Alicia Austin

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Name: Alicia Austin
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek TOS, science fiction & fantasy
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Alicia Austin is a science fiction and fantasy artist. Her art appeared in many sf and Star Trek fanzines, beginning in the late 1960s, and she became a highly respected artist, winning the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist in 1971. She went on to become a popular professional fantasy artist.

Alicia Austin was a co-editor of the 1968 science fiction zine Kevas and Trillium. Her art portfolio was featured in the 1974 zine Beta Lyrae.


An art scholarship to Sacred Heart Dominican College in Houston, Texas offered four years to learn the basics of the [art] field, although the double major of biology satisfied the other half of her interests. In addition to learning color, perspective, composition, etc., she was finding out how things were put together from the inside out. This also came into play later with the illustrations she began creating for fanzines such as Energumen, Granfalloon, Aspidistra, and Science Fiction Review. After selling every piece of work entered into the 1969 Sci-Fi Worldcon in St. Louis, she began to accept professional assignments in the first two Universe anthologies edited by Terry Carr, then she became a regular artist for Vertex magazine. Until this point, her work as published was entirely black/white illustration.

--Biography of Alicia Austin

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