Susan Perry-Lewis

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Name: Susan Perry-Lewis
Alias(es): Jesse McClain [1]
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, Dracula, Doctor Who
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Susan Perry-Lewis is a fan artist.

a caricature by Gordon Carleton of Susan Perry-Lewis, printed in Paladin #1 in 1980
In 1981, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:
"Susan Perry-Lewis was drawing Star Trek long before she knew anything like fandom existed....At her second convention (2'Con ) in Lansing, she met Kevin Lewis (Darth Vader) and they spent their honeymoon one year later at Mos Eastly. She has done illos for everything from Star Wars to Dracula. Most of her work has appeared in WARPED SPACE and FACETS; she's also done illos for TWIN SUNS, REVISIONS, PEGASUS, OBSC'ZINE, and JELLY BABY CHRONICLES, and has work coming up in SYNDIZINE II and WARPED SPACE. Nominated for Favorite Single Artwork.


  1. ^ These two names are openly connected in A Promise of Eternity #1