Twilight Trek

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Title: Twilight Trek
Publisher: FireTrine Press
Editor(s): Jean Hinson
Date(s): 1990-1992
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, black with gold or silver stars and lettering

Twilight Trek is a slash K/S and gen Star Trek: TOS anthology devoted to the strange, the eerie, the unexpected.

Nightmare Road is a Special Edition of Twilight Trek.

About a Possible Third Issue

From an ebay seller in 2007: "This novel [(Trusting the Spirit)] started out as a novelette that was meant for the 3rd in the wonderful TWILIGHT TREK series (Trek meets the TWILIGHT ZONE). Sadly, TT2 was the last, but the author listened to Kirk & Spock, and the story grew into a novella, then a novel, then quite a long novel."

Issue 1

Twilight Trek 1 was published in 1990, is 163 pages long and contains 4 stories, plus many poems and illustrations. It has art by Alexandra Vincent.

  • Swiftly and Darkly Pure by Carol Lynne Briscoe (Spock thinks to prevent the Klingons from getting hold of Kirkʼs body when, while on the run, he thinks Kirk has died.) (gen)
  • The Stars Still Twinkle by Raissa Owens
  • The Flying Dutchman of the Stars by A.T. Bush (Five years after the Defiantʼs lost in Tholian space, the Enterprise is sent to retrieve the ship from interphase.)
  • The Stranger by Patricia Laurie Stephens (While on a covert mission, Spockʼs memory is erased after he stumbles on a groupʼs plan to take over the Federation, leaving Kirk to believe his lover is dead.)
  • Image, poem by Betsy Fisher

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Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Twilight Trek 2 was published in 1992 and contains 170 pages. A summary from Hupe: "Young Jim Kirk's life is saved on Vulcan in a harrowing dert adventure, but all is not as it appears to be; a forced leave on Vulcan, a trip to an archaeological dig, and an encounter with a very strange old Vulcan, and Kirk and Spock will never be the same; more."

  • Abduction by Moonlight by Anna S. Greener (A young woman wakes to an unexpected visitor.) (gen)
  • The Bridge by Kathy Stanis (The story within a story, as a gift conquers time and space to bring two people together.)
  • Old Friends by Anna S. Greener (A thirteen-year old Kirk suddenly finds himself on a distant planet, a planet he discovers to be Vulcan when rescued by a Vulcan boy.)
  • Off the Beaten Trek by Alexandra Vincent (The Enterprise is thrown back in time when another starship explodes nearby and causes another alien ship to crash on Earth after doing battle with it. Also in Legends.)
  • A Little Change in Plans by Anna S. Greener (A Star Trek Convention gets an unexpected visitor.) (gen)
  • Candles in the Wind by Jean Hinson (While visiting a pre-reform dig on Vulcan, Kirk is knocked unconscious during a rock slide and relives his and Spockʼs lives as pre-reform warrior bondmates. Also in Legends.)
  • Night Watch by Anna S. Greener (A small girl mysteriously appears in the Enterpriseʼs sickbay.)

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