Flora Poste

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Name: Flora Poste
Alias(es): Edi Bjorklund
Type: fan poet, filker
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Flora Poste was an early Star Trek fan writer. Her fanworks appeared in numerous fanzines. Her other passion was filks and she often attended filk cons and fests. Poste won the first Surak Award for 'Best Poet' in 1987.

She passed away in 2006.[1]

Involvement with "Courts of Honor"

She wrote 37 sonnets for Courts of Honor, a seminal Star Trek fan novel by Syn Ferguson.

The sonnets were reprinted in Nome #9 and illustrated by Suzan Lovett.

Poste was one of The Gang of Six, the fans instrumental in getting "Courts of Honor" published after funding ran out for the initial printing. See The Gang of Six and "Courts of Honor".

Involvement with "Nome"

Flora was also the author of much fiction in Nome, a series that was later published as the zine Mirror Universe Alternates.


She was the author of the 1988 meta article Thinking About Slash/Thinking About Women.

She gave a 20 minute academic talk entitled "Can Gene Roddenberry Learn From Terry Nation?" It was illustrated by a videotape made by Mary Van Deusen. The original audio tape of her voice, used to obtain the timings for her presentation, has now been fully illustrated in a video on YouTube.