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Name: Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman
Occupation: Journalist, superhero and farmer (sporadically)
Relationships: Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van (birth parents), Kara Zor-El (cousin), Karen Starr (Earth-2 cousin),

Jonathan and Martha Kent (adoptive parents), Conner Kent (genetic half-clone)

Lois Lane (wife or love interest in most universes), Diana (love interest or wife in AUss), Lana Lang (love interest), Lori Lemaris (love interest), Lex Luthor (enemy)

Christopher Kent (foster son), Jonathan Samuel Kent (son), Jason White (son in Superman Returns)

Jimmy Olsen (friend), Bizarro (bizarro duplicate), Krypto (pet dog)
Fandom: Superman, DC Comics, Justice League, DCAU, Legion of Super-Heroes, DCUAOM, Arrowverse
Clark Kent by ThePlumber702 (2013)
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Clark Kent is a fictional character from the DC Comics Universe and is the secret identity of Superman. He has appeared in many DC properties across various media over the last seventy years.



The way the superhero identity of Superman and the civilian identity of Clark Kent are balanced is an important element in defining the character, and varies between different interpretations. In the early comics Clark was almost an after-thought, tacked on to Superman to make it easier for him to find out about situations that needed his help. Later interpretations, most notably John Byrne's redevelopment of the character, made Clark more important. For example, in Lois and Clark, modelled closely on Byrne's run, it's evident that Clark is the real person, Superman is a construct created out of expediency:

"Lois, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am." [1]

The current action-orientated comics incarnation seems to be veering away from Clark as the important side of his personality, to the dismay of older fans. Clark Kent's love interest is his fellow journalist Lois Lane, and his classic archenemy is the genius inventor Lex Luthor.

Death and Return

New 52


See Reeveverse for the four motion pictures featuring Christopher Reeve as Superman, and the spin-off movie, Supergirl.

Live Action Television

See Clark Kent (Arrowverse) and Clark Kent (Smallville)


Clark's story in the animated universe is very similar to his comics storylines, with Clark working at the Daily Planet, having Lois Lane as his love interest, and Superman being a founding member of the Justice League. Although, it does not go as far as the comics, in the sense that Lois and Clark never marry or have a child together.



Canon Relationships

Lois Lane is generally Clark Kent's main romantic interest throughout various media (see Clark/Lois). Although details of how their relationship played out vary, usually Clark meets Lois in his first day in the Daily Planet and falls for her at first sight, but it takes a while for Lois warming up to Clark. Until the 1980s, Lois was involved in a "love triangle" with Clark and Superman. Otherwise, they are often in a committed relationship or married, varying depending on continuity. In the New 52, Lois was no longer aware that Clark was Superman and only viewed him as a friend. Superman and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (see Clark Kent/Diana Prince) were in a budding relationship, considered by creators to be the "DC power couple" because they are two of the most powerful and popular characters in DC Comics.

Fanon Pairings

Some of these pairings are based more on the television and film adaptations, but even in comics fandom Clark is often paired with characters other than his canonical love interests

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Darkfic: exploring the possibilities of a darker Clark, sometimes in an alternative universe, or situations that occur that turn Clark away from his path of goodness
  • Hurt/Comfort: often with Clark giving comfort, but sometimes Clark is on the receiving end, if he had his powers disabled or came up against a powerful foe, or if it is of the emotional variety
  • Crossover: usually within the DC universes, which is also commonly used in canon, but fan writers will also place Clark in DC adaptations in which he never appeared, such as the Nolanverse. Crossovers with Marvel, are also popular, be it the Marvel Comics universe or the MCU.

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