A World In Us

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Title: A World In Us
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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A World In Us is a 300+ slash multimedia anthology of fiction previously published in other zines.

Summaries below from the publisher.

  • Ambrosia by Starr Copeland (Wiseguy) (4)
  • Chaapa'ai by Starr Copeland (Stargate SG-1) (4)
  • Bullets or Blossoms by Maxine Blythe Curry (Dyad #14 1994) (Something important has happened between Doyle and his current girl. What was it and why is Doyle so hesitant to explain it to his partner?) (The Professionals) (5)
  • Black Bird by Dovya Blacque (Interview with a Vampire) (26)
  • Burning Blue by Maxine Blythe Curry (Dyad #15 1994) Every country wanted the scientist who had promised a new world, new freedom. But the scientist had other priorities.) (The Professionals) 27)
  • Confessions After a Fashion by Dovya Blacque (Blake's 7) (50)
  • A Billion Angels Screaming by Dovya Blacque (Heroes #3 1994) (While investigating a mysterious mirror, Fox Mulder somehow becomes more than the sum of his parts. The struggle to resolve his difficulties involves much more than either he or Dana Scully could ever have imagined.) (The X-Files) (51)
  • The Judas Rule by Dovya Blacque (Wiseguy) (71)
  • Black and White by Time Dahlquist (Star Trek (TOS)) (72)
  • 15 Years On by Dovya Blacque (Dyad #16 – 1995) (The year is 1999 and Scott McCall – now a strong, imposing, even intimidating man – has just buried his lover and is left standing with nothing save his last true friend.) (The Equalizer) 73)
  • Whirlwind by Maxine Blythe Curry (The Professionals) (85)
  • Buried Treasure by Starr Copeland (seaQuest DSV) (86)
  • An Angel Standing By by Time Dahlquist (Dyad: The Vampire Stories #3 1997) (There’s nothing Daedalus will not do for his prince, Julian Luna, and he knows there is little his prince will not do for him. But Daedalus could never have known just how far his dear friend would go for him.) (Kindred: The Embraced) (87)
  • Dusk by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice) (103)
  • Sun Shadows by Dovya Blacque (Wiseguy) (104)
  • A New Horizon by Dovya Blacque (Cross-Currents) (What’s a billionaire crime fighter to do when his entire lair and equipment have been destroyed? Look up an old friend in Metroplis, that’s what. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson spend some time with Clark Kent... and Jimmy Olson.) (New Adventures of Superman/Batman Forever) (105)
  • Transformation by Dovya Blacque (Law and Order) (152)
  • To Find the Sky by Dovya Blacque (Dyad #19 1999) (Bobby Wheeler left New York years ago and is now a successful actor in Los Angeles. On a trip home, Bobby finds himself nosing around the Sunshine Cab Company… and running into old friends.) (Taxi) (153)
  • One Unexpected Morning by Starr Copeland (Star Trek (TOS)) (from Legends #3, reprinted in Thunder & Lightning) (166)
  • A Sort of Homecoming by Allisa Raven Stark (Dyad #19 1999) (A night of drunken abandon with his partner and boss leaves Sonny Crockett dreading the thought of leaving Castillo’s company. And, apparently, his boss feels the same way as they take the day off and spend it just driving, talking… and coming to some new understandings.) (Miami Vice) (167)
  • The Gift by Dovya Blacque (The Fugitive) (180)
  • The Lazarus Heart by Dovya Blacque (Dyad #19 1999) (A grieving Ray Vecchio has nowhere to turn for comfort after the death of his childhood sweetheart. Nowhere to turn… except to his friend, the Mountie.) (Due South) (181)
  • Robin's Roost by Dovya Blacque (Batman Forever) (189)
  • Deconstruction by Starr Copeland (The X-Files) (190)
  • Spoons by Dovya Blacque (Chevron One Encoded 2000) (In the aftermath of nearly losing Daniel aboard the Goa’uld ship in Earth orbit, Jack realigns his view of the universe… and that of his personal world as well.) (Stargate SG-1) (191)
  • Remembrance by Arlan Symons (No Holds Barred #22 2000) (While on their way to Alderan, watching young Luke Skywalker become acquainted with the Force, Obi Wan Kenobi remembers his own master and a life not quite lost.) (Star Wars) (207)
  • One Word by Dovya Blacque (Blake's 7) (221)
  • A Devotion of Hues by Dovya Blacque (Interview with a Vampire) (222)
  • Better Friends by Allisa Raven Stark (Dyad #21 2001) (It was odd when Ross and Joey discovered that they had never slept better than when they’d (accidentally) napped together. Now, both are uncomfortable and sleepless but not for reasons they can readily understand.) (Friends) (223)
  • Transcending Limbo by Dovya Blacque (The Sentinel) (236)
  • The Noble Truth of Sorrows by Dovya Blacque (Diverse Doings #7 2001) (One day, Jack O’Neill no longer behaves like Jack O’Neill. And Daniel Jackson, his best friend, fails to realize why until it’s – almost – too late.) (Stargate SG-1) (237)
  • The Glue Man by Starr Copeland (Miami Vice) (248)
  • The Toes Knows by Dovya Blacque (Dyad #21 2001) Some secrets a Sentinel doesn’t want to share with anyone, not even his Guide… and, in this case, especially not his Guide.) (The Sentinel) (249)
  • A World in Us by Allisa Raven Stark (Diverse Doings #10 2002) (When Ross decides to help Joey with an acting scene, he finds himself unexpectedly disappointed to find that Chandler’s been there before him.) (Friends) (259)
  • What Friends are For by Allisa Raven Stark (Diverse Doings #9 2002) (Life is moving on for everyone and no one lands where they’d thought they would. Especially not Joey Tribiani.) (Friends) (271)
  • Save Me by Dovya Blacque (Come To Your Senses #23 2003) (Blair Sandburg, ever the impulsive observer, performs an act of heroism that amazes and angers his Sentinel, but doesn’t quite surprise him.) (The Sentinel) (291)

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