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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Sorcerer
Author(s): Gayle F
Date(s): 1980
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Sorcerer is a Kirk/Spock story by Gayle F.

It was published in Galactic Discourse #3, reprinted in Impact.


"An A/U in which Spock raises Kirk from the dead."

Reactions and Reviews

This vignette is rightly reputed a classic. In it, Spock is a sorcerer who engages in an act of necromancy—summoning Kirk from the dead. Gayle obviously understands something of magic. She knows that a circle is drawn to contain the energies of a magical working and to protect it from outside interference. She correctly states that a pentacle is a symbol of the Earth element. She also knows that a magical tool such as a pentacle becomes impotent through meditation which concentrates the magical intentions of the one who wields it. It's rare that I see a K/S writer deal with magic so convincingly. [1]
Mystic hoo-hah. Magician Spock using his one-time powers to call his Kirk back to life. Bleah.[2]


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