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Blanket statements about podfic are a way for fanfic authors to let podficcers know their position on allowing podfics to be made of their works. Most statements are blanket permission to podfic, but some use these statement to say they do not allow podfic.

List of Authors Who Do Not Allow Podfic


  • earlgreyhot "I give no permission for remixes, podfics, translations, or anything else transformative." [1]


  • hackthis "Do NOT podfic*, record, kindle, ebook, republish, translate or archive my stories without permission as this makes me cross. You will NOT like me when I'm cross. *ETA: I am not currently allowing my stories to be podficced, recorded or translated." [2]


  • ideare "i'm not comfortable with podfics or translations of my work." [3]



  • ladydragon76 "PodFic - No. There's a really visceral, primal, gut reaction, flinch away from the mere idea of someone else reading my fics out loud or like that guy (who is talented) on tumblr that does all the voices and stuff. I do not know why I am squicked so DAMN hard by it, but I am. So please, no. I don't want any podfics. I don't even want anyone doing short sound bites of particular lines. I can say that logically, everyone reads a story differently, and that someone reading it out loud and recording it may interpret it differently from what I mean, and thus change how everyone who hears their reading perceives it. It's not personal anymore. It's not individual. It's someone NOT ME interpreting my work and cementing THEIR interpretation -which might be incorrect from what I meant- for others. There's a tumblr post with a seven word sentence that can be interpreted seven different ways depending on which word is emphasized. Fics are like that in a way, and I'd much rather each reader have their own interpretation than have someone else who has never heard me speak do that job for them. If you feel absolutely COMPELLED to podfic one of my completed stories (NEVER a WIP, please don't even ask), then email me at [email protected] to try and make your case. I really need to sit with myself and think if there is more than my worries over interpretation there. I think there might be, because while the idea of art or guest writing makes my soul sing, the idea of podfic makes me feel possessive and angry." [6]
  • Laylah "Going forward I do not want podfic made of my work." [7]
  • londondrowning "podfic policy: a blanket 'no' to all requests. sorry to all the nice people who've been asking lately, but i'm just not on board." [8]
  • Liffis "Regarding fanworks and a blanket permission - unfortunately, I do not allow any fanworks based on my fics to be made." [9]
  • LizBee "Please don't make podfics out of my works." [10]


  • M0stlyVoid/malk1ns "i do not allow any sort of transformation or adaptation of my work (remixing a fic, writing a sequel, podficcing, etc). (…) to clarify on the podfic issue: it has come to my attention that there are podficcers who have decided that if a fic is orphaned, it's fair game for any type of transformative work, including podfics, remixes, continuations, etc. ao3's position has been verified as stating that podficcing an orphaned fic without prior permission is considered copyright infringement. however, they have also stated that permission cannot be rescinded once it's been given, even if a fic is orphaned. it would be very easy to fake having received permission if someone's previous position was that people could ask first, so i am changing my stance to a blanket no." [11]
  • maya/mistful has said no to all future podfic as she's tried to remove her fic from the internet.
  • Megan "Transformative works policy: please don't repost, record podfic of, or translate any of my stories. Fanfiction/fanart/remixes/anything else that doesn't involve actually redistributing my work are all fine." [12]
  • Megkips "Out of personal preference and as the vast majority of the fics I produce these days are gifts as parts of exchanges, I expressly and pointedly do not give permission for any of my fics to be read as audio or podfics." [13]
  • MemoirsOfADream "I welcome people making things like fanart or spinoffs of my work but please don't podfic my fics." [14]
  • minusoneday "while I am terribly flattered that people are interested in podficcing the things I’ve written, at this point in time I’d prefer that they not be podficced (or translated). I’m really sorry, I’m sure that’s not the answer you want to hear! It’s just a personal preference thing - if I ever change my mind, I’ll definitely make note of it somewhere."[15]
  • Mirabella "Please don't ask to do podfics of my fic. The answer is no, because I'm uncomfortable with how public-domain people consider a fic to be once it's put in podfic form. I obviously can't stop people from doing it, but please know that future podfics were done after I expressly requested that they not be." [16]


  • Needled_Ink_1975 "I hereby state categorically that I do not permit remixing and/or podficcing of my fanfiction. And while I'm at it, I reserve the right to write the prequels and sequels (if any) to my stories. I can tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than working on world-building and the development of various characters within that world. Why 'borrow' from me, when you can reap those rewards yourself? Writing is nothing short of revelment. Go, revel!" [17]
  • nicheinhischest "Also, just as a general note: thank you so much if you like something I post here enough to want to translate/podfic/etc, but I'll have to ask that you don't, just because I prefer keeping my fic(s) as self-contained as possible!" [18]
  • nightfalltwen "I do not give permission for any transformation of my works. This includes but is not limited to: podficcing, remixing, translating, creating sequels or other works in the same universe. Fanart is welcome."[19]
  • Noa "i’ve been thinking about this for a bit now and while i do see the appeal of having fanfics available in audio, it also makes me a bit uncomfortable. one of the magical things about writing, in my opinion, is that your work will be read differently by every single reader, and that’s something only words can accomplish. i feel that podfics could be a wonderful medium if they’re written specifically for recording, but for now i’d like to request that you keep from making them using my writing."[20]


  • oflights "Please do not create any podfic based on my fic." [21]
  • ohtempora "on transformative works: as of right now, i'm not comfortable with blanket permission for podfic." [22]
  • onereader/shealwaysreads "do not write recursive fiction/sequels/remixes of my fics, or make podfics of them." [23]


  • Quantum_Witch "I DO NOT give permission to: (…) Podfics of my works (I'm a voice actor, so I will do it myself)" [24]


  • raitala "I do not give permission for my writing to be recorded as podfics." [25]
  • RogueTiger "Permission will NEVER be given to others to convert or repost any of my works. Do not ask and never do it to me or anyone else." [26]
  • roxy_palace "I do not give permission for transformative works of any kind." [27]


  • Shadesabyss "Please do not narrate, translate or repost my work." [28]
  • SleepsWithCoyotes "Also, as this blanket statement is apparently necessary, no, you do not have permission to upload my stories elsewhere. No, you will never have permission to upload my stories elsewhere, in any form, whether as text, podfic or translation. Please do not ask. Thank you." [29]
  • sleepydemon "none of my fan works are to have derivative works made from them without permission. i've seen a lot of good authors not given credit from fan artists, other authors, and pod fic creators. not happening here without my say-so." [30]
  • spock (AO3 username) "no to podfics & fanmixes: thank you for wanting to, though. if you feel very strongly, come talk to me; the odds of me accepting your offer are slim, just to be transparent."[31]
  • svilleficrecs "I appreciate the thought, but please don't podfic my fic."[32]
  • sweetlikesugar "please don't podfic my works." [33]


  • tackytiger "Please don't translate any of my fics and please don't create podfics of any of my fics. I really appreciate the thought, but I would prefer to keep all my work under my own name in case I need to remove my fics in the future." [34]



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