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Science Fiction Convention
Name: ConFrancisco, Worldcon 51
Dates: 1993
Frequency: 1 time (Worldcon is annual)
Location: San Francisco, California
Type: Fan run, nonprofit
Focus: Science fiction, literary, multifandom
Organization: Worldcon
Founding Date:
URL: Convention report
Souvenir book cover by Alicia Austin, artist GOH
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ConFrancisco was the name given to the 51st World Science Fiction Convention. It took place in downtown San Francisco, and was easily accessed through public transit. It had several thousand members. The registration packet included a souvenir book, a wirebound programming schedule, and a walkthrough of tables full of promo materials and freebies.


Convention programming was mostly in the Moscone Center, but also included a couple of other hotels. Congoers were encouraged to travel between them in groups, as the Tenderloin district of San Francisco was considered dangerous, especially at night.

Filking was in one of the other hotels, and was split into separate rooms: one "polite" room, with no food or drink allowed, and one "sin" room, with smoking and alcohol. Leslie Fish spent her time in the drinking room, with a large bottle of something clear & probably flammable, which had been labeled "Bard Oil."


Guests of Honor included Larry Niven, Alicia Austin, Tom Digby, and jan howard finder; the toastmaster was Guy Gavriel Kay. Mark Twain was the Dead Guest of Honor.

Voting for Hugos

The Hugo nominees included Connie Willis' Doomsday Book, which was given away free with registration.


ConFrancisco had an accessibility team as part of its volunteer staff; they'd arranged several wheelchairs, including motorized ones, to be available for the convention, and had Braille program schedules by pre-con request.