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Fan Club
Name: Capsule 7 (Capsule Seven)
Dates: 1967-1969
Founder(s): Louise Stange
Leadership: Louise Stange (president), Barb Dixon (vice president)
Country based in: United States
Focus: Leonard Nimoy
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Capsule 7 (Capsule Seven) was a very early Star Trek fan club.

It was created and run by Louise Stange.

This fan club had one publication, a monthly newsletter called The Crewman's Log.

In 1968, the club sponsored Nimoy-In, a mini-con in a church basement.


In 1978, Louise Stange wrote:

I began clubbing for Leonard Nimoy In September of 1966. I had seen Leonard Nimoy in television shows previous to STAR TREK, In particular, his guest appearance on THE OUTER LIMITS in the episode "I, Robot" which concerned the trial of a robot for supposedly 'murdering' its creator....Being a science-fiction fan, I was delighted to see that STAR TREK had been picked up by NBC in 1966---and when I saw Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, I was not only intrigued by the character, but I knew that a VERY special actor had to portray such a phenomenal creation...and I located every article, photograph, and magazine that I could about Leonard Nimoy.

I knew I wanted to promote the career of Leonard Nimoy, and the best way I could think of was to start a club. Every week, several of my friends would come over to my house to watch STAR TREK since I was the only one among us who had a color television. I suggested that we have a club, and they thought it was a great idea. I contacted a local disc jockey, and he advertised the club on the radio. We called ourselves the Leonard Nimoy Capsule 7's. I was the President, and my friend, Barb Dixon, was Vice-President… We named the club's publication "The Crewman's Log." The first edition had 23 copies, which were given by hand or mailed to our members.

In 1967, when Barb and I were in California for our summer vacation, we met Leonard Nimoy and visited the set of STAR TREK the television show… When I met Leonard Nimoy for the first time, I was was a uniquely gifted individual, and I intensified my activities to promote him. For every album Leonard Nimoy released, I did local record store promotions of his albums-—a different promotion In two different stores for each album in the form of posters on the walls which I had made, and flyers by the registers with more information on Leonard Nimoy. We had a very successful "mini-con" in the basement of a local church with about 50 members.

The club's publication had grown in size with the club. Thanks to a listing in a national magazine, Capsule 7 had grown to over 350 members. In each issue, Leonard Nimoy the actor and artist was featured first, and Leonard Nimoy in STAR TREK second. This was (and is still) of the utmost importance. We had original columns and features (many of which are now in the LNAF Yearbook and include "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor," "Leonard Nimoy Network," "Starring Leonard Nimoy," etc.). [1]


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