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Journal Community
Name: bradleycolin
Date(s): 16 December 2008
Moderator: 1miracle, gealach_ros
Type: RPF, actor-centric
Fandom: Merlin
URL: "bradleycolin". Archived from the original on 2017-02-22.
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bradleycolin is a LiveJournal community focused on the actors Bradley James and Colin Morgan, best known for playing Prince Arthur and Merlin in the BBC series Merlin. Fanworks (icons, wallpapers, headers, videos, picspams, etc.) are welcome and so are fan pics & reports from events/set visits, discussions and news as long as it's focused at least on either Bradley or Colin, NOT Arthur or Merlin.

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bradleycolin is a slash friendly community and the main Bradley/Colin community on LJ. RPF & RPS fics are welcome, as long as they're clearly labeled as fiction and at least either Bradley or Colin are in it. However, all fanfiction and material rated over PG-13 must be f-locked. The rules[1] make it very clear that any discussions/speculations [i.e. made-up gossip] about the personal life, family, partners or sexual orientation of Bradley and/or Colin are not welcome.


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