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You may be looking for Engarde, the Legend Lives, a Zorro zine.

Title: En Garde
Editor(s): Richard Schultz & Mandi Schultz
Date(s): 1968
Fandom: The Avengers (TV) & multimedia, one edition is The Prisoner
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En Garde is a collection of articles, photos and fan art. While it contains some content about other shows, its focus is The Avengers.

interior art from unknown issue, art by Kathy Bushman

A Bit of Tit-For-Tat

From the January/February issue of Chatter Boxes, a Star Trek: TOS Leonard Nimoy newsletter:

Richard Schultz, editor of EN GARDE, a fanzine devoted to THE AVENGERS, writes that he is beginning a campaign to get ABC to give THE AVENGERS a tine change and all AVENGERS fans are urged to write to Richard to request a copy of his project letter of information and petition. His readers helped us last year in our "Save Star Trek" campaign and it would be nice to be able to return the favor! Please send a long stamped, self-addressed envelope when writing to him.

Issue 1

En Garde 1 is undated.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

En Garde 2 was published in 1968 and contains 52 pages. The front cover shows a black and white Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee in a classic pose from THE AVENGERS; back cover is a black and white photo of Diana Rigg. Contents include an article discussing Patrick McGoohan's opinion of the James Bond character.

  • Tacking - Editorial
  • TEnGarde
  • TJames Bond Is No More To Him
  • TNews and Notes
  • THere Thare Bee Thygers

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

En Garde 3 is undated and has 54 pages.

  • Includes: Diana Rigg profile, Patrick MacNee profile, news and notes, episode info, reviews, photos, and more.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

En Garde 4 was published in in 1968. It contains a letter by Bjo Trimble and art by George Foster, Derek Carter, and others. It is 60 pages.

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

En Garde 5 was published in 1968 contains 84 pages. Letter-sized and side stapled with black and white photo covers. Includes: two small sketches by Gene Klein (later Gene Simmons of Kiss) (he also did art for the zine "Fantasy News #8, published in 1968), art by George Foster, Will Success Spoil Emma Peel?, Dead Man's Treasure (an edited version of the script), Reflections on a World Without Emma Peel, letters from Jock Root and Harry Warner, news and notes, episode info, reviews, photos, and more.

Issue 5.5

cover of issue #5.5, Diane Deanchuk

En Garde 5.5 was published in January 1969. It contains 12 pages. Includes a full-page drawing by Jim Steranko. Also includes art by Jack Gaughan, George Foster, Bernie Zuber, and others.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

En Garde 6 was published in 1969 and contains 108 pages. It contains art by Kathy Bushman.

  • What a Way to Take a Trip! by John Mansfield
  • Faith-Ful Additions by Faith Lincoln
  • Here Thare Bee Thygers

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7

En Garde 7 was published in 1970 and contains 70 pages. It is a Prisoner issue.

  • Every episode of The Prisoner is given a thorough synopsis. The final episode is presented in script form. There are several pages of black and white photos and fan art, drawings of the various icons of the series. The cover also features Emma Peal from "The Avengers" and there is a Avengers drawing inside the front cover.