FPS (Fanworks Permission Statements) List

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Name: FPS List
Owner/Maintainer: Rindle
Dates: May 27, 2017 -
Type: list
Fandom: multifandom
URL: https://www.fpslist.org/
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FPS List is a "multi-fandom master list of creative people who are happy to inspire creativity in others, and have posted Blanket Statements that say so."[1]

It was started as a collation of existing Permissions statements on AO3 and extended to allow fans to link to statements on any site.

The site is run by a podficcer (and is used by podficcers), but the database contains any kind of blanket statement, not just podfic permission. Users can search by fandom, a feature that is lacking in Fanlore's Blanket Permission to Podfic list, another resource also used by podficcers.


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