Legends (Star Trek: TOS slash anthology zine)

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Title: Legends
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 2001-present
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Legends is a slash Star Trek: TOS anthology.

From a Submission Request

Now accepting submissions of fiction, poetry and art. I'm looking for a combination of out of print K/S stories. Out of print: If you have a REALLY old story -- a story that was published in a zine that is, literally, no longer in print anywhere by anyone, I'm VERY interested in seeing it for re-publication. New stories: I'm looking for love stories. This can encompass nearly any situation but I prefer no violence between Kirk and Spock, at least no serious violence! [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Artist: Gayle F, first appeared in Choices (1986)

Legends 1 was published in 2001 and contains 158 pages. The zine is letter-sized with comb binding, a colour cover and black and white interior art.

  • Together by Karin Porter - reprinted from Dyad #17 (p. 5-22) (A diplomatic mission relies on Kirk and Spock’s perceived intimacy. The only trouble is, there is no intimacy between them.) Art by Alayne, first appeared as the cover of Imaginary Lines.
  • Brother of my Soul by Heidi Manzone - reprinted from Twin Destiny #2
  • Tonight by Helen (poem)
  • Dilithium Dreams by Islaofhope (p. 23-31) (As temporary captain of the all-Vulcan-crewed ship Surak, Kirk’s manner of addressing problems raises not a few eyebrows. Especially when his solution appears to involve his commitment to his bondmate, Spock.)
  • Off the Beaten Trek by Alexandra Vincent - Reprinted from Twilight Trek 2 (p. 33-48) (Once again flung into Earth’s past, Kirk and crew accidentally affect Earth’s entire history… without knowing it.)
  • My T'hy'la by Heidi Manzone - reprinted from Twin Destiny #2
  • Keeping Secrets by Theresa Kyle (p. 49-61) (With Mark Piper leaving the ENTERPRISE and Gary Mitchell having just been killed, James Kirk finds himself in a difficult position: how does he persuade his old friend, Leonard McCoy, to join his crew… and how does he deal with the loss of a friend… and sometimes lover?). Art by Alayne.
  • The Last Night by Heidi (poem)
  • Completion by Khylara (poem)
  • One Way Street by Leigh Bideaux - Reprinted from Impact (p. 63-70) (Based on Marshak and Culbreath’s short story, The Procrustean Petard. Kirk and Spock must deal with Kirk having been female… the repercussions from which are far from what either might have expected.)
  • First Time by Helen (poem)
  • Resurrection by Khylara (poem)
  • Just a Kiss by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (p. 73-81) (James Kirk has a proposition for his first officer. They share everything in their lives… except one, very intimate, aspect. An aspect he feels should be shared.)
  • The End of the Search by Heidi Manzone - reprinted from Trek Continuum #2
  • Blakc & White by Time Dahlquist (poem), art by Ingela.
  • Wishes by Khylara (poem)
  • Candles in the Wind by Jean Hinson - Reprinted from Twilight Trek 2 (P. 85-104) (While on forced leave on Vulcan, Kirk and Spock stumble across a porthole to Vulcan’s past… and discover that myth and legend are often based in hard, physical fact.)
  • Paradise? by Liz (p. 105-118) (Long years after Kirk’s death in the Nexus, Spock struggles to find a way to change Kirk’s past fate. With the solution at hand, all that’s left for Spock to do is be in the right place at the right time… and then convince Kirk to leave the perfected existence offered in the Nexus…). Art by Liz.
  • Of Lore and Myth by Dovya Blacque - first appeared in A Gathering of Blacque
  • The Touch of Your Hand by Dovya Blacque - reprinted from Lingering on the Fringes #2 (p. 119-136) (Spock, ever observant, turns his insatiable curiosity on Kirk. More precisely, on Kirk’s personal life. Even more precisely, on Kirk’s kissing technique…)
  • Someday by Helen (poem)
  • The Necessary Meld by J S Cavalcante (p. 139-158) (Following the events with Rayna and Janice Lester, Kirk and Spock each come to the conclusion that there’s much more going on between them than simple friendship.) Art by Alayne - appeared as the cover of As I Do Thee #19
  • poetry by Helen, Time Dahlquist, and Khylara.
  • art by Liz, Ingela and Anja Gruber
  • cover by Gayle F.

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Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Shelley Butler -- "When I took Legends 2 out of the envelope, I was pleased to see another beautiful Shelley Butler cover. My first thought was "I wonder what they are thinking", only to find the title was "Lost in Thought". Shelley does her usual masterful job of portraying our two heroes. No one else in fandom draws such lifelike portraits, and captures them with such perfect details. Their hair, Spock’s ears, their furrowed brows, Kirk’s eyes, Kirk’s mouth, everything is just perfect. Shelley’s usual flowers are part of the picture, and I love where she has placed them. There are endless possibilities for what Kirk and Spock are thinking about. Hopefully nothing in their relationship is bringing such worried and concerned looks to both their faces!" [4]

Legends 2 was published in 2002 and contains 175 pages.

  • Kirk's Loss by Khylara, poem (4)
  • No More Trouble in My Body or Mind by Islaofhope, art by Geli (Spock’s relationship with Adam during "The Way To Eden" effects Spock’s view of Dr. Sevren’s quest… and surprises – and wakes – Kirk.) (reviewed in the letterzine K/S Press, here) (5)
  • Burning Desire, poem by Starr Copeland (26)
  • I Will Follow by Faris Vincent, art by Liz Woledge (The five year mission is nearing an end and Kirk makes an announcement that shocks Spock… to the point of confession.) (27)
  • Miracle, poem by Khylara (38)
  • Acceptable Losses by Gilrain (Spock’s memory is still sketchy when Kirk, not exactly himself lately, returns to Iowa for personal reasons. McCoy, making a surprise visit, decides just the medicine Kirk requires – even though Kirk and his Vulcan friend have had little to say to one another recently.) (39)
  • Twice Upon a Time by Elise Madrid (What if Gary Mitchell had been stopped but not killed? What if he’d remained aboard ENTERPRISE? How different would life have been for our favorite crew?) (57)
  • A Shattered Mind by kira-nerys, art by Ingela (Kirk and Spock’s shuttle crashes and Spock becomes seriously ill. The Vulcan’s reaction to a native creature – and to the loss of that creature – tells Kirk what’s truly wrong with his first officer.) (117)
  • The Rest of Forever, poem by Khylara (134)
  • Two Ships Passing by Dovya Blacque (reprinted from "As I Do Thee #20" - 1993, also in Splendor) (Having returned, victorious, from their encounter with V’ger, the crew of the ENTERPRISE is reassigned, a fact that does not sit well with any of them, least of all Kirk and Spock – who have just realized the need to admit a few difficult truths to each other.) (135)
  • In the Night by Dovya Blacque, art by Geli (sequel to "Two Ships Passing") (Ten months after leaving Earth, Kirk is not a happy man. Two friends, seeing how miserable he is, take steps to give him reprieve and, perhaps, more.) (157)

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[interior art, "Lost in Thought" by Shelley Butler]: This is one Shelley's best Kirk faces! He has a brooding, pouty look that is very sexy! And of course Spock is perfect, as always, as the object of Kirk's thoughts. Actually it looks as though both men are each thinking of the other. Simply gorgeous. Shelley's trademark flowers add the finishing touch of course. Never stop drawing Shelley! [5]
[art by Liz on page 33a]: Very lovely drawing of Spock and Kirk in an unusual posture; Spock is facing forward and Kirk is beside him, with his body at a 90 degree angle to Spock’s, so that Kirk’s back is pressed against the side of Spock’s arm and the back of his head is resting on Spock’s shoulder. Both men have their eyes closed, and Spock’s head is inclined slightly to the side, so that his cheek is touching the top of Kirk’s head. The thing I like about this portrait is that one could read Kirk and Spock’s facial expressions in many ways: this could be a moment of contentment after some hot sex, or it could be a sad moment, before the two must part. It goes very nicely with the story it accompanies, and could, I think, inspire some additional tales. It’s a good portrait to sit and stare at while you let your imagination roam. [6]
[art by Geli on page 18]: Hmmm, a nicely erotic picture for all the Spock on top fans! I like the technique Geli uses here: the way the pencil strokes are used for shading, and for Spock’s chest hair. Nice muscle definition, too, as Spock flexes his arms and lies half on top of Kirk. To me, Spock looks as though he is starting to push Kirk’s legs apart before making love to him. Interesting expression on Kirk’s face - it’s as though he’s waiting for the moment when Spock penetrates him. Nice work! [7]
[art by Geli on page 168]: This picture is very different from Geli’s other one in Legends 2. The one on page 18 is more erotic, whereas this one is tender and loving. Spock is lying on his back, and Kirk is leaning over him and kissing him. Geli is a new artist in K/S fandom, and I look forward to more of her work.[8]
[art by Geli on pages 18 and 168]: I don’t remember seeing any work by this artist before, but knowing what a sieve I have for a brain, I probably reviewed some last month! As ever I am exceedingly curious to know everything about how a new artist works. Lets start with the picture on page 18, here we have a very sexy rendition of Spock kneeling between Kirk’s thighs. The pose looks slightly uncomfortable but in many ways this makes it look very natural, I expect this is how people look at moments like this. The faces, especially Kirk’s, are excellent I never would have tried for that angle on Kirk’s face, but its worked just right! The faces look like they are traced and the bodies look to be drawn free hand, which is why I am so curious to know how this picture was constructed. Geli, if you are out there why not write to the KSP and share your secrets?

I have only one minor complaint about this picture, and this is on occasion the shading looks like body hair, which momentarily gave me the impression Kirk was exceedingly hairy down below and that Spock had hairy wrists. Anyway a nice drawing, after all a drawing doesn’t need to be perfect to be enjoyed, and indeed I have seldom seen a piece of work that I couldn’t see a problem with when I looked closely—my own work included of course! Now for the Drawing on page 168, this is my favourite of the two. Here a languid looking Spock rolls over to receive a kiss from Jim. Again another very natural pose, with a lot of movement and spontaneity. Again I am puzzled by the technique, some elements look traced (Spock’s face) and some don’t (Spock’s ear), however it was done I like it. Since we were discussing Kissing pictures a while back—here is a rather nice one, perhaps they look as if they are rubbing their faces together rather than exactly kissing, but whatever it is its sexy and has the air of a kiss. Spock looks so relaxed, I see this being after they have made love. I always enjoy pictures that tempt me to imagine the circumstances that led up to them.

Anyway, thank you Geli for these two pictures, may there be more in the future! [9]

Issue 3

Legends 3 was published in 2003 and has 198 pages.

issue #3, Geli -- "This is a rare and beautiful thing — Spock smiling! Of course Kirk is the reason whyas he lovingly looks at Spock." [10]
"This cover is a wonderful sketch of Kirk and Spock, from the shoulders up. Spock is serenely gazing in the distance, with a contemplative expression on his face. Kirk is placed a bit lower and a little bit behind Spock, and he has a great expression on his face. It’s very interesting; it looks as though he is intently studying Spock. The details of the faces are very well drawn, and I especially liked the eyes. I thought the hair was well done, too. I also liked the almost soft focus look of the faces. They are not sharply outlined, yet are very recognizable as Kirk and Spock." [11]
  • Pon Koon - Theresa Kyle (p. 5-38) (On the way to Vulcan, the compassion of a captain for his first officer and best friend leads to strain between the two once they’ve left Vulcan’s pull. Is it embarrassment or regret? Or is it something else?)
  • Duty's Call - Elise Madrid (p. 39-47) (Older, wiser and recently retired, James Kirk spends some reflective time with his bondmate and ex-first officer, Mr. Spock.)
  • Shattered Mirror - Gilrain (p. 49-85) (Captain Spock of the ISS Enterprise finds himself with an ex-captain who, if someone doesn’t intercede, will be in dire straights. Shocking himself, Spock discovers he will go to any length to avoid the inevitable happening to Kirk.)
  • Argelian Games - Gigi Pinckney (p. 87-96) (A missing report leads to an interrupted shore leave for Captain Kirk… interrupted by his Vulcan first officer who is, in turn, has to handle the effects a local aphrodisiac have left on his unhappy captain.)
  • Time Will Tell - Rosemary Heaton (p. 97-102) (A shore leave swim leads to unexpected events.)
  • Fizbin - Eleanor Locke (p. 105-113) (It’s the night before James Kirk is to take command of his new ship, USS Enterprise, and he’s taking the opportunity to relieve some stress. But he’s not the only officer from his soon-to-be ship who’s seeking entertainment this night.)
  • Temporarily Incapacitated - D. JoAnne Swanson (p. 117-129) (Two good friends on shore leave, unexpected rain, deep conversations… secrets revealed.)
  • Shadow Play - Elise Madrid (p. 131-178) (Kirk and Spock of the ISS Enterprise struggle with the after effects of the transporter accident. This is a different view of the “Mirror” universe.)
  • Communication - Jenna Hilary Sinclair (p. 179-198) (War with the Tholians separates Kirk and Spock. A series of beautiful letters between the two reveal a friendship in pain, surprising regrets, frustration with war’s politics, and unexpected hopes.)
  • One Unexpected Morning by Starr Copeland (also in A World In Us and Thunder & Lightning)
  • ART By Liz, Scarlett and Geli
  • COVER By Geli

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["Interlude," art by Shelley Butler]: I must start off this review by stating that before KiScon, I hadn't purchased any new zines lately, so I was privileged enough to first lay my eyes on this piece when the original was on display in the art room at the con. And from the first moment I saw it, I was blown away. As a matter-of-fact, I think I kind of embarrassed Shelley as I stood in front of her in the room, shoving the picture in front of her face and raving about how fantastic it was. So as you can imagine, I was more than thrilled when I arrived home from the con and began flipping through the pages of the zines I bought, only to discover to my surprise and delight, this very picture on page 115 in Legends 3. For me, it is without a doubt one of Shelley's very best and a perfect representation of what K/S is all about. The title of this piece conveys perfectly the mood depicted, that being a momentary interlude between two men who are not only lovers, but are also in love in every sense of the word. While the overall pic is definitely explicit (a naked Kirk on top of an equally naked Spock), it is the expressions on their faces that draws the viewer in. Kirk, his face angled slightly away, is gazing down at Spock with such tenderness and the look on Spock's face is almost indescribable—a mixture of love, passion, contentment, and utter peace. It just takes my breath away every time I look at it. "Interlude" truly is a wondrous masterpiece of work by one of fandom's best. [12]
[art by Liz on page 42]: This picture perfectly illustrates the Elise Madrid story, “Duty Calls“, that it accompanies. In the story, Kirk is 85 years old, and he and Spock are sitting before a fire and reminiscing about their years together. Liz’s picture shows an older Kirk and Spock sitting together in a contemplative pose, while above them are the images of their younger selves. The older Kirk and Spock are shown from the waist up—Spock is in his Star Fleet uniform, and Kirk is shirtless. I think that fits the story, because as it begins, Kirk has been home a while before Spock returns from work, and joins Kirk before the fire. So we can theorize that Kirk has had a chance to get comfortable and undress. The pose looks very tender to me—the way Spock and Kirk are holding hands, and how Kirk’s other hand is caressing Spock’s chin. I liked how the images of the older Kirk and Spock are very detailed, (and realistic—Kirk has white hair, a very lined face, and a rather portly physique) while the faces of them as younger are only beautiful partial images. [13]
[art ("More Than a Kiss") by Scarlett on page 114]: My first thought on looking at this picture was Wow, and then Yikes! I have been very busy with the holidays and have only read a few stories in my new zines. I was in my parents' living room, and had decided to write LOC's on some of the art in Legends, so flipped through the zine to find the art. When I got to this one I actually said "Wow" out loud, then thought "Yikes, I hope my parents didn't hear me", because I didn't want to explain what elicited that response! Wow, this is gorgeous! If I didn't already know this was one of the more explicit pictures by Shelley that Jenna mentioned in her Roundtable, I think I would have figured it out due to the excellence of the work. Spock is lying on his back, legs open, and Kirk is on his knees between Spock's legs. I think it's pretty obvious what they are up to (pun intended)! What a great pose— hanging out at porno websites obviously paid off! Spock's eyes are shut, and I love the rapt expression on his face. No one can draw hair like Shelley, and the muscles (especially in Kirk's arms as he braces himself over Spock) are also perfectly drawn. And of course, the faces look exactly like Kirk and Spock. I also like the play of light and shadow in the picture. This is just beautiful, and I hope to see more of "Scarlett's" pictures. [14]
[art ("More Than a Kiss") by Scarlett on page 114]: Gosh...I love this illo! Kirk and Spock are making love; Kirk is on top; he and Spock are facing each other. I love the way Spock's heel is resting on Kirk's ankle! and also the position of Spock's hands on Kirk's shoulders. Kirk's torso seems a bit too long but it's nothing that takes away from the illo. Spock's face is soft, concentrated on being touched so intimately by Kirk, which is exactly what the accompanying poem "Touched" is all about. It's lovely and goes perfectly with this illo. Bravo to both! [15]
[zine]: There are 9 stories in Legends 3, most are of the short-story variety whereas a couple are somewhat longer. My personal favorite in the zine was surprisingly a Mirror Universe story called "Shadow Play" by Elise Madrid. My initial reaction when realizing a story is MU is to sigh and wonder if I should just skip past it. Suffice it to say, it's not my favorite kind. But since I was in the mood for K/S and this was the zine at hand, I kept reading, thinking I'd at least give it a chance, since I know from before that the author who wrote the story is quite good. I was most definitely pleasantly surprised. This story was not the typical MU story where all characters are completely cold, emotionless bastards....

There isn't much art in the zine, and I believe there is actually one art piece missing in my copy, which I didn't notice until I was going to review it for this site. So, I'm curious of what I'm missing of course. The art that is in the zine is definitely good. I like the cover image fine, even though it's rather generic as to the poses of Kirk and Spock. My favorite art piece is definitely the image of a slightly older Kirk and Spock that accompanies the story "Duty's Call". The image is tender and has a lovely mood to it. The story "Duty's Call"" that goes with it is also a fine tale indeed. Slightly sad, kind of bittersweet, dealing with Kirk and Spock in their old age. It speaks of a love shared for many years, and the pain of what's inevitably to come, especially since Spock knows he's most likely going to have many years left to his life when Kirk is gone. My overall impression of the zine is that there are both ups and downs here. Some stories are not to my liking, and one in particular is very out of character in my opinion, and feels like the author has written a gay sex story and then replaced the names of the characters with Kirk and Spock. Such stories (no matter how much of a sucker for smut I am) just don't work for me, but I think the story "Shadow Play" alone might be worth the asking-price for this K/S zine, because it is most definitely worth reading. My hat goes off to the author. Then on top of "Shadow Play", we have Jenna Hilary Sinclair's story "Communication" which is absolutely gorgeous as always. Angsty, romantic, sweet and lovely. Imagine Kirk and Spock apart in a raging war, and letters that grow in intimacy over time. Oh, lovely.

As for layout. I think the Legends zines have a decent layout, but I personally vastly prefer the double column layout to the one column that is in the Legends zines. First of all, it's easier to read, and second, you may fit so much more text in a zine like that compared to a single column zine. [16]

Issue 4

Legends 4 was published in 2006 and contains 200 pages.

cover of issue #3, Shelley Butler "Cowboys" -- "Shelley's art gives me Jim and Spock at their best, Kirk's facial expression one of haunting tenderness as he holds in his arms Spock, the heart of his soul. It struck me again that Shelley surely knows how to deliver emotional hits to my heart with her depictions of Kirk's strong hands, one on his lover's muscular back, cradling, the other on Spock's ass, cherishing. A swell opening to this splendid zine that I've waited long for and longed for." [17] Another fan says: "I ran out of adjectives for Shelley Butler’s work long, long ago. But I won’t let that stop me from saying how well she has once again captured sensitivity and affection between Kirk and Spock. The editor calls this “Space Cowboys”, but aside from the jeans they’re wearing, I can’t make the connection. To me they are Starfleet officers, deeply in love, sharing a few moments alone and off-duty. Likely they are ashore somewhere, but the background is left entirely to the imagination. No imagination is required, though, to see the way Kirk fondles Spock’s butt, pulling him as close as possible. The other hand rests on Spock’s shoulder, assuring there is no separation between them. We see Spock’s sleek hair and elegant ear, along with all of Kirk’s face. His expression is thoughtful, not lustful. Possibly he’s just counting his blessings for the incredible man he holds in his arms. We’re treated to a tantalizing view of Spock’s finely honed musculature, the valley along his spine, his strength and vulnerability evident in every line. Is “ahhhhhh” an adjective?" [18]
  • Secret Chamber of the Heart by T'Marii (A desperate Spock takes unexpected steps to save Kirk from what the Vulcan perceives as disaster only to fall into a reality he never dreamed possible. This takes place just prior to ST:TMP.)
  • Mudd Fun by Allie Benet Awater (Some interesting repercussions of the crew's encounter with Harry Mudd and his androids.)
  • Sinners by Deborah Cummins (While on a diplomatic mission, Kirk and Spock encounter a level of prejudice against the Federation and aliens that involves them on a personal level, one they'd never expected or experienced before.)
  • Attraction, a novel by CatalenaMara and Danielle Stewart. (This is an AU that supposes Spock was born in space among a mixed family of humans and Vulcans and a James Kirk who, from early childhood, was raised on Tarsus among a cruel and repressed society. Complex circumstances draw these two disparate beings into a world of social taboos, unexpected emotions and high adventure. A deeply involving, beautifully written tale of a Kirk and Spock who, in the end, aren't that different from the Kirk and Spock we know. )
  • Just Take a Step Forward by Kelly Reiger (poem)
  • A Solitary Man by Kelly Reiger (poem)
  • The Ties That Bind by Kelly Reiger (poem)
  • This Way Home by Kelly Reiger (poem)
  • Afterglow by Dovya Blacque (poem)
  • Reign by Kelly Reiger (poem)
  • As on Wood or Silver by Dovya Blacque (poem)
  • To Write in Red by Dovya Blacque (poem)
  • The Journey by Kelly Reiger (poem)

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[zine]: Sweetening the start of a new batch of zines I'd gotten hold of, this one gave me a thrill and packed a punch. As I was simmering in the heat, Legends 4 did nothing to cool me down. Prepare to be shocked and awed. This zine has the power. From its evocative cover art by Shelley Butler (Ok, I'll call it "Cowboys" as the publisher, Dovya Blacque does), to the final pages of a story that turned everything I believe about our ST universe on its head. Everything except the one eternal truth I can count on and always will—Jim and Spock's everlasting love. The zine is a brilliant array of K/S treasures, ready to be deposited in our heroic imaginations.

Shelley's art gives me Jim and Spock at their best, Kirk's facial expression one of haunting tenderness as he holds in his arms Spock, the heart of his soul. It struck me again that Shelley surely knows how to deliver emotional hits to my heart with her depictions of Kirk's strong hands, one on his lover's muscular back, cradling, the other on Spock's ass, cherishing. A swell opening to this splendid zine that I've waited long for and longed for.

The physical appearance of the zine is classy, and merits special consideration. The story titles and chapter headings—all of it—is done in stunning calligraphy-like style which is easy on the eyes and adds much richness to the production. I also appreciated the story names placed at the bottom of each page. That helped keep me oriented whenever I had to stop reading to go out somewhere and come back and start over later. Very considerate.

The poems of Kelly Reiger have become an important source of comfort for me. She comes through with flying colors in this publication. It showcases her to great effect and I enjoyed each and every one. [19]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, art by Suzan Lovett. The title for the art: In the Company of Legends -- "This cover is amazing! Whatever words I choose will not be adequate enough to describe this glorious piece of art. The time and talent, not to mention the sheer painstaking work this cover took, just leaves me speechless. The central figures of Kirk and Spock are just perfect, their eyes fairly glowing with vibrant life and soul-deep happiness. Facial characteristics are as accurate as if the guys had just this minute stepped out from the TV screen and into our sight. Below them are depictions of legendary famous lovers throughout history, and Kirk and Spock certainly belong among that select group. Around them are the heroes of the ages including the captain's Horatio Hornblower. And Kirk and Spock belong among this honored group as well. Thank goodness this artist has chosen to share her vast talent with us. Thank you, Suzan." [20].

Another fan writes: "A peaceful scene with Spock reading, a half-smile on his face, reclining against the chest of a smiling Kirk who is looking over his shoulder. Perfect likeness, bright colors, with a pretty fantasy background that I surmise to be elements from the book Spock is reading." [21]

Legends 5 contains 194 pages and was published in 2009.

  • We All Need Someone by Mary Kay (p. 5-20) (Ill tempered and angry, Kirk has been acting more like a wounded bear than a Starfleet Captain. It takes a good – brave – friend to get to the bottom of where the problem lies.)
  • Turbo Talk by Khiori (p. 21-30) (When a turbolift malfunctions, conversation between the trapped captain and a young ensign seems to reveal more than is actually being said.)
  • The Flare-Up by Jeanne Marie Sosa (p. 31-66) (Lovingly bonded, Kirk and Spock face difficult storms, both professionally and, on occasion, personally. One time in particular… )
  • In the Jungle by Mary Kay (p. 67-89) (On a mission to raid and destroy a Romulan base, Kirk and Spock meet up with a local mercenary, someone Kirk once knew. Someone who’d like to know Kirk again. As a result, Spock has a run in with the unpleasant, most unVulan emotion of jealousy.)
  • The Human Factor by Deborah Cummins (p. 91-132) (Following the fal tor pan, Spock finds himself in great upheaval. Everything is alien and unknown, seemingly unknowable. Questions plague him: who is he as a Vulcan, what does it even mean to be Vulcan? Who are these people, these humans who call him friend? But the most difficult task of all is learning how to once again be Spock.)
  • A Matter of Trust by Mary Kay (p. 137-160) (Kirk and Spock are just beginning a more intimate relationship when an assignment takes them to a planet run by women, testing Spock’s ability to trust his new partner when Kirk’s previous reputation becomes an issue.)
  • Two Words by Catalena Mara (p. 167-194) (Based on Barbara Hambly’s pro Trek novel, “Ishmael”, this story tells of what happens once Spock is returned to his timeline from 1870’s Seattle, Washington. How has his time in Earth’s past with Aaron Stemple and the rest of the characters from “Here Come The Brides” changed him? What has he learned? What has he gained?)
  • Poetry Helen, Kelly Reiger and Dovya Blacque
  • Cover FULL COLOR by Suzan Lovett
  • Interior Art by Starshadow

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[zine]: This is an excellent K/S zine--and the gorgeous Suzan Lovett cover is an added bonus--but two stories really stood out for me. Both are somewhat long (over thirty pages), both first times (my favorite kind of story), both are great reading experiences: The Human Factor and Two Words. [22]

Issue 6

cover issue #6 by Romanse

Legends 6 contains 200 pages and was published in 2010. Art by Elfqueen, TLR, Princess of Swords and Helen. Full-color cover by Romanse. Poetry by Dovya Blacque, Starr Copeland, Maxine B. Curry.

  • In Your Eyes by Dovya Blacque (a novella) (Excerpt: "You will be seated beside your mate, as is tradition. Tradition," she laughed. "Even when we party we follow traditions." My mate? "Ma'am?" he questioned just as he felt Kirk's hand in the middle of his back. "You and Captain Kirk will be seated beside me and my mate. Though, to be honest," she said confidentially, "she and I would much rather be at home getting reacquainted; I've been off world for nearly six months." Too much information was accosting him. Jim and I? What could possibly have given her that idea? She was with us for nearly a week and she created this fantasy? It didn't seem like her at all. No, this was something Anlon thought was a truth. Spock was still ruminating over the fact that someone had mistaken Kirk for his mate when he felt a cool hand on the back of his left hand. "Relax, Spock," Kirk muttered to him. "Just go along with this and you'll be saving me a lot of grief." He understood: if Kirk had a mate, the females on Notnob would leave him alone. It confused him because Kirk usually welcomed such attentions. And to use such a lie to fend them off? It seemed beneath his friend. Then again, the women were very beautiful and very persistent. Mentally he buckled down to act as Kirk's mate for the evening.)
  • Beyond the Sea by Elise Madrid (Excerpt: "Pouring himself a small glass of whiskey, he walked over to the wide expanse of windows that looked out onto the Bay. It had been the reason they had bought the place. He and Spock had turned to each other and, without a word being said, the decision had been made. He smiled bitterly. Yet another memory no longer to be shared. The place was full of them. How many years here? Sixteen? No, seventeen. Good years. He snorted. Hell, they had been great years. They hadn't always spent a lot of time here; there'd been the five-year missions, before and after those three unfortunate years when Spock was gone and Kirk had done about the most stupid thing imaginable and married Lori Ciani. But when they had finally settled down, each taking positions that kept them on Earth most of the time, they'd made the most of being able to sleep together every night. He turned away, not wanting to think about what he'd lost, and approached his chair in front of the fireplace. Placing his glass on the nearby table, he turned on the fire, the flames leaping up as the fuel reached the pilot light. He settled into his chair, the heat of the fire warming him. He hadn't understood it at first, why he was so cold all the time. But finally the answer had come to him; Spock's heat was gone. The all-encompassing warmth of their bond had died along with him.")
  • The Patron by Princess of Swords (Excerpt: "The night Kirk had first seen the Vulcan he had been onstage performing with an Andorian. Kirk supposed the brothel paired them because of their long hair, and the exotic contrasts of the fine silver white and glistening ebony, along with the image of jewel blue flesh grasped by pale, spidery hands. Both male species possess the ability to self-lubricate their erect genitals, and the two slid together belly to belly, spreading the glittering strands between them, as their mouths fused and parted and melted together again and again. The Vulcan had eventually broken the languid kiss and pushed the Andorian onto his stomach, blue ass in the air as he was taken. Kirk had watched the display, cock stiff between his crossed knees. As the Vulcan pulled out and spent himself on the cerulean back, Kirk decided he had to have this fascinating alien for his partner tonight. He called the attendant over and made this carnal intention quite clear. At that time in his life Kirk had very recently succeeded in dispatching the former chief authority of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike. The newly ranked Captain was burning with a fresh sense of might and triumph.")
  • Song of the Nebula by Dovya Blacque (a novelette) (Excerpt: "The sky was vermillion, nearly the color of a Vulcan afternoon at the height of the heated season but with shades of umber and rose in the always-present clouds and a constant cool breeze off the deep emerald ocean. Reclined on the ivory sand in front of a humble clapboard cottage, Jim Kirk basked in the late afternoon sun that filtered through the pink and brown clouds. He was nearly asleep, as he'd been for quite some time drifting between being fully awake and lost in dream. He felt wonderful. On the wrap-around porch that wreathed the cottage in deep blues and white, Spock sat watching the scenery, not the least of which was the recumbent figure of his captain. Kirk had been stressed and overworked for too many weeks; it was a private pleasure for Spock to see him finally at ease. The Vulcan sipped from a tall glass of local tea laced lightly with a sweetener so perfect that it was the planet's chief export to most of the known galaxy. The natives called the mix of tea and sweetener jeliso and Spock had become rapidly addicted to it, or so Kirk claimed with a sparkle in his eye and a tilt to his lips. Four days into a two-week shore leave on Hoffman's Planet, the two Enterprise officers had settled into a routine that consisted mostly of Kirk lying in the sun and Spock sitting not so far away on the porch. Their time otherwise was taken up with reading, hiking up and down the long east-facing beach and, to Kirk's delight, cooking. Rather, Spock cooked, Kirk assisted, a system that suited them both perfectly.")
  • Predawn by Mary Kay (a novella) (Excerpt: "Report, Mr. Spock," Kirk ordered, entering onto the bridge. "The distress call is coming from the sixth planet of the system. It is a low class M planet with no known inhabitants." Kirk exhaled noisily. "All right. I'm taking a landing party down to the planet's surface. I don't like not knowing what I'm stepping into but I see no other alternative. Spock, have four security men meet me in the transporter room." Spock spun around to face Kirk. "Captain, I ask permission to beam down with you. It may be a trap of some kind." "That's why you're staying up here. I'm not about to risk both of us if it is a trap." Kirk turned to leave but before he could get two steps away his arm was caught in a steel vise. Spock quickly dropped his hand away from Kirk's arm as soon as the captain turned back to him. "Then permit me to go in your stead," he pleaded. Kirk looked stubbornly back at his first officer. "I believe my orders were for you to stay here on board the ship, Mr. Spock. I didn't realize that we had entered into a debate on the matter.")

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Issue 7

Legends 7 was published in 2012 and contains 200 pages. It contains poetry by Arlan Symons, Faris Vincent, T'Racionn, Denise Dion and T'lara. The art is by Elfqueen, Marylyne, Shir Amber, and Romanse. Full color cover by Elfqueen.

cover of issue #7, Elfqueen
  • Mind Games by Mary Kay: Random, racy thoughts about his bondmate are causing that bondmate to have very particular – and embarrassing – reactions. No one is amused... except McCoy.
  • Komak's Trap by KT Torry: Unfounded suspicions on Komak's part have Captain Kirk in an uproar, suspicions which Kirk would rather have as fact than dream.
  • Food for Thought by Khiori: Making the observation that when grown men share as much food as Kirk and Spock do, something other than friendship must be up, Commodore Wesley narrows in to try to prove his theory.
  • Crying How Bright by eimeo: Even facing retirement, Kirk reflects on how he and Spock are still the same men they always were.
  • Sweet Dreams by Deborah: Kirk is having some rather disturbing dreams about his first officer.
  • Eagle in Flight by Mary Kay: A young Kirk and Spock vacation at Kirk's childhood home, not wishing to share their new relationship with anyone just yet. But a mother always knows when her son's in love.
  • Yes, Yes and Also Yes by KT Torry: Could Kirk's insomnia be caused by his unresolved feelings for his best friend?
  • Like Lightning by Dovya Blacque: The death of Kirk's mother sends him into a tailspin, finding himself grieving more than he ever expected to. And then along comes a strange discovery in an empty part of space that really makes Kirk start thinking.
  • Footloose by Denise Dion & Medicated Maniac: A simple leg cramp for Kirk turns into something completely other for Spock.
  • Beginnings by CatalenaMara: This story takes place in a universe proposed by Harve Bennett about Kirk and Spock during their Academy years. The story deals with racial bullying from upper classmen, Kirk's relationship with Janice Lester and an unexpected friendship.
  • Elements (poem or filk) by T'Lara (nominated for 2013 FanQ)

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[zine]: After over twenty years of reading K/S, I thought I was pretty jaded, but reading this zine showed me that even after all these years there are still new Kirk and Spock stories to be told, and told well. All the stories in this zine were above average- -no clunkers in the bunch--and in my opinion no less than five of the stories were excellent. Although the color cover--an artistically done photo manip portrait of Kirk and Spock--was very attractive, the internal illos quite nice (I especially liked the "kissing illo" on page 10), and I enjoyed the poems, especially Faris Vincent's "Esthetics", in my opinion what makes this zine really stand out are the stories. [23]

Issue 8

Legends 8 was published in fall of 2013 and contains 198 pages.

The cover is by Elfqueen, interior artwork by Elfqueen, I.M. Mueller and Shir Amber, and poetry by Dovya Blacque, T'Racionn and Starr Copeland.
cover of issue #8, Elfqueen

From the flyer: "Kirk and Spock work hard and play even harder in these slash tales, even if it's sweet and romantic. That's how they became…legends."

  • Of Lovers and Goats by Mary Kay -- During a diplomatic gathering, Kirk has nearly everything thrown at him that will turn his actions into questionable choices... just in time for his soon-to-be bondmate's father, Sarek, to arrive at the proceedings. (3)
  • Sanctuary by Elsa -- Kirk and Spock struggle to find each other again following Spock's rebirth. They've both suffered tremendous changes and now they must try to fit together once again. (43)
  • Carry You Home by Khiori -- Rescue finally arrives for Kirk and Spock after they've been held prisoner and tortured for months. The protective nature of Kirk's devolution speaks loudly of his deep care for his first officer. Will he let anyone near enough to help his badly injured bondmate, or will he threaten to take Spock's life before allowing him to be further tortured by the Klingons? (65)
  • Four Six-Word Poems by Dovya Blacque (85)
  • We Brave Souls, poem by Dovya Blacque (86)
  • Tough Love by Mary Kay -- A "Mirror, Mirror" Universe story in which two differently-natured individuals learn to overcome their society's programing to discover a new world they alone can build. (87)
  • Shade, poem by Dovya Blacque (146)
  • Atrocity, poem by T'Racionn (147)
  • Memories, poem by T'Racionn (148)
  • The Rhythms of Universal Tides by Dovya Blacque -- Spock has a confession to make to his captain, a statement which he believes will change his life forever, and not in a positive manner. (149)
  • Lab Work, poem by Dovya Blacque (163)
  • Homecoming, poem by Starr Copeland (164)
  • Tune Without Words by Theresa Kyle -- It is Vulcan law that all males of age must be bonded. Since T'Pring divorced Spock, he finds himself without a bondmate, and without any prospect of one. To counter Sarek's insistence that he bond with T'Pring's sister, Spock begins to search the crew of the Enterprise for potential mates, quickly, before Sarek's deadline comes due. (165)

Issue 9

Legends 9 was published in March 2021 and includes 181 pages. It has art by by PaintedBird, M.J. Calabrese, Debbie C., L. Spingles, and Dovya Blacque.

cover of issue #9


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