The Chicago Star Trek Convention

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Star Trek Convention
Name: The Chicago Star Trek Convention
Dates: August 19–22, 1976
Location: Conrad Hilton Hotel
Type: procon
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Founder: Stuart C. Hellinger
Founding Date:
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The Chicago Star Trek Convention is a 1976 con by strangeLande productions, ltd..

a flyer printed in the program book for the 1976 Star Trek Lives!

This con is NOT the same con as Star Trek Chicago.

Con Series by strangeLande productions, ltd.

Con Reports

I missed every program at the con due to gofering (and enjoyed the stints at the dealer's table better than anything else), missed being in the hall every single time Harlan walked through in his bathrobe and once (so I've been told) when Leonard Nimoy did the same, and upon gofering at the entrance to the dealers' room, had to tell, when asked by the man himself, "Mr. Ellison, I don't know where the Normandie Room is " but at least I got to stand next to De Kelley as he was signing autographs at the STWelcommittee table and join the other MSUSTCers at our adjacent table in saying goodbye to him when he left. Sigh.[1]

It was really spectacular.


When we got back to Paula's, we had an invitation from Sharon to attend a press conference at the Hilton. Paula tried, and tried, and tried to get hold of Lori and Gordon at the Chapek house, but no one answered the phone. Just before we gave up and left, Paula got hold of them and made arrangements for them to bring our suitcases in the van to the hotel where we'd meet them. Mr. Block (bless him) drove us to the Hilton, pointing out Chicago highlights bv night on the way. It really was beautiful.

The Hilton has maybe 14 elevators, so getting to the 25th floor was no problem. Keeping the head and stomach were. The 25th floor was reserved for gofers, Dorsai, Committee, and (let's see, there was someone else there, YES!) the actors, artists, and authors. There were also an excess of hotel personnel and maids.

The big event we'd come to see was over before we'd arrived, so we sat around awaiting Lori, Gordon, and our suitcases. A most magnificent thunderstorm was illuminating the dark expanse beyond the windows with flashes of lightning and the thunder rumbled into silence. It was a good one! ...


We felt rather grubby the next mominp, having slept in our clothes and not having our suitcases yet. We went to the Patio Room for a roll and iuice, then to the gofer meeting and got some instructions and a shirt designed by Leonard Nimoy. Wonderful -- a fresh shirt! With "Trekkie" on the back - ICK POO. Matt, I think, went to help pick up the Andromeda Light Show, and Cin and I went back to floor 25, put on our Trekkie shirts...


Reeistration hadn't opened yet, so we wandered around [floor] 25 investigating anything worthy of notice, which wasn't much. While walking down one corridor we heard a door open behind us. ... we both turned. Of course it couldn't be anyone but Harlan stepping out of that room. In mild shock, I stated, "Mr. Ellison." He owned up to it, saying something like, "I'm afraid so." Seeing Harlan really wasn't so unusual, but his attire - a hotel bath towel was. He looked about as with it as the winning couple from a dance marathon. So dummy said, "You look like you had a rough night." Something for which I should have been at least glared at for. But Harlan just walked over- put his hand on my shoulder, and answered nicely, "That's none of your business, Pumpkin." Blush. He added something about needing a cup of coffee and continued on his way to the committee suite. I have some regrets that I didn't use the camera in my hand, but perhaps I wouldn't have lived if I did. Anyway, Lori says camera's don't work when Harlan's the subject.


When the prejudging [for the Costume Call] was over, I went to our fanzine table. I should mention now that I saw Tina (Henry), Signe (Jesson) and Marty (Siegrist) periodically throughout the con. They all helped at the table - especially Marty, from what I saw. Our table was adjacent to the Welcommittee table- the one where people like Walter Koenig sign autographs. So I slid behind our table and sat next to him - only he didn't know it. But from his smile when he looked over he either enjoyed our conversation from the night before, or has a fetish for satin and lace. Either way, I enjoyed it and we talked some more. Anyone out there beginning to think I have a fetish for Walter? Anyway, he grew weary of autographs and took off. Consequently, I took off ...[2]

I'm sure you've heard this story before, but I thought I was the only STAR TREK fan left alive until a ST convention was held in our town last month.



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