Dear Author (podfic letter)

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Synonyms: dear author letter
See also: Podfic, Permission
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Dear Author is a term in podfic that was created in response to several publicized misunderstandings in 2010. revolutionaryjo started a trend in writing a generic "dear author" letter to clearly outline the podficcer's expectations when an author grants permission.

The trend was started by the post Podfic Meta: Dear Author[1], in which revolutionaryjo remarked, "There have been a lot of discussions floating around about podfic lately that are making me realize just how easily miscommunication can happen between a podficcer and an author." [2]

Also see Blanket Permission to Podfic.


  1. ^ original post, dated 18 October 2010
  2. ^ See also signal-boosting post by paraka, dated 21 October 2010. For another example, see lunchy munchy's Dear Author letter, posted 25 October 2010.