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Blanket statements about podfic are a way for fanfic authors to let podficcers know their position on allowing podfics to be made of their works. Most statements are blanket permission to podfic, but some use these statement to say they do not allow podfic.

List of Authors Who Do Not Allow Podfic


  • hackthis "Do NOT podfic*, record, kindle, ebook, republish, translate or archive my stories without permission as this makes me cross. You will NOT like me when I'm cross. *ETA: I am not currently allowing my stories to be podficced, recorded or translated." [1]



  • londondrowning "podfic policy: a blanket 'no' to all requests. sorry to all the nice people who've been asking lately, but i'm just not on board." [3]


  • maya/mistful has said no to all future podfic as she's tried to remove her fic from the internet.
  • minusoneday "while I am terribly flattered that people are interested in podficcing the things I’ve written, at this point in time I’d prefer that they not be podficced (or translated). I’m really sorry, I’m sure that’s not the answer you want to hear! It’s just a personal preference thing - if I ever change my mind, I’ll definitely make note of it somewhere."[4]
  • Mirabella "Please don't ask to do podfics of my fic. The answer is no, because I'm uncomfortable with how public-domain people consider a fic to be once it's put in podfic form. I obviously can't stop people from doing it, but please know that future podfics were done after I expressly requested that they not be." [5]


  • Noa "i’ve been thinking about this for a bit now and while i do see the appeal of having fanfics available in audio, it also makes me a bit uncomfortable. one of the magical things about writing, in my opinion, is that your work will be read differently by every single reader, and that’s something only words can accomplish. i feel that podfics could be a wonderful medium if they’re written specifically for recording, but for now i’d like to request that you keep from making them using my writing."[6]


  • oflights "Please do not create any podfic based on my fic." [7]


  • roxy_palace "I do not give permission for transformative works of any kind." [8]


  • SleepsWithCoyotes "Also, as this blanket statement is apparently necessary, no, you do not have permission to upload my stories elsewhere. No, you will never have permission to upload my stories elsewhere, in any form, whether as text, podfic or translation. Please do not ask. Thank you." [9]
  • svilleficrecs "I appreciate the thought, but please don't podfic my fic."[10]


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