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You may be looking for the Beauty and the Beast letterzine Chatterbox.

Title: Chatter Boxes
Publisher: Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans
Editor(s): Peggye Vickers
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1967-1969
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
External Links: some of the content is at: Beyond Spock, Archived version
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Chatter Boxes is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter for the LNNAF.

There were eleven issues, plus a Summer Journal.

In March/April 1969, it became LNAF Bulletin.

from issue #5

Some issues consisted of fan club news, some were mainly a letter from Nimoy, and there were at least two seasonal "journals."

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.


There appear to have been at least three journals: two summer ones, and one winter one.

In the 10th issue of "Chatter Boxes," it was announced that the winter and summer journals would now be combined into one publication, a yearbook.

Issue 1

Chatter Boxes 2 March/April 1967.

Issue 2

front page of issue #2, the photograph on the front page of this issue was glued in by hand after printing
the back cover; it arrived in the mail folded in half with a 4 cent stamp

Chatter Boxes 2 was published in May/June 1967 and contains 7 pages.

The content is reports of Nimoy in the news, of books being published including one by James Blish, report of Nimoy and his wife's vacation and being swarmed by fans ("The stores were so mobbed with fans that he had to have protection; and fans who recognized him as he drove through the streets ran after his car. So goes a day in the life of our star!"), to support Nimoy's album Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space ("Dot Records advises that the best way we fans can help deejays to play selections from the album is to ask by letter, for radio stations very often get annoyed by too may phone calls. So ------- write often!"), much about UNICEF,

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Highlights from the newsletter: a 2014 view]:

By his request members of the fanclub were encouraged to write to NBC instead of to the fanclub to have their letters forward to Mr. Nimoy, and to write often. Because “NBC keeps track of the amount of mail he receives; and the more mail he receives, the more aware NBC is made of what a favorite person to the public Leonard Nimoy is!”

On the prospect of him appearing on the Pat Boone Show, members were appealed to to write in to specifically ask that they would have him on the show without his makeup.

The newsletter also related this story: “The Nimoys recently returned from a short vacation - having driven through Santa Barbera, Carmel, Monterey, and up to San Francisco. The stores were so mobbed with fans that he had to have protection; and fans who recognized him as he drove through the streets ran after the car. So goes a day in the life of our star!”

To help get Mr. Nimoy’s album Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space on the radiowaves fans were cautioned against calling radiostations on the phone, as they would get annoyed at that. Instead Dot Records recommended writing letters to the DJ’s asking they play selections from the album.

On April 20-22nd 1967 Mr. Nimoy appeared in many large stores in New York City to promote his album and on April 23rd he performed 4 shows that day “(singing etc.)” in Aqauam, Massachusetts at Riverside Park.

Talkshow Appearances: April 19th on the Tonight Show, April 21st on the Today Show. “On the Tonight Show, he sang ‘Lost in the Stars’, and on the Today Show, the beginning of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth’ was played from the album while the camera took closeups of Leonard Nimoy.

NBC reported that year that The Monkees series had broken all fanmail records and that Star Trek came in second place. [Then they still proceeded to cancel it. !!!??!!]

Blurb from the Dallas Times Herold: “Leonard Nimoy, who portrays the unemotional Mr. Spock in NBC-Ch 5’s Star Trek plans to unbent by preparing a nightclub act as a vocalist. Leonard not only has big ears, but, according to insiders, he also has good ears - for music. [1]

Issue 3

issue #3, click to read

Chatter Boxes 3 was published in July/August 1967 and contains 11 pages. It can be see here.

  • an interview with Leonard Nimoy by fan Bonnie Laney (4 pages)
  • there is a retraction regarding the second issue: the topic was rules submitted by club members to Gene Roddenberry regarding a newspaper article in Florida about the possibility of marketing a three-dimensional chess game; "We have since found out that it is impossible commercially to do so and we, therefore, retract the article concerning the three-dimensional chess rules. We regret that some of you may be inconvenienced by this retraction, but we appreciate your participation in this proposed club activity."
  • club activity for UNICEF
  • Star Trek fiction: "In the Country of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is King, part two: Willie by Terry Hornsey (part one was in the "Summer Journal") (6)
  • a short letter dated July 7, 1967, by Leonard Nimoy (9)
  • adds for various Nimoy merchandise, including two records:
    "'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins' and 'Cotton Candy' are two great selections you will all want to add to your record collection -- particularly, your Leonard Nimoy record collection -- so rush to your record stores TODAY and ask for Dot Record No. 45-17028! And don't just stop at that! Request that your favorite deejays play both 'BBB' and 'CC' -- spread the word -- and spread the 'sound'... the 'Nimoy sound'!... Members, here's our chance to offer to our Honorary President our complete cooperation! Please call the radio stations and request that they play this new single by Leonard Nimoy -- and write postcards to the stations to request that they play it! Order it in the record stores -- if they don't have it, keep after them till they get it for you! This way, when the sales report goes to the radio station, they'll notice it more and start playing it! Let's offer to Leonard Nimoy all the help we can in his new endeavor of recording!!!

Summer Journal: 1967

Summer Journal was published summer of 1967 and contains 67 pages. It includes the first part of a four-part story called "In the Country of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is King" by Terry Hornsey.

Issue 4

Chatter Boxes 4 was published in September/October 1967 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • Star Trek fiction by Terry Hornsey, "In the Country of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is King," part three: "He of the Single Orb Can Trip and Fall" (1)
  • the editor notes that LNNAF membership is now 1,036
  • the editor says that because of "the space and expense involved, it will no longer be possible to print 'Star Trek' or 'Mr. Spock' stories" in this newsletter; the same goes for fanart
  • some UNICEF booster-ism
  • MUCH pimping of Nimoy's musical records
  • a fan is selling potholders and donating "at least 25¢ of each set to UNICEF"
  • a hint from Mrs. Shirley Meech:
    When attending LN's personal appearances (or other likely events) wear your LNNAF membership card like a name tag. In this way, you can spread the news about the club (better have a pad and pencil and the LNNAF address handy -- people will want to know how they can join!) And if he sees you wearing it, he'll now your' one of his real fans!

  • there is a write-up of Nimoy's appearance on "The Today Show" on August 15, 1967: one quote:
    Mr. Spock gave us a look into future "Star Trek" adventures by telling us about a trip "home," to Vulcan, where he will become romantically involved with a Vulcan girl, and a possible marriage. A Mrs. Spock??? Now, there's a fascinating idea!!!

Issue 5

Chatter Boxes 5 was published in November/December 1967 and contains 9 pages. The club president says the fan club now has 1256 members.

cover of issue #5
  • includes a very short, rudimentary letter from Nimoy
  • lots of UNICEF booster-ism and items for sale
  • the results of the 1967 Summer Journal contest in which members were asked to "create an entirely new word to describe Leonard Nimoy." The winning word was "Spocktacular," the fan's prize was a set of cufflinks and a tie bar originally owned by Nimoy; the winner of a contest in the July/August issue of "Chatter Boxes" for who sold the greatest quantity of UNICEF note paper is announced, and she wins a thank you note by Nimoy
  • this issue contains the conclusion to the Trek story by Terry Hornsey, "In the Country of the Blind the One-eyed Man is King, -- I Liked You Better When You Were a Cute Little Tape Recorder"
  • the results of the last issue's vote for "Honorary Fan Club President" (fans had to donate at least a penny and no more than a dollar with their ballot) was, SURPRISE, Leonard Nimoy who received 8,201 votes

Winter Journal: 1967

Winter Journal was published between issues #5 and #6. It has at least 21 pages.

Issue 6

Chatter Boxes 6 was published in January/February 1968 and contains 7 pages.

first page of issue #6
Save Star Trek letter from issue #6
  • this issue has a retraction from the editor: "In the Winter Journal, page 21, line 25, I erroneously gave credit to D.C. Fontana for having written "City on the Edge of Forever" -- it was, of course written by the reknowned [sic] Harlan Ellison. I sincerely hope my error did not, in any way, cause inconvenience or embarrassment to Mr. Ellison......................." There is more about this in the next issue.
  • a long letter by Leonard Nimoy which updates fans on his activities
  • there is a lot of encouragement to watch Nimoy TV appearances, and buy Nimoy merchandise
  • there is MUCH encouraging fans to write various TPTB, including Nimoy, to ensure that Star Trek returns to the fall schedule; the club president writes:
    We all enjoy watching STAR TREK every week and hope that it will continue as a series for many years! But there is the possibility that it will not be renewed next fall, especially if it continues in its current time period of Friday nights. This is your opportunity to voice your protests at such a cancellation... [tell in your own words] why you wish STAR TREK to be moved to another night instead of a weekend night when there are football games and other social activities. It is important that you mention both items: that STAR TREK must be renewed and that STAR TREK must be given a new time period! ... [snipped]... Please, members—write and write and write! Get your friends and family to write, too—every letter counts! I cannot stress enough the importance of your writing letters at this time! Please don't assume the "other fellow" will be writing and that there is no need for you to write, too—the "other fellow" may be thinking the same thing about you! I don't need to give you reasons for wanting to keep STAR TREK on the air—it's obviously a favorite show of all of ours, a show we hope to see on the air for many years to come! But this is a critical period for STAR TREK and it is NOW when we must do our utmost to let the NBC network know that we want to see STAR TREK renewed... and moved to another time period. Please sit down—right now—and write that first letter to the NBC network explaining, in your own words, why you enjoy watching STAR TREK and why you want it to be renewed. Then...don't stop there! Write another letter as well! Some of you dedicated letter-writers might even want to write daily! Above all—please remember NEVER to mention that you are a member of the LNNAF or of any chapter of the LNNAF or of any other club. The network will pay more attention to a letter from an interested individual than one from a fan-club member, and we don't want to give the impression that this is an organized letter-writing campaign. Members, this may be our last opportunity to influence the decision of whether STAR TREK is renewed or cancelled next fall, so grab those fountain pens or typewriters and...write often!

  • and a bit of tit-for-tat:
    Richard Schultz, editor of EN GARDE, a fanzine devoted to THE AVENGERS, writes that he is beginning a campaign to get ABC to give THE AVENGERS a time change and all AVENGERS fans are urged to write to Richard to request a copy of his project letter of information and petition. His readers helped us last year in our "Save Star Trek" campaign and it would be nice to be able to return the favor! Please send a long stamped, self-addressed envelope when writing to him.

Issue 7

Chatter Boxes 7 was published in March/April 1968 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #7
  • The Words in Spock's Mouth”, an essay by Harlan Ellison
  • a description by Gail Abend (a fan contest winner) who went to see Leonard Nimoy “on a local conversation TV show (Contact)”: some highlights were Leonard Nimoy's mother serving the audience a plate of cheese kreplach, Leonard Nimoy singing “Gentle on My Mind” and then “reciting a Spock philosophy”, and driving Nimoy’s mom to Lechmeres where his records were being sold
  • “The Man Behind the ‘Ears’” by Rosalie Rubenstein, essay about Nimoy’s long career before portraying Spock and speculation about whether the part is now a curse or a blessing, or both
  • a short ad for Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy: "Get your copy TODAY and enjoy two sides of special listening pleasure! Then request that your local deejays play your particular favorites over the radio airwaves!!!"
  • a fan asks other fans help in “making a love chain for Mr. Nimoy. Please send your gum wrappers to [Regina S]... Remember I'll need enough to make it 6'1" long!!!”
  • a reprint of the contents of a telegram from Leonard Nimoy:

  • the editor, who credited D.C. Fontana with writing "City on the Edge of Forever" in the Winter Journal, and then printed a retraction in issue #6, prints a long excerpt from a letter she received from Harlan Ellison, the correct writer of that script:
    As you all know, in the Winter Journal I erroneously gave credit to the wrong author for having written "City On The Edge Of Forever" and, subsequently, printed a retraction in the January Newsletter. I received a very enlightening letter from the true author of "City" — Harlan Ellison — and his letter made me realize we fans are all too often guilty of ignoring the "unwritten heroes" of entertainment, the authors who make possible the wonderful scripts we enjoy in our entertainment media. I quote his letter to me, in part: "We live in a time when the slavish adoration of the performer subjugates all attention to the artists who create for the performers. Writers who create in totality the images and words the actors convey over the Kallikak Tube are less than ignored by "fans" such as yourself. It becomes rather annoying to those of us who slave for three months over a script so that Len can have decent lines to speak, consistent with his character, enriching both to him as an actor and to you as a viewer. After laboring in that vineyard, the script is taken from us, given to production personnel, directors, set designers, costumers, makeup men, actors and God knows who all else, and the writer is politely told to screw off. He is literally cut off from the creation of his soul and mind. Then, the only recompense beside money (which is a fleeting commodity and not one-millionth as valuable as a nod of approval from those who see his work onscreen) is the credit he gets when the segment is shown. For his contribution to have been so minimal and unimportant to a viewer such as yourself that she did not even bother to check out who had written it, explicates an insult so stinging any writer would be 'irritated to great extreme'... Granted, having an actor of Len's extraordinary capacities is a benefit to any script, still it is an inescapable truth that the actor cannot surmount inferior script material; and as Len and I have discussed it on many occasions, I know he feels approximately the same way, though very probably not to the same degree. If "The City On The Edge Of Forever" was a good enough show for you to remember and enjoy it, then it should behoove you to at least take casual cognizance of the people responsible for it...if you respect Len, you should respect and honor the people Len respects and honors, who have banded together to make his acting possible, and possible on a higher level of art. The richness you derive from Len's excellent performances does not spring full-blown from thin air. It is a symbiotic product of many people's creativity. Should you ignore this salient fact, you do disservice not only to those who labor in Len's and your behalf, but to Len and yourself." I was so impressed with this educational explanation that I immediately asked Mr. Ellison if he would allow me to present his thoughts on the subject in this publication, and he graciously consented to do so. The following article [ The Words in Spock's Mouth ] is the result of that request. As an added note, it is my understanding that "The City On The Edge Of Forever" is being considered for a Hugo Award and, in my opinion, it certainly deserves to win! Here's hoping it does!

  • a long for a organization that wanted to challenge Nielson Ratings:
    ARE YOU, A TV VIEWER, TIRED OF HAVING THE TASTES OF 1100 HOMES DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL WATCH NEXT YEAR? Now we viewers can have a VOICE in TV programming; VOICE, a division of TECHNIC RESEARCH, Seattle, wants to give the public a direct representation to the networks. VOICE is the organization that strives to achieve for its members a true VOICE in television programming. Never before has the opportunity bean offered to the neglected TV set owner, the victim of NIELSEN RATINGS, MISINFORMED MADISON AVENUE ADVERTISING AGENCIES AND NETWORK EXECUTIVES, to have a true VOICE in TV programming. Letters concerning such categories as "Programming Improvement", "Program Re-scheduling", "Program Cancellation", "Advertising Saturation", and "Concepts" are categorized, tabulated and presented to the respective network in documented form by an account executive of VOICE. With direct representation, you are assured that your complaint, request or compliment will receive the attention and consideration that it deserves. VOICE'S job does not stop there! After having taken these matters to the networks, VOICE will provide to its members quarterly mailed reports giving full details as to their comments, decisions & commitments. In addition, VOICE will provide to independent, network affiliates, educational and CATV television stations, a copy of VOICE'S quarterly assist them in their local program scheduling. Registration & Annual Membership Fee is $2. Each member will be mailed a membership card, six self-addressed envelopes St six complaint/request/compliment forms. Membership card will show member's name, address, membership number & expiration date. No complaint/request/compliment will be acted upon, unless presented on the official form provided and prosented by a paid-up member. For further information about VOICE, write to: Mrs. Vera Heninger [address in Seattle, WA redacted]. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD.

Issue 8

Chatter Boxes 8 was published in May/June 1968 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #8
  • a long letter from Nimoy (topics covered: his regret on not being able to mention his many fans by name for fear of leaving names out and lack of time, his regret about not being able to read fan-written scripts and fan fiction, his happy thoughts about the amount of money raised by fans for UNICEF in his name, his experiences starring in Visit to a Weird Planet, and his busy schedule)
  • a letter from Peggye Vickers (the fan club president) in which she quotes a long letter regarding fans taping Star Trek to watch later, and fan's homemade Star Trek merchandise for sale -- the latter good news for Peggye as she has several buttons for sale "I GROK MR. SPOCK" and "WHAT'S A LEONARD NIMOY?" -- "each button sells for 25¢ each."
  • a description of the album "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy"
  • has a ballot for the "Favorite Honorary President Contest" as sponsored by The International Council of Fan Clubs
  • from Peggye Vickers, two fanzine plugs:
    FAN-ZINE LOVERS!! Two great zines crossed my desk which I want to highly recommend to all of you! The first one is "ST-Phile" which contains a wealth of information and fantastic sketches about STAR TREK and its crew. Sample contents: The Original STAR TREK Idea (by Gene Roddenberry) and A Preliminary Study on Vulcan Cultural Evolution. A MUST for all STAR TREK FANS... 50 per copy... The second one is En Garde and is chocked full of exciting reading matter about THE AVENGERS, past and present! Sample contents: Profiles on Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee; You Have Just Been Murdered. Heartily recommended for AVENGER fans!

  • from Peggye Vickers regarding fandom and profit and copyright:
    Quoted below is a letter I received from a member of the Legal Dep't. of Paramount Pictures Corporation, the organisation which films STAR TREK, in reply to my inquiry as to the possibility of our infringing on the copyright laws by taping the shows, taking pictures off the TV screen, etc.: "As you can appreciate, STAR TREK is an exceedingly valuable property and one in which we and NBC have invested a great deal of time, money and effort. Therefore, we must be constantly on guard to protect this important investment. (Paragraph) As you surmised, reproduction and sale of STAR TREK pictures, tapes or scripts, would be an infringement of our valuable copyright and/or merchandising rights in STAR TREK, as would any other commercialization of the characters, material or any other elements of this series. It is for this reason we must respectfully request that such reproduction or sale or any other commercialisation be discontinued. (Paragraph) In addition, we cannot authorize any taping of programs for home use, since the right to reproduce such episodes of the STAR TREK series for home use is one which is restricted under the provisions of our NBC STAR TREK contract. (Paragraph) We do, however, greatly appreciate the interest that you and the members of the Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans have shown in STAR TREK and we hope to be able to keep this outstanding series on the air for many years. Very truly yours, (Signed) Howard Barton, Assistant West Coast Counsel-Television" The LNNAF can, therefore, no longer accept ads for the sale of tapes, scripts, pictures, STAR TREK fiction, or any other items which bear any connection with or reference to STAR TREK, its crew members or starship, and, in our case, most particularly Mr, Spock. On the other hand, such items as "Leonard Nimoy bookmarks", or pencils stamped "I am a Leonard Nimoy fan", or any such other similar items you might wish to offer thru the membership in order to raise money for UNICEF would, I am confident, be acceptable.

  • from Leonard Nimoy regarding fanfiction:
    I must discuss a difficult problem with you. So many of you have taken the time and effort to write "Star Trek" stories or scripts, and have sent them to me. While I think this is very worthwhile work, and much of the work is extremely creative, you must understand that it is absolutely impossible for me to read or evaluate this material. The studio has very firm rules about actors accepting scripts from anyone. They will allow scripts to be submitted only through authorized literary agents, since evidently their insurance companies will cancel their insurance if scripts are accepted through other channels. I realize that in many cases these scripts are not submitted with the intention of them being sold to "Star Trek" but in any case, it is absolutely impossible for me to accept and read them. Please understand.

Summer Journal: 1968

Summer Journal was published between issues #8 and #9.

Issue 9

Chatter Boxes 9 was published in July/August 1968 and contains 5 pages.

front page of issue #9
  • UNICEF activities: things for sale, plus fans were encouraged to donate to UNICEF for the "Emmy fund" (to assuage disappointment that Leonard Nimoy was "not presented with his much-deserved Emmy this year"
  • some announcements of when Nimoy would appear on TV, including "The Woody Woodbury Show," "The Joey Bishop Show," and "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show"
  • "Chapter Action": a long explanation of what LNNAF chapter members are up to, which is mainly selling things, writing letters, promoting Star Trek and Nimoy... and selling more things, some chapters and their bulletins mentioned:
    • LNFC of El Paso (publishes two bulletins: The Talk of the Town and Star Ship, sells candy in UNICEF drives and has "periodic club parties"
    • Spock's Scribes "sure keeps her group delightfully busy and they love it. They indulge in having drives for UNICEF, also letter-writing contests, and membership drives. Their publications feature news on chapter meetings and doings, news on the entire ST gang, replies to letters they've written, crossword-type puzzle, etc., and it's just loaded with all kinds of exciting goodies to read"
    • a chapter out of Sacramento, CA and their publication Alien Frequencies does its job with mentions of ST in the news, an ad for Nimoy's records, a membership contest
    • a chapter out of Indianapolis who is "raising money to buy a mimeo machine by selling bookmarkers, address dictionaries and little tribbles"
    • a chapter from North Highlands, CA and its Interstellar Communications, "at their meetings, new members are given code names from ST episodes"
    • Star Date out of Philadelphia, PA
    • Sub Space Chatter from the Cape Kennedy Nimoy Fanaticals: "Really attractive, these bulletins contain news of LN, ST doings within the club and chapter, and all kinds of Vulcan information... Sketches, throughout, have great comic flair."
    • the president of Spock's People in Chicago writes that the club members have "managed to secure the front window of a fairly large record shop. In it, we're going to advertise ST and LN's appearance at the Pheasant Run."
    • a fan "sends along his Monthly Trek to keep us informed of his club's doings."
    • Spock Underground is reported to have the "aim of recording "Legends of Spock." The 30 members work on these legends, and check each other's stories for 'authenticity' with the aid of their staff of 'authorities.' Some members have chosen such esoteric subjects as 'Vulcan Customs and Traditions,' 'Klingon Studies,' 'Vulcan Glossary,' 'Vulcan Anatomy,' 'Alien Psychology,' and 'Alien Environments,' as well as conventional sciences."
    • an El Paso chapter is called "The Little Enterprise" and "these gals are on the move!"
    • a fan sent her copy of her There and Back Again Vulcan bulletin: the club is running a contest to give Mr. Spock a good middle name, conducting write ins to NBC over the ST time-slot change and are planning a UNICEF bake sale
    • Louise Stange, president of Capsule 7 in Englewood, OH, sent along copies of The Crewman's Log: "it's a regular miniature journal!... Their journals are just fab! And, the cartoons hilariously great! Much creative writing in this group. Gals here had a great time trekking to Pheasant Run Playhouse to See Visit to a Small Planet"
    • the chapter Nimoyan Fellowship out of Chicago sent their bulletin The Spockulator
    • A West Inslip, NY chapter sent their bulletin Omnicron Ceti 3
    • an unknown chapter sent a copy of Vulcan Times
    • the Houston chapter has a "lovely bulletin," just like a journal. Reprints of comic-strip take-off on ST, Vulcan fashion news, meeting LN, poetry, all sorts of delights. Great reading."
  • a bit about Voice, a fan-organization attempting to give the Nielson Ratings a run for its money
  • the editor assures fans that this newsletter would continue "because the LNNAF was formed "to honor Leonard Nimoy, The Actor, not Star Trek, The Show. Be assured that the LNNAF will continue to follow Leonard Nimoy and his career, whatever roles he chooses to play and whereever his multi-talents lead him, even after Star Trek has gone to that Great Big Solar System in the Sky"
  • the editor asks fans: "What is the well-dressed LNNAFer wearing these days? "What's a Leonard Nimoy?" and "I Grok Mr. Spock" buttons, that's what! Do you have yours -- if not, order from LNNAF HQ today -- 25¢ each or one of each for 45¢!"
  • a fan is selling photos of Nimoy: "exquisite color photos of LN signing autographs in NY store. He's wearing love beads and smiling."
  • a description of yet another Nimoy record for sale, with an urging to fans to "Spread the good news!!!":
    Start to bombard your local record stores for this great new 45rpm... and -- MOST IMPORTANT -- call and write your radio stations with requests that they play this exciting new record! Why not get a group together and visit your local radio station, and in person, ask the deejay to play Our Star's new disc! If you've already bought your copy, take it with you and insist he listen to your copy right then and there! Send postcard, letters and phone calls going to all the stations in your area -- don't overlook the FM stations either -- but concentrate on the Top-40-Survey-type stations... if they discover the Nimoy Sound, we have a better chance of spreading the sound! Request often, too! And if your station has a Request Line, keeping phoning till your request is heard... let's get all the airplay we can... sock it to 'em!!!

Issue 10

Chatter Boxes 10 was published in September/October 1968 and contains 10 pages. This issue was pretty light on content, and some of it previously printed in the previous issue.

  • a long letter from Nimoy greeting fans and detailing his yearly activities
  • much about UNICEF
  • a lot about postage stamps and funds and money
  • many, many ads from fans

Issue 11

Chatter Boxes 11 was published in Jan/Feb 1969 and contains 8 pages.


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