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You may be looking for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character, Kira Nerys.

Name: kira-nerys
Alias(es): Kira, Lady Kardasi, Ingela
Type: fan writer, archivist, fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Smallville, Harry Potter
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Fan, owner of Lady Kardasi's Domain and Lady Kardasi Productions

From an article by Lyrastar in the printzine Legacy #2, published in July 2007:

In many ways, Kira was a leader in developing a Kirk/Spock corner of the Internet. While, by this time, several K/S authors had bought Web space to self-publish their own stories, Kira used her own domain——not only for her own writing, but also to host and give more visibility to the fiction of other K/S authors as well as adding reviews, recommendations, commentary, and links to other parts of the larger Kirk/Spock community. In addition to publishing Side by Side and all the KSOF stories on her own space, in 2002 she also started up the first Slash Advent Calendar ( which included a daily K/S or pre-K/S piece. [1]





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