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Name: idiopathicsmile
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Les Misérables, Captain America Movieverse, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Good Omens (TV), Stranger Things
URL: idiopathicsmile on Tumblr
idiopath-fic-smile (Writing Tumblr)
idiopathicsmile at AO3
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idiopathicsmile is a popular multi-fandom fan writer.

Blanket Statement

idiopathicsmile gives the following blanket permission on their AO3 profile:

Because people do sometimes ask, for the record, my permissions policy about people making fanworks inspired by my fanworks is that you have my enthusiastic approval as long as you credit me, you aren't making money off it, and you please please tell me so that I can see it and jump up and down. (You can generally find me on tumblr, although I do also still read and treasure replies here as well.)[1]

Notable Works