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Name: RevolutionaryJo
Alias(es): Jo, revolutionaryjo, ApocalypseInc
Type: Podficcer
Fandoms: MCU, Merlin, The Raven Cycle etc.
Communities: Archive of Our Own, Twitter, Tumblr, Dreamwidth
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RevolutionaryJo is a prolific podficcer and visual artist who has worked in a number of fandoms.

Notable Podfics


RevolutionaryJo did the podfics for Speranza's 4 Minute Window series, a project of 21 podfics over 8 years (2015 - 2023.)

RevolutionaryJo's contributions to the series also include a number of sub-artworks, including not just the podfic covers, but a number of in-world posters, a collaborative reading of letters featuring many other notable podficcers, and a fake episode of a real podcast from the Brooklyn Historical Society, Flatbush + Main. She also made two musical playlists for the series on Spotify: 4 Minute Window: Music featured in the podfic and New Year's At Farrell's: Songs from the twenties for the 2020s, from the 4 Minute Window series.


Podfic cover, read by revolutionaryjo (2010)
Podbook cover by revolutionaryjo (2010)


podfic and audiobook created in April 2010. In addition, they also created the cover art for the audiobook which can be found on the Audiofic Archive.[1] The podbook is 3 hours and 24:31 min long.

Oh my god! This podfic is beautiful and amazing and soothes my SOUL! I just re-listened to this yesterday because I’d read something that had sent me into a terrible fit of FEELINGS and sadness and revolutionaryjo’s voice was the perfect application of awesome to make me feel better. Spock’s POV works so well for me and I loved Jo’s amazing ability to make Spock sound badass, competent, logical but also with FEELINGS! (I over identify with Spock sometimes). It’s an amazing story. I love how the story moves between two times and Jo makes each one sound distinct. \bonding/ [2]

Fandom Activity

In response to several publicized misunderstandings regarding Podfic Permission in 2010, revolutionaryjo wrote Dear Author (podfic letter) in October 2010, which started a trend of writing a generic "dear author" letter to clearly outline the podficcer's expectations when an author grants permission. In her original post, dated 18 October 2010, Jo remarked, "There have been a lot of discussions floating around about podfic lately that are making me realize just how easily miscommunication can happen between a podficcer and an author."

Jo, along with Bessyboo, was a founder of Podfication, the first podfic con, which began in 2016. Jo performed at Pacificon 2016.