Bradley James/Colin Morgan

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Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Alternative name(s): Colin/Bradley
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Merlin RPF
Canonical?: who cares? this is fiction!
Prevalence: common
Archives: bradleycolin (LiveJournal)
Other: Bradley/Colin fanfiction (AO3)[1]
Bradley/Colin podfic (Audiofic Archive)

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Bradley James/Colin Morgan is the main Merlin RPF pairing and in a way the RPS mirror of the Merlin/Arthur slash pairing in Merlin fandom. This pairing is about the fictional homoerotic relationship between the actors Bradley James and Colin Morgan. In series two there was a rise of Bradley/Colin stories, some of it in response to developments in the first few episodes of the second series that made some Merlin/Arthur fans unhappy about the state of the friendship between Merlin and Arthur. Focusing on Bradley and Colin (with their epic roadtrip of epicness *g*) was a fun way to deal with this.


Some examples:



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