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Title: Granfalloon
Publisher: Linda Bushyager
Date(s): 1968-1976
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction fandom
Language: English
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Granfalloon is a science fiction zine that ran twenty issues. At least one issue contains Star Trek: TOS material.

Possible origin of this zine's title: "A granfalloon, in the fictional religion of Bokononism (created by Kurt Vonnegut in his 1963 novel Cat's Cradle), is defined as a "false karass." That is, it is a group of people who outwardly choose or claim to have a shared identity or purpose, but whose mutual association is actually meaningless."Wikipedia

Granfalloon 1

was published in February 1968

Granfalloon 2

was published in April 1968

Granfalloon 3

was published in June 1968

Granfalloon 4

was published in September 1968

Granfalloon 5

was published in November 1968

Granfalloon 6

was published in January 1969

Granfalloon 7

cover of issue #7, Richard Delap
page with Star Trek art and poetry from issue #7
title page of issue #7

(vol. 2 no. 1) was published in October 1969. It contains 52 pages of art, stories, columns, reviews and comments. Front cover art by Richard Delap. Back cover art by Bill Bowers. Writers include Piers Anthony, D. Dinucci, Mike Gilbert, Richard Delap, Jesus Cummings. Artists include Richard Delap, Connie Reich, Mike Gilbert, Bill Bowers, Terry Romine, Howard Green, George Foster, Dick Flinchbaugh, Tim Kirk, Kevin Erwin, Doug Lovenstein, Pauline Palmer, Steve Fabian, Eddie Jones, Jeff Schalles.

Granfalloon 8

was published in January 1970

Granfalloon 9

cover of issue #9, Connie Reich Faddis

was published in July 1970. It includes Call of the Klutz (editorial by Linda), Gf’s 2nd Annual Faan Poll (Bob TUCKER is in a rut), Read on Dear Frindses (Mike GILBERT, the artist), Tim KIRK Art Portfolio (40th Anniversary Special), Best Fanzines of 1969 (Linda BUSHYAGER), Why I Stopped Publishing a Fanzine (Robert SILVERBERG), Sensies (Sandra MIESEL), Steve FABIAN Art Portfolio, He Who Meditates Meditation (Mike GILBERT, the poet), The Alien Rat Fink (Richard DELAP book reviews), Gruntle (Linda gripes), Omphallopsychite (lettercol – Jerry LAPIDUS, Sandra MIESEL, Mike DECKINGER, Harry WARNER, JR., Jeff SMITH, Bruce R GILLESPIE, Bernie ZUBER, et al.), The Hugo Nominees (LeB adds comments); Artwork: Connie Reich Faddis (cover +), Derek CARTER, Richard DELAP, Steve FABIAN, Dick FLINCHBAUGH, Alexis GILLILAND, Sandra MIESEL, Bill ROTSLER, Jeff SCHALLES, Bernie ZUBER, et al.

Granfalloon 10

was published in November 1970

Granfalloon 11

was published in February 1971

Granfalloon 12

cover of issue #12

was published in May 1971

Granfalloon 13

was published in August 1971

Granfalloon 14

was published in November 1971

Granfalloon 15

was published in January 1972 and contains 62 pages. Walt Simonson has a 'folio' supplement. Other content by Linda Bushyager, Grant Canfield, Arnie Katz and Jeff Glencannon.

Granfalloon 16

was published in Decmber 1972

Granfalloon 17

cover of issue #17, C. Lee Healy

was published in May 1973 and includes Call of the Klutz (editorial, Linda E. BUSHYAGER), Science Fiction, Is It Good Literature? (discussion by Don D’AMMASSA), List of Hugo Nominations, Daughter of the Mind (fiction by Ron MILLER), Circus Maximus (poetry by Darrell SCHWEITZER), The Alien Rat-Fink (book reviews by Richard DELAP), A Tale from a Crowded Alehouse (fiction by Jeff SMITH), Cacodaemonic (poetry by Mike GILBERT), Omphallopsychite (the lettercolumn – Don AYERS, Norman HOCHBERG, Mike GLYER, Mike GLICKSOHN, Alan STEWART, Grant CANFIELD, et al.), Potpourri and Why You Got This; Artwork: C. Lee HEALY (covers), Bill ROTSLER (art portfolio), Grant CANFIELD, Richard DELAP, Steve FABIAN, Connie Faddis, FREFF & CANFIELD, FROHLICH, Terry JEEVES, Dan STEFFAN, et al.

Granfalloon 18

was published in December 1973

Granfalloon 19

was published in December 1974

Granfalloon 20

was published in July 1976