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See also: Blanket Statement, Blanket Permission to Podfic, Blanket No to Podfic, Permission to Archive, Help:Fanlore Blanket Fan Art Permissions, Copyright
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In fanworks fandom, the term permissions is generally used as a synonym of Blanket Statement or transformative works policy, statements by a fanwork creator offering their policies on other fans creating new works building on their original work. These new works might include fanfic, remixes, fanart, translation, archives, fanmixes, and podfic.

Fans may also post statements granting or denying permission for any number of other activities: for example, whether or not they welcome concrit on their work, or whether and how it is okay to publicly link to their posts, fanworks, or websites.

Many fans have very strong feelings about the importance of respecting other people's wishes. Many fans have strong feelings about what is reasonable to require of other fans. See related pages below for more information.

Note that fans don't generally ask permission from TPTB (professional authors, showrunners, actors, musicians, etc.) to create fanworks. Some professionals have stated their opinions anyway: see Professional Author Fanfic Policies.

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