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Name: Michael Sheen
Also Known As:
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Movies, TV, Theatre
Works: Good Omens, Masters of Sex, Prodigal Son (TV series), Twilight, Underworld, Alice in Wonderland, See Wikipedia for more
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Michael Sheen is a Welsh actor best known in fandom for playing the angel Aziraphale in the 2019 adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's book Good Omens. He is also known to portray the characters, Aro in Twilight and Lucian in Underworld movie franchises.

Interactions With Fans & Fanworks

One of many memes and reaction GIFs tweeted by fans after Sheen's defense of fandom. This meme was created by @SinesFromGaga and posted with the caption: "I knew I made this meme for the right reasons". Multiple responses alluded to the real-world impact of having a celebrity react positively to gay interpretations of the text instead of reacting with homophobia or indifference.

Following his appearance in Good Omens, Michael interacted with fans on Twitter. He was praised within fannish communities for his support of fan creators[1] and on one memorable occasion he shared a link to an Ineffable Husbands fanfiction on Ao3.[2]

In a notable interaction, Michael Sheen defended the virtues of fanfiction to a twitter user who called Sheen's posts "catering to the 12 year olds who comprise the Fan Fic universe!"[3]

"I will unashamedly and unapologetically celebrate the joy and the warmth and the creativity of a community of people sharing something positive and beautiful and connective and if you don’t like it you are most welcome to very fuck off."[4]

Tweet by @michaelsheen

Sheen's tweet received a very positive response on twitter, with some fans relating stories about what fandoms and fanfiction mean to them, while others posted triumphant memes. Sheen's fannish engagement is generally seen as a positive by Good Omens fans. For example, this short post by tumblr user nubpher has over 5000 notes:

Michael Sheen: *replies to and retweets GO Fic, art, and meta fans tag him in*
Me: Awww
Michael Sheen: *retweets Aziraphale+Crowley fanart he was NOT tagged in*
Me: *short circuits* HE’S LURKING[5]

tumblr post by nubpher


Many fans of Michael Sheen had started watching his new show Prodigal Son in support of him; however many stayed for the story and the other characters - others only care when Sheen is onscreen.[6]

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