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Name: resonant
Alias(es): res, resonant8
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Due South, The Sentinel, Hancock, Breakfast Club, Pippi Longstocking, and Horatio Hornblower
Other: In medias Res
URL: resonant at AO3
resonant8 at LiveJournal
resonant at Dreamwidth
resonant at Audiofic Archive
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Resonant is a fanwriter whose work is well-loved in a variety of fandoms. When she began writing fanfiction is not known, but according to a note in the story "Anoint", republished in AO3 on 2008, but dated 4 August 1999, Resonant says "This is the first slash story I ever wrote. Actually it's the first fiction of any kind I ever wrote, if we leave aside some unfortunate experiments with magic realism in the eleventh grade."[1]

However, his first online publication was a Sentinel story was posted to 852 Prospect in 2000, and she too has been a writer in the Due South fandom also since 2000. Her stories are characterized by banter (she's written dialogue-only stories in a couple of different fandoms); her take on her BSOs is often tender and slightly quirky.

Resonant has made a blanket statement about further transformation and concrit/reviews of her fanworks:

I give blanket permission for any and all transformations of my work -- translations, podcasts, audiobooks, illustrations, remixes, etc. You don't need to ask my permission beforehand. I would like it if you linked back to the original story, and it would give me a nice warm feeling if you contacted me afterwards to show me where I can see your work. I also give blanket permission for any sort of critique or commentary, private or public, positive or negative. Basically I just like the attention.[2]

Writing Style

mergatrude in ds_profiles says about Resonant's due South writing:

"Resonant is a giant in the world of Fraser/Kowalski fic, and deservedly so. Her stories are full of delicious descriptions, tangible emotions and hot, hot sex! She has one of the best Kowalski voices in the business! One-off phrases stick in the brain, like He looked down, looked back up with a grin. "Fraser, my friend, one thing you'll learn about me is that I never exaggerate my refractory period."

(A Fine and Private Place). Beautiful explorations of character. Whackiness. Angst, always satisfactorily resolved."[3]

Notable Works

Due South

It was easy for a guy who'd sneaked in to see "Bullitt" five times in the third grade. You didn't walk like you were going to beat the other guy up. You walked like you'd already beaten him up, and it never crossed your mind that he wouldn't stand back and give you some room when you went by.

Harry Potter


Stargate Atlantis



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