Impact (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Impact
Publisher: FireTrine Press
Editor(s): Jean Hinson, Julie Dietl, Bea Bula
Date(s): April 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover, Vel Jaeger
back cover, Vel Jaeger
frontispiece thanking Gayle F

Impact is a slash Star Trek: TOS K/S anthology edited by Jean Hinson. It was published in 1985 and contains 188 pages. It has a centerfold fold-out drawn by Pat Stall of Kirk and Spock kissing and nude in bed.

In July 1993 in an ad in GAZ, Hinson wrote: "Out of print since 1986, there are 10 reprint copies available with the original 11 x 16 half-tones Pat Stall foldout. When they are gone, the master will be destroyed."


There were a number of heated personal statements submitted to the letterzines and adzines of the day regarding a falling-out between the original two creators, one of which ([J D]) allegedly absconded with funds. The remaining editor, Jean, explained the situation and thanked fans for their support.


The zine had a full-page thank you to Gayle F for her art.

It also had this dedication: "Vel Jaeger -- because it's really all her fault for getting us into this" and Sandra Gent -- who gleefully dug us in deeper..."

From the Editorial

Editing a zine has been an interesting and often amusing pastime. Our inclusion in the infamous "Naked Doubles" flyer is one of the high lights of this strange but wonderful experience. Imagine our surprise, delight and downright pride in being slimed right along with some of the very best in K/S fandom - and IMPACT hadn't even seen the ink of the printers press yet! We would like to thank that author for the honor she/he/it bestowed upon us. We have dedicated our efforts here to two very special people: Vel Jaeger, known in some circles as Velly Jagged, who is single- handedly responsible for dragging Julie kicking and screaming, finger nails dug deep in the asphalt, into a fan club (horror of horrors); active Trek fandom (oh god, how juvenile); and K/S (my little female heart simply cannot handle that). Those dastardly deeds were accomplished with such gentle persuasion (systematic indoctrination) that Julie barely knew what hit her -- as usual. (Do you somehow get the idea that Vel is a 'pusher' at heart!) And to: Sandra Gent, co-perpetrator of a five hour long distance telephone call (Jean is still making payments on that bill a full year and a half later); custodian of the Southern California Trek Zine Lending Library; plaintiff in the six month long Gent vs Dietl custody battle over the possession of THRUST; the recipient of the WSF "San Diego Chicken" award - if you've ever heard Sandra laugh, you'll know why.


Summaries by Gilda F.

  • One Side by Robin Hood (Humor: Kirk tries to tell Spock how he feels after Spockʼs aborted pon farr.) (5)
  • Control, poem by Patt (7)
  • Rest, poem by Patt (7)
  • Hidden Treasures by Jan Sullivan (Lovers for only a few weeks, Kirk and Spock wonder about anal intercourse after Spock demonstrates what he has learned about prostrate stimulation while he and Kirk make love.) (8)
  • Alone, poem by Patt (19)
  • You Came, poem by Patt (19)
  • untitled poem by Emily Ross (20)
  • In Love's Arms, poem by (signature undecipherable) (21)
  • Of Human Kindness by Vivian Gates (Spock begins to lactate after Kirk repeatedly suckles him during love making.) (22)
  • Bondman, poem by Jimmye Galli (26)
  • Overheard Conversation #3 by A.T. Bush (27)
  • Thaw, poem by Vivian Gates (32)
  • One Way Street by Leigh Biedeaux, a genderswap story, Kirk and the landing party have their sex changed by an unknown force and he and Spock give into their attraction while Kirk is a woman.) (also in Legends #1) (33)
  • That Perfect Peace, poem by Ellen L. Kobrin (49)
  • Entanglements, poem by Vivian Gates (50)
  • Diabolical by A.T. Bush (Problems with the computers on the refit Enterprise keep Spock away from his lover, but when they are together at night he begins to get rougher and rougher with Kirk.) (51)
  • Ni Var: A Form of Kolinahr, poem by Wendy Rathbone (90)
  • Enlightenment, poem by Ellen L. Kobrin (91)
  • Web of Love, poem by Patt (92)
  • Impact Award Portfolio ("Our thanks to Gayle F, and to Laurie Huff of Galactic Discourse, for gracious permission to reprint Gayle's miniature masterpiece...SORCERER; To Carol Frisbie and Leslie Fish, our appreciation ior permission to reprint Leslie's SONG OF THE UNWILLING BRIDE. which originally appeared in Thrust; Our gratitude to Sandra Gent, for aiding and abetting us In the presentation of our foldout illo, "PAGE 102", which first appeared in Matter/Antimatter 2, on (you guessed it!! ) Page 102. And to Pat Stall for creating it.") (93)
  • Song of the Unwilling Bride, poem by Leslie Fish (95)
  • Sorcerer by Gayle F (A/U: Spock conjures Kirk from the dead.) (also in Galactic Discourse #3) (98)
  • Pat Stall's foldout (102)
  • Wish You Were Here by Deverly Helm (Kirk is imprisoned by the barbaric natives of the planet he is checking on and calls to his bondmate for help gettting out.) (105)
  • untitled poem by Lyon (111)
  • "What's Happening Here" (story writing prompt) (112)
  • Kirk's Fantasy by Jan Noel (Kirk dreams of going to a party on Vulcan where Spock and the rest of the guests are naked.) (115)
  • Reach, poem by Robin Hood (123)
  • More Than You Can Know, poem by Flora Poste (124)
  • T'hy'la, poem by Jan Noel (125)
  • As One, poem by Jimmye Galli (129)
  • Sunrise on Mt. Seleya, poem by Jean Hinson (130)
  • Discovery by Ann Carver (Kirk and Spock are invited to the "Festival of Joy" by the leader of the planet only to discover itʼs a homosexual orgy: Sequel: What Are Friends For?) (133)
  • The Lesson, poem by Robin Hood (154)
  • The Third Day by Robin Hood (A/U Kirk returns to the Genesis planet and finds a young Spock with no memory but the unresolved sexual tension between them is finally released and helps Spock regains his age and his memory.) (157)
  • Night Dreams by Brandy Amber-Allen (After Spockʼs fal tor pan, Kirk has problems dealing with all that has happened until Spock comes to him and they finally acknowledge their love for one another.) (174)
  • The Bonding, poem by Emily Ross (179)
  • The Answer, poem by Jan Noel (180)
  • Renaissance by Leigh Biedeaux (As Spock rises from the fal tor pan, he remembers nothing, but a mental plea from his lover rekindles Spockʼs memory of their many years together.) (181)
  • In Accordance with Tradition, poem by (signature undecipherable) (186)
  • Eulogy for a Starship, poem by (signature undecipherable) (188)


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[Thaw]: This poem's simple imagery of cold and snow paralleling Vulcan repression of emotions is a classic. There is also a consistent rhythm that Vivian follows throughout the poem. There are no extraneous concepts or syllables. It has the economical elegance of a haiku, though it isn't one. [2]


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