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For the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character see, Kira Nerys.
Alias(es): Ingela, ladykardasi, kira, kira kardasi, kardasi caresses
Type: fan writer, archivist, fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek, Smallville, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Harry Potter
Communities: snapish_smut (runner), kirkspock_recs (member), the_haven (owner)
Other: Lady Kardasi's Domain
Lady Kardasi Productions
Harry/Snape Fuh-Q-Fest
URL: ladykardasi at AO3
ladykardasi at Dreamwidth
ladykardasi[1] at LiveJournal
ladykardasi at Tumblr
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kira-nerys is a well know fan/archivist of Harry Potter and Star Trek.

From an article by Lyrastar in the printzine Legacy #2, published in July 2007:

In many ways, Kira was a leader in developing a Kirk/Spock corner of the Internet. While, by this time, several K/S authors had bought Web space to self-publish their own stories, Kira used her own domain——not only for her own writing, but also to host and give more visibility to the fiction of other K/S authors as well as adding reviews, recommendations, commentary, and links to other parts of the larger Kirk/Spock community. In addition to publishing Side by Side and all the KSOF stories on her own space, in 2002 she also started up the first Slash Advent Calendar ( which included a daily K/S or pre-K/S piece. [2]

In August 2021 Kira returned to the virtual environment creating a profile on Tumblr, however, the decade difference seems to have had an impact on her:

Ten to twenty years ago I was a "big name" in Fandom/fanfic. I ran Lady Kardasi's Domain and back then it was fun. People loved fanfic and art no matter the show. We challenged each other and it was FUN and we RESPECTED each other, whatever the pairing we loved in whatever fandom we favored. What the fuck happened???[3]


Have been a fanfic writer since my mid twenties, so it's going on 25 years now. Yup, I'm middle aged, married. I used to write mostly Star Trek - mainly the Original Series and Deep Space Nine, and mostly slash, but have moved onto Harry Potter in the last year, and am totally smitten with Hermione Granger/Severus Snape. Although to me OTP often means one true person rather than pairing. Spock, Severus Snape, Gul Dukat, Tom Paris or whoever...paired with practically anyone as long as it is well written.

I worked as a translator for a number of years. I am available for commenting and beta-ing if anyone would like me to. I'd prefer it to be focusing on the Harry Potter fandom with Severus Snape and Hermione Granger in the focus. Any kind of rating or story is fine, but my strength is smut, not plot ...

I don't mind my stories being translated into other languages, but I do ask you to inform me of it and where to find the story. I don't want you to repost my stories elsewhere, especially not without talking to me first.

You can contact me via email at ladykardasi AT gmail DOT com.

I used to run the website Lady Kardasi's Domain that contained several ezines such as Side by Side (Kirk/Spock), Scaly Tales (Cardassian fic) and The Neutral Zine (all kinds of Star Trek) and several fuhQ fests (I ran the first ever fests online) and Slash Advent Calendars. OK finished bragging now.

Ladykardasi / kira-nerys[4]