Dr. McCoy's Sick Bay

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Fan Club
Name: Dr. McCoy's Sick Bay
Dates: 1968-?
Founder(s): Barbara Marczak
Leadership: Barbara Marczak
Country based in: out of Detroit, MI, USA
Focus: Dr. McCoy and DeForest Kelley
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Dr. McCoy's Sick Bay is a Star Trek fan club headed by Barbara Marczak, then a zine with the same name edited by Marczak. Then, it became the zine series, Bone Diggers Inc..

It was mentioned in 1970 in Open Letter from Jacqueline Lichtenberg to Ted White.


This club had at least one issue of a newsletter, title unknown, but likely the same name as the club. It was published in early 1968 and contained 16 pages of facts, fiction, and photos. It could be purchased for $1 plus three 5 cent stamps.



This is a DeForest Kelley fan club. Dues, $1 plus two 60 stamps, per year (outside of U.S., $2). New members receive information and photos of Kelley. Publications: a journal is being made up (price $1 plus three 60 stamps), but work on this has temporarily been halted while members work on the "Save Star Trek" letter-writing campaign. [1]

Working on "Save ST" campaign; making a scrapbook of their activities to send to DeForest Kelley next Christmas; selling stickers, pictures, emblems, etc., to raise money for a mimeograph. [2]

Strictly for those who feel the (also) previously unknown Kelley is a real swinging actor, as well as Nimoy and Shattner [sic]. All others need not apply. [3]


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