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Name: Pitch Perfect
Creator: Directed by Jason Moore (1st), Elizabeth Banks (2nd), Trish Sie (3rd)
Screenplays by Kay Cannon
Based on Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory by Mickey Rapkin
Date(s): 2012, 2015, 2017
Medium: Films
Country of Origin: United states
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Pitch Perfect is a movie featuring an ensemble cast of misfit, diverse girls singing songs acapella. It easily passes the Bechdel Test and was a surprise hit. Actors starring in major or fan favourite roles in this movie include Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, the protagonist, Rebel Wilson as "Fat Amy," Skylar Astin as Jesse Swanson, Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen, and Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale.


Pitch Perfect

Beca Mitchell begins unwillingly attending Barden University instead of becoming a DJ due to her divorced father's wishes. She works at a record store with love interest Jesse and joins the struggling all-female acapella group, the Barden Bellas. The Barden Bellas are rivals with the all-male acapella group called the Treblemakers, which Jesse joins. Leader Aubrey Posen of the Bellas is set on winning, beating the Trebles and redeeming herself from their failure last year, but her conservative song choices throw a wrench in her plans. Beca eventually takes over as leader, learns to love the Bellas and Jesse, and wins the competition with her new friends, the Bellas.

Pitch Perfect 2

Many fans believe that Pitch Perfect 2 was not as good as the first movie. This may be due to more racist jokes, unconvincing character development, or the repetition of much of the first source material. The introduction of the character Kommisar occured in this movie, and Beca's comments towards Kommisar spurred Beca/Kommissar as a ship.

Pitch Perfect 3



Although Jesse/Beca is canon, the abundance of female characters with screen time mean that as of September 2016, the number of fanfictions on Fanfiction.net where Jesse is even a *character* is less than 1/4 of the total fanfictions, and on the slightly smaller archive of AO3 it does not even make the top 10 list of pairings.

Shipping in this fandom is almost overwhelmingly femslash. Chloe/Beca is the most popular pairing by far in the fandom. Other fairly popular pairings include Aubrey/Stacie, Chloe/Aubrey, Beca/Aubrey, Beca/Chloe/Aubrey, Ashley/Jessica, and Beca/Kommissar. In 2015, there was a spark of interest in crackships including Chloe/Stacie, Beca/Emily, Stacie/Emily, Beca/Chloe/Emily, Stacie/Beca, and Chloe/Cynthia-Rose.

List of Pairing Names

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Attaching the prefix aca- to a word (aca-children, aca-bitches, etc) has become a meme in the Pitch Perfect fandom and is often present in fanfic.
    • Similarly, music related puns are common.
  • The Riff-Off, a music improvisational competition often appears or is mentioned.
  • Alternate Universes are popular


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