Patience Sibeal

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Name: Patience Sibeal
Alias(es): Annabelle
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS; Star Trek: DS9; Doctor Who; Mercedes Lackey; fantasy
URL: Personal website; IMDB page
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Between age 15 and 17, Patience Wieland published several fanzines under the name Patience Sibeal. The zines included Elf, Close Enough to Smell Them, and The Black Scrolls of Rassilon (not to be confused with the later publication by Steve Reston). Under a pseudonym, Annabelle, Sibeal also published several issues of a pop culture and music zine called "Cusp", copies of which are maintained at the New York State Library, as part of Mike Gunderloy's Factsheet Five archive, and in the Sarah Dyer zine collection at Duke University.

She guest-edited an issue of the Beverlyophiles newsletter, and her work was published in several other zines such as Hailing Frequencies, where she wrote an homage to James Joyce's "The Dead", on a bet from an Irish literature teacher. For four years, she published Perpetual News, a bimonthly newsletter for teenage fans of science fiction and fantasy, after attending a local convention and seeing that a local group would not allow teenagers to participate without signed approval of their parents.

Wieland is now a writer and director, and owns a production company. She won a San Diego Press Club award for arts and entertainment writing in 2000. Recent genre credits include an investigative piece, "Let's Stop Conning Ourselves", regarding JumpCon and other major scams in fandom, for Strange Horizons, and a humor piece for Blood Blade and Thruster.

Crediting fandom for jumpstarting her later career, she is developing a documentary on fanzines and the women behind them.