Bone Diggers Inc.

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Title: Bone Diggers Inc.
Editor(s): Barbi Marczak
Date(s): 1968
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, DeForest Kelley
Language: English
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Bone Diggers Inc. is a McCoy Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Barbi Marczak. It contains news, articles, and fiction.

It is a "zine DEvoted to our boy... Kelley/McCoy." The editor had a stream-of-consciousness, disjointed, slang-y style that is hard to decipher at times.

This zine series morphed from Dr. McCoy's Sick Bay by the same editor.

It was listed in on Pentathlon's list.

A 1968 ad for this zine in Chatter Boxes #8:

"Bone Diggers, Inc.", the zine for the loyal ones of Dr. McCoy, will contain tiny bios, jokes, art, news, etc, 90% on DFK. Will also contains short stories by readers who've written them for the sheer enjoyment of writing, & contests in every issue. $1 plus two 6 stamps per 4 issues; individual copies for 30 each or 25 plus a 6 stamp. Zine is out every 5 or 6 weeks, sooner if news develops that demands immediate attention.... Send for your copy NOW... limited number of these. Material wanted for these zines, too!

Issue 1

Bone Diggers Inc. 1 was published in 1968.

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Bone Diggers Inc. 6 was published in August 1968 and contains 8 pages.

front cover of issue #6
inside page from issue #6
  • I Met Some Guy Named Spock by Kathleen Sky [1] (1st place prize winner of the "What I Would Do If I Met Mr. Spock Contest) (2)
  • mention that "another fan zine just popped out: StarDate, 50 cents each, Lois McMaster"
  • the editor writes a somewhat incomprehensible message that appears to mention perhaps Joanie Winston, the use of the word grok, and tells fans that there are no back issues of this newsletter available anymore: "Mike 'ere -- Barbi isn't home, on vacation. She can type, whereas I can't, love, Mike" re won't be another, M. "Jo 'ere, I love Spock, sincerely, Joanie, or just plain 'Jo' to you Mistah Spock." To say: Here come the "Doc," "Doc" it to me, or Bones is Boss (Soul) is the cool thing to say, NOT: I grok the "Doc." "Doc" is NOT a Vulcan, Jo." No more back issues. I'm too tired of trying to keep track of them around the groovy soul-shack, which looks a mess with all of those mags around, so, if you miss an ish, well, just don't. love, and Bones is BOSS, bm."
  • this issue mentions three fan clubs: Little Enterprise out of El Paso, Texas, Star Trek National Fan Club out of Pittsburgh, Pa, and Spock's Scribes, a LNNAF chapter out of Grand Prairie, Texas
  • the editor is no longer accepting fan fiction:
    NO MORE FICTIONAL STORIES. I won't be using anymore of your fictional stories of the ST people. I don't think we'd better use them. I'll explain it better in the next issue, somehow, maybe, I don't know for sure, that maybe they may be going against the ST copyrights, or something -- whatever it is -- I don't want to get a a tung-lashing [sic] from anyone. But, don't fret, there are so MANY fan clubs that would LOVE to have your stories on Bones/ST, or assorted fan zines, etc. But, I can't see anything wrong with a story you have if you've met any of the ST stars, or seen them in a personal appearance, or perhaps your personal opinion. I loved your stories -- really, people. Some were warm, and wonderful, others had a good sense of humor. I'd like your artwork, jokes, too, and reports of ST stars in some of their old movies.

Issue 7/8


  1. ^ Kathleen Sky went on to become a Star Trek tie in author.