The Crewman's Log

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Title: The Crewman's Log
Publisher: Capsule 7
Editor(s): Louise Stange
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1967-1969
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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The Crewman's Log is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter. Each issue averages 9 pages.

Some of the issues are double issues and called "Spectacular."

Its title changes to Nimoytacular after Issue 18.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Its Beginnings

In 1978, Louise Stange wrote:
Being a science-fiction fan, I was delighted to see that STAR TREK had been picked up by NBC in 1966---and when I saw Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, I was not only intrigued by the character, but I knew that a VERY special actor had to portray such a phenomenal creation...and I located every article, photograph, and magazine that I could about Leonard Nimoy. I knew I wanted to promote the career of Leonard Nimoy, and the best way I could think of was to start a club. Every week, several of my friends would come over to my house to watch STAR TREK since I was the only one among us who had a color television. I suggested that we have a club, and they thought it was a great idea. I contacted a local disc jockey, and he advertised the club on the radio. We called ourselves the Leonard Nimoy Capsule 7's. I was the President, and my friend, Barb Dixon, was Vice-President… We named the club's publication "The Crewman's Log." The first edition had 23 copies, which were given by hand or mailed to our members. [1]

Issue 1

The Crewman's Log 1 was published in September 1967 and contains 4 pages. There were 23 copies printed.

front page of issue #1
  • editorial
  • Sick Bay Scoop letters (crewman Lt. Kasha Andro)
  • Bridge Blab
  • A Visit to the Set of Star Trek
  • Biography of Mr. Spock
  • Rec Room Rumor
  • Personal Statistics of Leonard Nimoy
  • Crewmen’s Chatter
  • a couple of cartoons

Issue 2

The Crewman's Log 2 was published in October 1967 and contains 6 pages.

front page of issue #2
page from issue #2
  • editorial
  • Official Trek Test
  • Ode to the Starship Enterprise
  • Sick Bay Scoop letter
  • Bridge Blab
  • fan fiction – The Search – part 1
  • Yeomen’s Yak
  • review of Amok Time
  • A Visit to the Set of Star Trek Part II
  • Galley Gossip
  • Petition News
  • a couple of cartoons (incl. Spock Spectacular)

Issue 3

The Crewman's Log 3 was published in November 1967 and contains 9 pages.

  • editorial
  • Sick Bay Scoop letter
  • Star Trek Crossword
  • Leonard Nimoy Notes
  • fan fiction – The Search – part 2
  • Bridge Blab
  • review of This Side of Paradise
  • A Visit to the Set of Star Trek Part III
  • a couple of cartoons (incl. Spock Spectacular)

Issue 4

The Crewman's Log 4 was published in December 1967 and contains 7 pages.

  • editorial
  • Producer Loses Star, Save Star Trek!
  • Star Trek Crossword answers
  • Portrait (poem)
  • fan fiction – The Search – part 3
  • Mr. Spock Logical Thinker Card
  • Sick Bay Scoop letter
  • McCoy’s Merit for Physical Fitness
  • Rec Room Rumor
  • review of The Apple
  • a couple of cartoons (incl. Spock Spectacular)

Issue 5

The Crewman's Log 5 was published in January 1968 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #5
inside page from issue #5
  • Hi Again, editorial by Louise Stange
  • The Vulcan Salute, instructions on how to make this symbol with your hands, involves practice and "Scotch Tape" which you leave on all day to "train your fingers"
  • The Search part four, fiction
  • Georgia Boy, poem by Darlene Routzahn
  • Leonard Nimoy Notes, bits about the actor and his role as Mr. Spock, probably by Louise Stange, one tidbit: "Wouldn't it be positively groovy if the entire cast of STAR TREK would make a full length movie which would comprise of a long STAR TREK episode?"
  • review: "Journey to Babel, or A teddy bear???!!!!!"
  • fictional letters between original character crewmembers: Kasha Andro and Vela Aldebaron
  • a satiric television commercial starring the crew of the Enterprise, in script form
  • some cartoons

Issue 6/7

The Crewman's Log 6/7 was published in February/March 1968 and contains 16 pages.

front cover of issue #6/7

The editor writes: "This is the CREWMAN'S LOG SPECTACULAR. It is the first time we have tried anything like this, so please write and let us know what you think of it and if you would like to have more SPECTACULARS."

  • the conclusion to the fanfic, "The Search"
  • an account by two fans of their visit to see Leonard Nimoy at the Pheasant Run Playhouse to see him in Visit to a Small Planet: "Visit to a Cool Place, or Pheasant Run Fun!!!!!"
  • "STAR TREK SAVED!! STAR TREK SAVED!!" We will now pause for 30 seconds of jubilation!!!!! STAR TREK HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN RENEWED FOR A THIRD SEASON!!!! And the letters sent in by the fans and other interested people were one of the factors that helped NBC officials make the decision. Everyone who wrote a letter actually helped the cause. NBC received more than 100,000 letters in protest and they are still receiving them!"
  • some buttons are for sale: "I Grok Spock" and "What's a Leonard Nimoy?"
  • the editor writes: "Here is a supersonic surprise we promised you in the last issue of the CREWMAN'S LOG. You can imagine how excited and thrilled I was when I went to the mailbox recently and found a letter from none other than Leonard Nimoy himself!!!! It went as follows: 'Dear Louise, I have just read the "Crewman's Log," and it is marvelous. Congratulations to you and your fellow "Capsule" members. I am delighted that WING has has found the promotional tape useful; thank you for your help in that area as well. The new album, "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy" is set for release January 15th. I hope you and your friends enjoy it. Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy'
  • episode review: "Review of THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME, or 'Thank you, Captain McCoy...'"
  • episode review: "Review of RETURN TO TOMORROW, or 'Well, hello!!!!...'"
  • Bridge Blab, names of current pop songs presented as though they were dedications on the radio, from Enterprise crewmembers to each other
  • a short poll for readers to vote on their favorite parts of this zine
  • there are some patterns for fans to trace, cut out and pin to their shirts: "Nimoy is Neat," "Vulcan Power," "I'm a Nimoy Nik," and "Ears to Mr. Spock"
  • there are some questions sent in by club members to "Miss Victor, Leonard Nimoy's gal Friday" and Nimoy's answers
  • the editor writes of Nimoy's "groovy new album... it is up to us, his fans, to get it played on the radio. Call and write often to all your local radio stations and ask them to play your favorite songs on the album."
  • more fictional letters between original character crewmembers: Kasha Andro and Vela Aldebaron

Issue 8

The Crewman's Log 8 was published in April 1968 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #8
inside page from issue #8
  • fanfic: "Return to Paradise" (part one) (a sequel to the episode "This Side of Paradise")
  • club members' list of their top favorite 10 episodes, in order: "This Side of Paradise," "Amok Time," "Operation Annihilate," "The Menagerie," "Who Mourns for Adonis," "Journey to Babel," "The Naked Time," "Tomorrow is Yesterday," "City on the Edge of Forever," and a tie between "The Apple," and "The Trouble With Tribbles"
  • a review of the episode, "A Piece of the Action"
  • "What We'd Like to See on Star Trek"
  • more fictional letters between original character crewmembers: Kasha Andro and Vela Aldebaron
  • a review of Nimoy's LP: "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy"

Issue 9/10

The Crewman's Log 9/10 was published in May/June 1968 and contains 12 pages.

front page of issue #9/10
  • more fictional letters between original character crewmembers: Kasha Andro and Vela Aldebaron
  • the editor is proud that Capsule 7 has "been accepted as a member into the ICFC, which is the International Council of Fan Clubs." This is a very prominent organization and it is the central organization for all the fan clubs for the stars."
  • a review of "Assignment Earth" called "Or, What Are You??!!"
  • a review of "Omega Glory"
  • satirical Star Trek ad, in script form: And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
  • Bridge Blab
  • Yeoman's Yak
  • Galley Gossip
  • Crewman's Chatter
  • some patterns for "Psuper Psychedelic Bookmarks"
  • parts three and four of the fic, "Return to Paradise"

Issue 11

The Crewman's Log 11 was published in July 1968 and contains 6 pages.

front cover of issue #11
interior page from issue #11, shows images you can trace, cut out, and pin to your shirt or blouse in anticipation of the "Nimoy-In"
  • a "Nimoy-In" is planned; it is a club get-together (actually a mini-con) with a focus of planning and socialization: date August 6, 1968 from 12 noon to 7:pm in the basement of the Happy Corner Church in Englewood, Ohio. "We have some groovy activities planned for the day." There was door prizes (Leonard Nimoy LPs, "Star Trek books Volume 1 and 2," and some more goodies. We will also have some movies taken from Star Trek episodes and movies taken from the President and Vice-President's trip to California last summer." There would be plenty of food and soft drinks. Cost was .75 per member and each member could pay 1.00 and bring one guest.)
  • And Now a Word from Our Sponsor...! -- a fan-written commercial in script format
  • part five of the fic: "Return to Paradise"
  • a review of "The Trouble with Tribbles" -- "or, This was a Matter of Pride!"
  • some more letters by original characters, see previous issues

Issue 12

The Crewman's Log 12 was published in August 1968 and contains 5 pages.

cover of issue #12
  • the editor hopes to see many fans at the "Nimoy-In" and that "with every-one's cooperation, it will be a roaring success."
  • the trace-and-cut-out art project is "Mr. Spock for President" bookmarks and buttons: "Put Some Ears in the White House."
  • part six of the fic, "Return to Paradise"
  • another letter exchange between Kasha and Vela, two original characters
  • a blurb about LNNAF
  • "And Now a Word from Our Sponsors...," script format commercial

Issue 13

The Crewman's Log 13 was published in September 1968 and contains 12 pages.

front page of issue #13
  • "And Now a Word from Our Sponsors...", commercial in script format
  • review of the episode "The Enterprise Incident" or "How to Become a Vulcan in One Easy Operation!!!"
  • Deck Five Dedications: popular songs "dedicated" from one crew member to another. Examples: "Good Vibrations" from Scotty to his engines, "My Friend the Witchdoctor" to Dr. McCoy from Mr. Spock
  • some more button templates with a Nimoy theme
  • con report for the Nimoy-In, see that page
  • part seven of the story "Return to Paradise," called "The Search"
  • more letters between original characters Vela and Kasha

Issue 14/15

The Crewman's Log 14/15 was published in October/November 1968 and contains 17 pages.

cover of issue #14/15
  • the editor encourages fans to keep writing NBC about keeping Star Trek on the air: "Let's keep the Enterprise on her FIVE (and more hopefully) year mission into outer space!"
  • a review of the episode "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"
  • some letters between the original characters Kasha and Dela
  • club members are encouraged to save stamps to donate to LNNAF
  • Nimoy Network: a report of Nimoy's recent appearance on "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show" (about the hosts, about some skits, also Leonard sang a "song from his great new album, "The Way I Feel"... it was very beautifully arranged, and he looked simply smashing in a light gray Nehru suit!") and on "The Hollywood Palace"
  • reports of Nimoy on other television shows
  • "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor...!!!" -- a Trek commercial parody
  • part eight and nine of the fic "Return to Paradise"
  • Star Gazer's Guest, a new column -- this one is a bio of William Shatner
  • Quickie Quiz, the Nimoy/Spock 100-question quiz given at Nimoy-In

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14/15

This LNNAF chapter publishes monthly bulletins which are sometimes combined into double-size issues covering two months. The Oct-Nov [1968] bulletin contains club news, a contest, fiction and illos. [2]

Issue 16/17

The Crewman's Log 16/17 was published in December (1968)/January (1969) and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #16/17
  • the editor, Louise Stange, writes at great length of her excitement about receiving the 1968 Nimoy Award from the Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans: "I received the award through the mail on December 23, and have been in a state of absolute shock and disbelief ever since! WHAT A MARVELOUS SURPRISE!"
  • this issue contains the quiz answers to the Nimoy-In quiz in the previous issue
  • the conclusion to the story: "Return to Paradise"
  • some more letters between Kasha and Vela, see previous issues
  • a review of the book The Making of Star Trek: "THE MAKING OF STAR TREK has got to be one of the most fantastic books ever published!"
  • this issue contains very detailed instructions on how to write a letter for the letter campaign to bring Star Trek back from cancellation, plus this warning: "The network will undoubtedly make a statement that it has NOT cancelled the show, but it will be VERY CAREFUL not to state that they intend to renew it. Any fan writing to NBC and getting a post card saying they are not cancelling the show (not that they are renewing it), would naturally assume that the show was going to be picked up again. They would stop writing and getting others to write, thinking STAR TREK was surely going to be one. By the time they found out it wasn't, it would be much too late to do anything!!! NBC is scared silly of the mail load!!! They will send out these little post cards hoping everyone will be gullible enough to believe them and stop writing. BUT DON'T BELIEVE THEM! KEEP WRITING!!! Come on everybody, let's show them we're behind our show 100%. Let's SOCK IT TO 'EM and show them that we STAR TREK fans want the "Big E" and her crew to continue on their five year mission into outer space! SO PLEASE WRITE OFTEN!!! EVERYDAY!!! EVERY SINGLE LETTER AND NOTE HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • The Star Gazer Column is a bio that focuses on the actor Ed Ames
  • Crewman's Chatter, a list of the Enterprise's characters' New Year resolutions
  • And Now a Word from Our Sponsor..., a commercial in script form
  • some miscellaneous short content
  • a review of the episode "The Paradise Syndrome... or An unexpected shore leave!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • some updates on Nimoy's personal appearances
  • a review of the Nimoy LP The Way I Feel

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16/17

Dec/Jan 1968-69

Dec.-Jan. issue of this LNNAF chapter's bulletin contains club news, a contest, fiction, illos, TV sightings, and a report on Louise's winning the 1968 Nimoy Award. There's also a guest star column about Ed Ames. Next issue will have a report on a surprise visit with LN. [3]

Issue 18

The Crewman's Log 18 was published in February 1969 and contains 10 pages. It is the last issue before this zine becomes Nimoytacular, though there is no mention of this in the zine itself. In fact, there are several remarks by the editor regarding the "next issue" of "The Crewman's Log."

cover of issue #18
from issue #18, a de-aged Spock, illo from the fic "Oh To Be Young Again...!!" -- artist appears to be "SN"
  • some more Kasha and Dela letters
  • Leonard Nimoy Notes: MUCH about the cancellation of STAR TREK and what fans can do, mainly badger networks with letters
  • some reminiscing on what Leonard Nimoy will do after Star Trek, and a pep talk about how his fans can remain Nimoy fans as he moves on to other screens and stages
  • Nimoy's new LP is "another smash!!" -- "Hope you have been able to obtain this fabulous record by now! It is just beyond description! It's really a thing of beauty, and the songs he wrote -- WOW! If you don't have it yet, be sure to get it now!"
  • part one of Louise Stange's account of talking to Nimoy at the Cincinnati Airport
  • part one of a story by Louise Stange called "Oh To Be Young Again...!!" -- it is written from a "blueprint" two other fans sent to her as a challenge; in it, Spock is de-aged and becomes a baby
  • And Now a Word from Our Sponsor..., a Star Trek commercial in script form


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