Colin Morgan

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Name: Colin Morgan
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor
Medium: TV, film, stage, radio
Works: Merlin, Humans, The Fall, The Living and the Dead
Official Website(s): None
Fan Website(s):
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Colin Morgan is an actor mainly known within the fandom community for playing the sorcerer Merlin on BBC's TV series Merlin. He has had an active career beginning with his first role on the London stage as the lead in Vernon God Little in 2007. His roles have continued post-Merlin on stage in London including 2013's The Tempest playing Ariel, 2013–14's Mojo playing Skinny Luke and 2017's Gloria where he played the lead, Devin.

Colin also had the lead or main roles in the ongoing BBC TV series Humans and the miniseries The Living and the Dead. He also had lead or main roles in the films Waiting for You (2017) and The Happy Prince (2018). He has also done narration for documentaries and a number of parts in BBC radio plays including 2014's Good Omens and 2017's Keeping In Touch.

Though he has not yet won a major award, he has been nominated in various mediums and has often garnered critical praise for his work.


Colin does not use social media but has a variety of fandom communities dedicated to him or to him and his Merlin co-star Bradley James. Most fan activity continues to revolve around his Merlin work and often pairs him with James, with whom he continues to be friends after the series ended in 2013.