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Title: LNNAF Journal
Publisher: Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans
Editor(s): Peggye Vickers and Gloria Lillibridge
Type: club newsletter
Date(s): Fall 1967-?
Frequency: four times a year?print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The LNNAF Journal was a fan club zine.

It contains photos, interviews, photos, letters from Nimoy, artwork, fan letters, and industry news.

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Issue 1

LNNAF Journal 1 was published in the summer of 1967.

cover of Summer 1967 issue

From a blurb in Chatter Boxes #2: "Our first LNNAF Journal will be issued in July. One of the articles which will be featured is an "Open Forum" in which LNNAF members are invited to express their opinions on a given subject. The subject of the first "Open Forum" will be: "What do you like best about Mr. Spock" -- and members are urged to submit their opinions for publication no later than May 31st."

Issue 2

LNNAF Journal 2 was published in Winter 1967 and contains 40 pages.

cover of issue #2. Winter 1967

This issue includes photos of Leonard Nimoy as himself, as Spock, and in other movies including "Deathwatch" and "The Balcony." Also contains the article about LNNAF president Peggye Vickers' visit with him in Hollywood, articles by fans who attended personal appearances; and his answers to members' questions.