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Title: Timeframe
Editor(s): Evelyn Baker, Stephanie Bedwell
Date(s): 1979-1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia & Star Wars
Language: English
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Timeframe is a gen multifandom zine that contains much Star Wars. It contained stories by multiple authors, had black and white covers, and interior illustrations by various fan artists. It ran for eleven issues and was published in Canada.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Mary Horsburgh

Timeframe 1 was published in March 1979 and contains 72 pages.

  • Not for Officers Only by Lloyd Penney (2)
  • Karrakaz by R. Amberdon (6)
  • More Than Thou Showest by Janine Goldfarb (7)
  • Apollo's Last Voyage by Stephanie Bedwell (10)
  • Future by Billie Jones (15)
  • Future Hope, Adama by Samantha Winters (16)
  • And I Would Wait Forever by Evelyn Baker (16)
  • Corell Also Exports Pirates by Maggie Nowakowska, art by Pam Kowalski (Star Wars) (17)
  • The Prophecy by Elizabeth Carleton (42)
  • Labyrinth by R. Amberson (59)
  • All Good Things Must End by Shelley Mars (60)
  • The End? by Evelyn Baker (72)
  • art by Mary Horsburgh (cover), Julie Lewis, Lloyd Penny, Evelyn Baker

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Mary Horsburgh

Timeframe 2 was published in February 1980 and contains 66 pages.

  • Power Like a Poison by Nancy Baker (2)
  • The Vampire by Rhiann Amberdon (6)
  • Nowhere on Gor by Nancy Baker and Julie Lewis (7)
  • Rime of the Starlost by James R. Collier (8)
  • Rendezvous on Paradise by Ellen Blair (9)
  • Earth Child by Mary Horsburgy (44)
  • Hardly a Love Story by Stephanie Bedwell (Star Wars) (45)
  • Four Sides of a Coin by Lenora Sauder (59)
  • Battlestar: Ponderosa by Evelyn Baker and Stephanie Bedwell (60)
  • Heroes in an Ancient Land by Helley Mars (63)
  • Mirror of the Past by Samantha Winters (63)
  • art by Baker, Davies, Horsburgh, Lews, S. Skler and Horsburgh (cover)

Issue 3

cover issue #3

Timeframe 3 was published in August 1980 and is 70 pages long.

  • Seriously Folks, editorial (1)
  • Ring World Flip Book by Steve Skyler
  • LOX, LoC (2)
  • The Game by Bob Powers (original fantasy -- a rich and bloody swords and sorcery tale in the Arabian Nights-tradition.) (4)
  • Nomad by Stephanie Bedwell (12)
  • The White Crown by Ellen E. Blair (Battlestar Galactica) (Starbuck becomes a prophecy fulfilled and must decide between the Galactica and his newly found kingdom.) (13)
  • Adam's Hope by Charles P. Nadeau (original SF -- The recollection of a dying genetic scientist.) (53)
  • Ode to Henry Ford by Shelley Mars (Galen learns to drive.) (39)
  • Lilth by Evelyn Baker (43)
  • The Zelean Take by Evelyn Baker (Star Wars) (Han Solo undertakes to smuggle a potent liquor and brews some Imperial trouble.) (44)
  • The Invincible Andromeda Spar by Stephanie Bedwell ) (original SF — The space-shaking saga of a personable four-armed warrioress.) (57
  • Four Sides of a Coin by Lenora Sauder (67)
  • Classifieds (70)
  • art by Baker, Derek Grime, Pam Kowalski, Bob Powers, Laurel Russwurm, Steve Skyler,

Issue 4

cover issue #4, Alicia Austin

Timeframe 4 was published in May 1982 and is 64 pages long.

  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office, editorial (1)
  • LOX, LoC (2)
  • Karad-Dur by Stephanie Bedwell (4) (Fantasy)
  • Alia by Shelley Mars (10)
  • A Star Trek Interlude by Forrest Fusco, Jr. (11)
  • Trapped by Elizabeth Carleton (12) (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • Perseus by Stephanie Bedwell (34) (Science Fiction)
  • The Making of a Rebel by Christine Jeffords (44) (Star Wars)
  • The Rider by Stephanie Bedwell (60)
  • Satan-Mas by Charles Nadeau (61)
  • I Don't Want This Anymore by Lloyd Penney (62) (Science Fiction)
  • Classifieds (63)
  • art by Alicia Austin (cover), Bob Azzarro, Evelyn Baker, Derek Grime, and Debra Pugh

Issue 4.5

cover of issue #4.5

Timeframe 4.5 was published in 1983 and is 18 pages long.

  • The Thaw by Stephanie Bedwell (Star Wars) (1 page)
  • The Secret Of The Pale Moon by Shelly Mars (Star Wars) (11 pages)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Wanda Lybarger

Timeframe 5 was published in May 1984 and is 75 pages long.

  • All Creatures Great and Small by Stephanie Bedwell (Star Wars) (Chewie brings home a pet.) (2)
  • For Leia by Jacqueline Taero (7)
  • The Song of Skygold and Amiranda by Martie Benedict (According to Bright Center of the Universe #5 where it was reprinted, this song was originally written in October 1981.) (8)
  • All The World’s A Stage by Gordon Baker (Original fiction) (15)
  • Indiana Jones: A Search For The Lamp by Jacquie Allinson Indiana Jones) (70)
  • The Pegasus Storm by E.E. Blair (Battlestar Galactica) (Starbuck makes an unusual friend.) (33)
  • Classifieds (75)
  • art by Jacquie Allinson, Evelyn Baker, Derek Grime, Don Lewis, Wanda Lybarger (cover), Debra Pugh, Leah Rosenthal

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Karen River

Timeframe 6 was published in May 1985 and is 85 pages long.

  • The Seeds Of Discontent by Cynthia E. Baughn and Deborah A. Baughn (2)
  • Leia... Long Before Dawn by Marie Benedict (23)
  • Yet Again (Another Han Solo Rescue story) by Norma Mergenhagen (24)
  • And Who Shall Leave The Battle Without Scars by Jacquie Allinson (35)
  • Never Tell Me The Odds by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime (Star Wars) (72)
  • art by Allinson, Derek Grime, Bob Powers, Debra Pugh, Karen River (cover)

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7
back cover of issue #7

Timeframe 7 was published in 1987 and contains 21 pages. The content is entirely Star Wars.

  • Beyond Oblivion by Stephanie Bedwell-Grimes - Han has a little black box. Where did he get it? And why do so many people want it? (7 pages)
  • Priority Cargo by Laura Michaels - Imperials, contraband, and smuggling all add up to adventure for Han and Chewie. (4 pages)
  • Deathstar III: Hello Daddy! by Bev Grant - the musical parody to end all musicals. (7 pages)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Timeframe 8 was published in 1988 and contains 15 pages.

  • Time and Time Again by Stephanie Grime (8 pages)
  • Report for Repairs by Laura Michaels (7 pages)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Wanda Lybarger

Timeframe 9 was published in 1989 and contains 62 pages.

  • Eye of Ramouth, story by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, art by Derek Grime (Star Wars) (1)
  • Odyssey by Ellen Blair, art by Jaquie Allinson, (7)
  • Pirated Weapons by Laura Michaels, art by Allinson and Derek Grime (Star Wars) (44)
  • Lady Release by Anne Ostrom, art by Grime (50)
  • cover art by Wanda Lybarger

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Joanne Park

Timeframe 10 was published in 1990 and has 73 pages.

  • Transformation Cycle XI by Constance Lilliss Dickinson-Otty, art by Evelyn Baker (Beauty and the Beast) (Vincent and Catherine, Data and Geordie find themselves in an unusual meeting place.) (1)
  • The Universe According To Andomeda Spar by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, art by Derek Grime (Science Fiction) (Andromeda Spar is looking for a change of career. Her choices: end a inter-galatic war or die.) (17)
  • Intersection by Marg Baskin and Nigel Conliffe, art by Evelyn Baker and Joanne Par (Star Trek: TOS/Edward Woodward character) (Capt. James T Kirk and his cronies meet up with 1970's Callan and the encounter has unpleasant consequences for both sides. Does Straker have his final confrontation?) (27)

Issue 11

Timeframe 11 was published in 1991 and contains 100 pages.