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Fan Club
Name: Vulcanian Enterprises
Dates: December 1966 to perhaps 1969
Founder(s): Dana L. Friese (president and secretary), Elyse Pines (vice president and treasurer) (until September 1967)
Dana L. Friese (president and secretary), Elyse Pines (vice president), Gale Burnick (treasurer) (after September 1967)
only Dana and Gale after February 1968
Country based in: New York City, US
Focus: Star Trek: TOS,
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Vulcanian Enterprises is one of the oldest (the oldest?) Star Trek: TOS fan clubs.

a club button proposed in the April 1967 issue of Vulcanalia

It began before the LNNAF, and as one can see from the brief 1968 history, there were some tensions between the two groups regarding power and access.

One of the club's missions: "All members are expected to do all in their power to keep "Star Trek" on the air, and Leonard Nimoy as a powerful popularity figure."

The club had two publications: Vulcanalia and Vulcanian Enterprises Journal.

Club Membership Numbers

  • original club membership number was 20
  • Feb 1967 =32
  • Mar 1967 =46
  • Apr 1967 = 47
  • May 1967 = 49
  • Jun 1967 = 52
  • Jul 1967 = 59
  • Aug 1967 = 61
  • Sep 1967 = 112 (a big boost from being a presence at Nycon)
  • Oct 1967 = 117
  • Nov 1967 = 131
  • Dec 1967 = 145
  • Feb 1968 = 203

In the January 1968 (on the club's first anniversary), the club's president printed "A Brief History of VE by the Pres." and "Rules for Vulcanian Enterprises" in Vulcanalia:


Here VE is now a rapidly growing club of 173 members, one year old. This comes as a great surprise to me, as a few times VE was floundering beyond belief. So, in answer to the requests for information about the history, I've thrown together a small epic.

Vulcanian Enterprises was formed at some Indefinite date in Dec 1966. The charter members numbered about 20, and the first Vulcanalia came out (Charter copy that all get).

February came in with 32 members, and the first dues-collection problems. VE sent a frantic note to LN for more pics and cards — we had used up our original 25.

March brought 46 members, and meeting disaster #1. The first stirrings of the LNNAF were heard about here, and dues were starting to cause panic at headquarters. LN had the officers call him up when he was in NYC.

April had gotten us only to 47 members, and the LNNAF was starting to throw its weight around. Decision: let's be friendly until something definite develops. Loss of direct communication with LN develops from LNNAF interference. LN's first album is released about this time.

May brought 49 members and LN to NYC for the memorial airport meeting and the Tonight Show episodes. Also realized was LN's reading of the Tolkien books — VE gave him the trilogy and the Reader.

June marched in with 52 members, and the VE rules (here re-stated).

July made us international, with 59 members and a Canadian included. Plans are made for small Summer Journal.

August came with 61 members. Batten down the hatch for Nycon!

Sept. brought the end of the Convention, 112 members, Mr. Spock's shirt, scripts, and hundreds of photos. Included in the membership now are Hal Clement and Isaac Asimov. "ST" comic book comes out.

October brings the Costume Party meeting and 117 members. Bjo Trimble is now heard from and there are plans for a Winter Journal.

November brought 131 members, the first sale of "Totally Illogical" buttons, and Cover Contest.

December created the first drastic attempts
 on our own duplicator, the notice of "ST'"s danger,
 and brought 145 members.

Club Rules

1) All dues must be paid during the month before. These dues are: .50 to join, and .25 monthly. These can be paid up to a year in advance (3.25), and are used to pay for bulletins, buttons, etc.

2) Members delinquent in paying dues receive notices to that effect. Those owing 1.00 (4 months) or more, no longer receive the bulletin until they pay their dues. Then all issues missed through their delinquency are sent to them.

3) Members are expected to attend at least 1/2 of the meetings, except if they live outside of the city (the nearer you live, the more you're expected to attend), or if the meeting is announced as a small local.

4) All members are expected to do all in their power to keep "Star Trek" on the air, and Leonard Nimoy as a powerful popularity figure.

5) Anyone may Join Vulcanian Enterprises, over age 12. Those under this age must show by either speech or writing that they are knowing enough to understand the bulletin,, journals, etc., as sometimes scientific articles are included.

6) Upon joining, all members receive a membership card, a Charter copy, a photo of Mr. Spock, and the bulletin of the month in which they joined.

7) Vulcanian Enterprises is a club formed for its members. The members are free to send in opinions, suggestions, articles, etc.,and are encouraged to do so. As the original formers of the club, the officers are in a permanent position, and can veto the previous items listed. However, they only will do so if it is either injurious to club or Leonard Nimoy, or it it could form a situation which would be either too difficult or too expensive for the club to handle. The officers do not have absolute power.

8) There will never be chapters formed of Vulcanian Enterprises, as this action widely separates the officers from all the members, slows down operation, and goes against the original purpose of the club.

9) If a member wishes to quit the club, he should write to the Pres. and state so. He must clear his record of dues delinquency, and then, will be taken off the membership list with no further ado. Rules are added and changed from time to time; the members will be kept notified.