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Title: Pentathlon
Publisher: Susan Wolfe and Cecily Horton, then D.E. Dabbs
Editor(s): see below
Type: 1970 and 1974
Date(s): see below
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Pentathlon is a Star Trek: TOS zine resource.

The first issue published by Susan Wolfe and Cecily Horton, and the second (really more of a flyer than a zine) was by D.E. Dabbs. While a third issue was advertised in STW Directory in 1977, it is unknown if it was actually published.

From Dabbs in issue #2: "Many years ago, I felt the need for a guide to Star Trek fanzines. The idea and name 'Pentathlon' were a result of several discussions with friends. At the time, I was too involved in college to carry the idea out. A friend of mine, Susan Wolfe, started, but events transpired against it. Also, at that time we thought we foresaw the decline and end of ST fandom. The project languished. Susan came by recently and returned to me the name and aim of 'Pentatholon.' This is why I am putting out the second issue of the zine."

This zine had an X-rated, explicit het fiction sort-of sister zine sometimes referred to as "Pentathlon, Androxenophile", but was actually titled Faunch.

Issue 1

front cover of the first issue, Claire Mason

Pentathlon 1 was published in very late 1970 and contains 35 pages. On the title page: "By the same people who put out Faunch. Its editors, Susan Wolfe and Cecily Horton, described it as "specializing in fanzine reviews, ST of course)." It also contains one story.

The editors thank "two anonymous friends who loaned me their collections to study. And their old memories of those forgotten days of yesteryear when all the universe of the Federation and Vulcan was new. Those days when fields were green and Star Trek was on the brink of reality."

art from the first issue, Susan Wolfe
from the first issue, You are Receiving this Zine Because, the back page

According to Boldly Writing, it was the first of many attempts to produce and sustain an all-or mostly-fanzine review publication." Some listings only gave addresses, others added one-line descriptions, and others contained one-paragraph summaries and reviews. The listed forty-two fanzines as being in print.

  • You're the Captain's Woman Until the Captain Says You're Not, fiction by Marj Hogue (2)
  • Poem by Cecily Horton (16)
  • A Romulan Fancy, poem by Sara Fensterer (16)
  • A Preliminary Listing of Star Trek Fanzines and a Few Off-the-Cuff Remarks About Them by Susan Wolfe (20)
  • Spock's Inner Thoughts by Ellie Ockert (30)
  • T'Pring by Mildred Torgerson (31)
  • Commentary on Humanity's View of Vulcan by Sam and Susan Wolfe (32)
  • Editorials by Cecily Horton (33)
  • Surok - T'Prave, translated by Cecily Horton (34)
  • A Susitoiral by Susan Wolfe (35)
  • art by Claire Mason (front cover), P.D. Dido, and Susan Wolfe (most of it)

Issue 2

front page of the second issue

Pentathlon 2 was published in October 1974. From Boldly Writing: "The fanzine ran 4 pages, offset, and the editorship was handed over to Danielle Dabbs, who also produced Triskelion. She had an ambitious goal: 'The purpose of this publication is to keep fans informed on the availability of ST zines, the appearance of new zines and what zines are looking for material.' She promised that 'there will be 7 issues of this newsletter and then I shall 're-evaluate' the situation. If I am reaching enough people to do any worthwhile service, I may continue.' This was a worthy idea, but I never saw Pentathlon 3. The idea of such a regularly-scheduled publication would have to wait until 1977 with the appearance of Scuttlebutt."

Issue 3

Pentathlon 3 was published November 8, 1974. unknown content

Zines Listed in Issue #1, All Known Star Trek Zines Supposedly Published in 1970 or Before

The titles without wikilinks were mysteries to Pentathlon's editor and may have never existed.

For a similar list of which there is some overlap, see: List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.