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This page is about the TV fandom; you may also be interested in the Good Omens (book) fandom.

Name: Good Omens
Abbreviation(s): GO
Creator: Neil Gaiman
Date(s): 2019-
Medium: TV miniseries
Country of Origin: UK
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A much-anticipated series starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen was released on Amazon Prime Video in May 2019,[1] kicking off a widespread Good Omens fandom revival that seemed to consume all of fandom. The TV series introduced many new fans to Good Omens and caused many long-time fans of the book to rediscover or revisit their love of the novel. It also prompted an explosion of fanworks, including fanfiction, fanart, and meta, some of which analysed the differences in themes and tone between the book and TV series.

This explosion of fannish activity was aided and abetted by actor Michael Sheen being an enthusiastic onlooker and participant in the fandom, responding to fans on Twitter when tagged, referencing and praising fanworks,[2] and making unequivocal statements of support for fandom.[3][4] Author Neil Gaiman, who wrote the TV series, also encouraged fans on social media and tirelessly responded to Asks of every kind about the book and show on his Tumblr.[5]

A second season of the series was announced in June 2021 and filming started in September 2021.[6]

Synopsis and Characters

Season 1

See the plot Synopsis and list of Characters on the Good Omens (book) fandom page.

Season 2


  • Muriel, angelic Inspector Constable
  • Maggie, owner of the local record shop, tenant of Aziraphale, and love interest of Maggie
  • Nina, owner of the coffee shop Give Me Coffee Or Give Me Death and love interest of Maggie
  • Saraqael, archangel


As Neil Gaiman put it in an interview "Season two is kind of quiet and gentle and romantic", though the fandom might not necessarily agree with him.

The long anticipated second season is centered around the mystery of how the Archangel Gabriel (Aziraphale's former boss) has seemingly lost his memories and why he turned up on Aziraphale's doorstep entirely nude. While investigating Gabriel's amnesia Crowley and Aziraphale also embark on a mission to influence Maggie and Nina to fall in love in order to cover up a larger miracle they performed together. Heaven and Hell are also on the hunt for the missing Archangel and it is a race against the forces of Above and Below to discover what has happened to him and why.

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After the release of the TV miniseries, the fandom experienced a major boom. Book fans were happy with the adaptation, even those who hadn’t seen it:

What I’m really loving about Good Omens is that for once the thing has been adapted closely enough that I can absolutely appreciate the fandom resurgence purely for the sake of the source material, even though I’m probably not going to get around to watching the adaptation for months if not years. (Television is Not My Medium due to the way my ADD plays.)

As far as I’m concerned, everyone’s just suddenly making Ineffable Husbands gifs with a really consistent visual fanon and it’s amazing.[7]

In response to the fandom's boom, The Rec Center newsletter #180 on June 14, 2019, contained "fanfiction + explainer: good omens", a primer/fandom overview by guest editor Kira:

If you hadn’t heard of Good Omens before, you probably did in the last two weeks—after the miniseries adaptation was released and took the internet by storm. The story of a Biblical apocalypse and the angel and demon trying to prevent it, the nearly thirty-year-old book fandom is experiencing a new growth spurt thanks to the show. For new fans it’s well worth digging into the older parts of fandom and the huge amounts of content therein.

Good Omens has a long history as a slash fandom; while perhaps not a grandparent of slash, it’s at least a favourite aunt. Aziraphale and Crowley’s relationship in the book is that of an old married couple, an interpretation that was only bolstered by the authors’ revelation that post-canon they were sharing a cottage in the South Downs.[8] There are multiple fandom introductions/starter packs,[9][note 1] and a great place to dig into the history of the fandom is Lower Tadfield Air Base, a Livejournal community that’s been running since 2003. This was the centre of the fandom for many years, and is meticulously tagged for easy browsing. The recs tag is an excellent place to start if you want to see what people were recommending back in the day.

Season 2

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Gaiman or Sheen interacting with fans. S2 spoilers. S2 reaction - fix-its, theories and tropes. Comparisons with other fandoms

Almost immediately following the release of Season 2, fans began discussing the Coffee Theory online.

After Gaiman stated that 1960's femme presenting Aziraphale/Crowley had been on the cards for S2, fans began to draw the pair of them as such.


The juggernaut pairing in Good Omens fandom is Aziraphale/Crowley. The pairing had a variety of names previously, but post-show “Ineffable Husbands” became the most popular.

Since airing, the series and the original novel have been referred to as a "6000 year slow burn", and this tag has also begun appearing on works pairing Aziraphale/Crowley. Gaiman has already reported that the pairing is canon, and that Good Omens is a love story.

The TV fandom brought some attention to minor pairings that had not been very common previously, such as Beelzebub/Gabriel and Hastur/Ligur. These pairings can often be side pairings in Aziraphale/Crowley stories, but there are a small number of fanworks focused on them exclusively. After season 2, there is also the canon femslash pairing of Maggie/Nina.

Fanwork Examples

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Frame Projects


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Example Art Gallery

Some examples of fanart influenced by the television series:


Notes and References


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