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Synonyms: Juggernaut Pairing
See also: OTP, The Fandom That Ate Fandom
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A Juggernaut Ship is a relationship that is so extremely popular within a fandom that it dwarfs all other pairings in the amount of fanworks produced. It could also be considered the majority pairing within a fandom.

In LiveJournal fandom in recent years, the juggernaut ship is likely to be a white male/male (slash) one.[1] This phenomenon is also known as White Cock. Sometimes the predominance of a particular ship makes other fans feel left out and bitter, leading to wank.

An extremely popular fandom (aka The Fandom That Ate Fandom) may also be a juggernaut; for example Harry Potter.

Juggernaut Pairings

Slash Examples

Het Examples

Femslash Examples


  1. ^ meta by skalja: "But in almost every single Western fandom I’ve been in, the most popular pairing is two white-presenting guys; the few exceptions pair a white-presenting man and a white-presenting woman."