Laurie Huff

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Name: Laurie Huff
Type: fanwriter, artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Laurie Huff is a zine editor, writer, filker, and artist. She won a 1981 TrekStar Award for best editor.

About Precessional

cover of Precession, art by Signe Landon

Precessional was a very influential zine. From Boldly Writing: "This was one of the 'The Enterpriseis a distraction to the real story of Star Trek, which is, of course, about Kirk and Spock and their friendship' stories. The ship plunges into the atmosphere of a planet (with everyone else aboard) early in the story, leaving Kirk and Spock stranded. The remaining narrative resembles a character study more than a science fiction tale. The high popularity of the story illustrated the rapidly diminishing influence of science fiction among Star Trek fanzine readers and writers"

Zines Laurie's had a hand in

interior art from Zebra Three #4, Laurie Huff