine Duet. Ray's dreaming about Canada and getting Fraser to "read" his head.
  • Kowalski This is a story about Stella. I like Stella, even if she isn't nice all the time. Why should she be?
  • Model Behaviour
  • This Error - written with Laura Shapiro

The Sentinel


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