Close Enough to Smell Them

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Title: Close Enough to Smell Them
Publisher: Lloann'mhrahel Press out of Ann Arbor, MI
Editor(s): Patience Sibeal
Date(s): c. 1991-1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Close Enough to Smell Them is a gen Star Trek: TOS and TNG anthology zine. Many of the contributors were part of the Beverlyophiles, a fan group focused on Beverly Crusher and actress Gates McFadden. "Close Enough" ceased publication in 1992, when its editor graduated from high school.

The Submission Request for Issues #2 and #3

The editor had a submission request printed in More Missions, More Myths #17 in the form of a self-described open letter:


Hi fellow fen. I'm here to announce another undertaking of mine. As you may or may not know. I recently began a genzine called Close Enough To Smell Them, featuring all the generations of Star Trek. At this point I am working on two issues, congruently, #2 and #3. Number 3 is going to be your average Trek genzine, but 2 is a special issue, featuring the Women of Star Trek. A lot of Trek, whether it be episodes, novels, and even some of the fan work has the Big Three [K, S, and M, or P, R, and D, take your pick from either generation.) featured, so I hope to have every woman who made an impact be accounted for So characters such as Yeoman Colt, Janice Rand, Selar, and K'Ehleyr are spotlighted as well as Uhura, Yar, and Crusher.

So I pitch this to you, to ask you to dig deeply into your psyche, house, room, files (or 'philes?) to see if you have any material on a woman in Star Trek who meant something to you. At this point in time, I have 2 or 3 stories, a front and back cover, a handful of essays, vignettes, and poems, and some small surprise goodies. I'm looking for stories featuring all of the main characters excopt for Yar (I've got 2 stories for her), and Pulaski. As for vignettes and/or poetry on "secondary"/guest star characters. I DO have work on the Romulan Commander, Captain Garrett, Colt, Gomez, Leah Brahams, and Commander Shelby. As for artwork, I'm looking for work on Lwaxana Troi, Chapel, Uhura, Selar. Beverly Crusher, Leah Brahams, and others.

The guidelines I have for submissions are much like any other zined's: I ask for double-spaced, black on white TYPED written word, black ink on white paper for art. Please do not send originals, a copy is better. Send an SASE so I can inform you of any changes I'd like to make, etc.

When done, naturally, all my contributors, (you wonderful people), will receive a copy of the finished issue and my undying love and appreciation, which will be typeset and photocopied (the issue, not the love and appreciation, which will be either tie-dyed or pin-striped). Early January of 1991 is my birthday month, and the first month of Star Trek's 25th anniversary, so I ask that you send me all work by November 27th, 1990, at the latest, so the due date/or launching, if you fill, of this baby is December 31st....

Thank Ye Verily! Patience "Sibby" Sibeal

Issue 1

Close Enough to Smell Them 1

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Close Enough to Smell Them 2 is undated and includes no page count.

  • Editor's Blurb
  • Girls Night Out by Tanya Chang
  • One Step by Patience Sibeal
  • Poetry and Vignettes by Patience Sibeal
  • Should the Master Grieve by Debbie Baudoin
  • The Test by Debbie Baudion
  • Prominent Women of Trek (puzzle ) by D. Murphy
  • Contributor's Biographies

Issue 3

Close Enough to Smell Them 3

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Robbie Fowler

Close Enough to Smell Them 4 was published in May 1992. The front cover is by Robby Fowler.

  • Three of Four, part one by Patience Sibeal (2)
  • A Meeting of Concerned Minds by Amy Farmer (3)
  • Three of Four, part 2 by Patience Sibeal (6)
  • Going Home by Halsey Taylor (7) (originally in Timeframe)
  • Three of Four, part 3 by Patience Sibeal (33)
  • Unification III by Bonnie Holmyard (34) (orignally in Skylarking)
  • Untitled by Patience Sibeal (48)
  • art by Robbie Fowler (front cover), Warren Oddsson and Patience Sibeal (back cover)