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Synonyms: fanworks policy, transformative works policy, fic policy, icon policy, concrit policy, archiving policy
See also: fanac, fanworks, concrit, Blanket Permission to Podfic, Blanket Permission to Translate, Podfic Permission
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In some parts of fandom, fans refer to a statement a fan has made about their policies or preferences regarding their own works as a blanket statement. The idea is that this one statement "covers everything" a person might want/need to know (hence blanket), thus sparing the person from having to contact the fan to make an inquiry and the fan from having to field inquiries. It can be difficult for some fans to approach a creator to ask for permission.

Blanket or policy statements about a creator's fanworks are often found in the user profile of their archive page or social media account, at an "about" or FAQ page of their fansite, or in a sticky post at their journal, twitter, etc. Some creators' blanket statements are also linked at the FPS (Fanworks Permission Statements) List.

See Podfic Permission.

Further Transformation

Fanwork creators may ask to have their fanwork credited (or not) as the inspiration for the further transformative work and/or to be informed (or not) about such further transformation.

Some topics regarding permission statements may include (but are not limited to):

The fanwork creator may state whether they give blanket or more restricted or no permission for other fans to further transform their fanworks, for example by:

See: Help:Fanlore Blanket Fan Art Permissions for many blanket permissions by fan artists and zine publishers.

Archiving and Distribution

The fanwork creator may state whether they give blanket or more restricted or no permission for other fans to archive their fanworks at other sites such as fandom-specific or multifandom archives, and/or to distribute publicly accessible digital copies of those fanworks.

See also Permission to Archive

Credits and Linking Back

The fanwork creator may state whether they give blanket or more restricted or no permission for the use of their fanworks (such as, for example, icons or banner art) at another fan's journal or site, as long as, for example:

  • credit is given to the original creator
  • and/or the fan using it comments to let the creator know they're using the fanwork
  • and/or the fan using it does not hotlink to the creator's hosted copy of the fanwork
  • etc.

Warnings, Ratings, and Tags

The fanwork creator may state what type of warnings or types of tags or ratings, if any, they provide for individual fanworks or their overall body of work.

Reviews, Concrit, and Commenting

The fanwork creator may state, for example, that:

  • they welcome or conversely do not wish to see any feedback except for positive comments
  • they welcome concrit in comments at the fanwork or prefer getting it via private message or email
  • they welcome alerts about typos but nothing more
  • they are fine with fans reviewing their fanworks at other sites as long as they do (or do not) provide a link to the review for the fanwork creator
  • they do or do not allow anonymous comments
  • they do or not allow or will delete comments of certain (derogatory) types in fannish spaces (such as journals, communities, or mailing lists) they control
  • they like or do not like getting comments on older fanworks rather than newer ones
  • they enjoy getting comments but rarely have time to respond to them
  • etc.

Disclaimers and Other Header Information

Fanwork creators may also make a blanket statement instead of or in addition to various elements often found in fanwork headers, such as a disclaimer and other items mentioned above.

History of Blanket Statements

See Ethics and Etiquette: A Proposal for the Buying and Selling of Fanzines for an early (1989) discussion and prompt for blanket permission statements.

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