Transfigurations (Harry Potter story)

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Title: Transfigurations
Author(s): Resonant
Date(s): 25 April 2003
Length: 72,000 words / 400K bytes
Genre: slash, post-Hogwarts
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Transfigurations is a post-war Harry/Draco novel by Resonant. A psychologically damaged Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts five years after the war to teach Transfigurations.

In 2004, Julad posted a Snape/Neville prequel to Transfigurations called Night-blooming Heartsease.

Fan Responses

Transfigurations is probably Resonant's most popular story to date; it was heavily recced and popular among fans. The story was also recorded as a podfic over five hours long.[1]

Wordwitch says:
Outstanding among her many incredible works is the novel Transfigurations, which was recommended to me by Lois McMaster Bujold as an excellent introduction to fanfiction and to slash, in which she was utterly correct.
While many fans praised the magical innovations of Resonant's story, Idlerat described the magic in the story as "computerish" in a discussion hosted in the LiveJournal community hp_fictalk.[2] Millefiori posted about her problems with Harry and Draco's characterization[3], and commenters discussed the differing reactions of Harry/Draco fans vs. non-H/D fans to the story.[4]


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