The Captain's Log (Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Craig Fincannon)

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Title: The Captain's Log
Publisher: out of North Carolina
Editor(s): edited by Craig Fincannon, written by Bruce Nardoci
Date(s): 1970-1971
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Captain's Log is a gen Star Trek: TOS non-fiction and poetry anthology edited by Craig Fincannon and written by Bruce Nardoci. It has the subtitle: "An Eulogy to Star Trek...."

It was planned to be published five times a year. There were two issues.

In T-Negative #12, Bruce Nardoci says he is changing the name of the zine to "The Guardian of Tomorrow" but it appears this reincarnation did not occur.

Issue 1

The Captain's Log 1 was published in August 1970 and contains 12 pages.

  • stories and articles
  • edited by Craig Fincannon
  • stories by Bruce Nardoci

Issue 2

The Captain's Log 2 was published in January 1971 and contains 30 pages. The art is by Barbi Marczak.

front cover of issue #2
from issue #2, the editor apologizes for the poor mimeo of the first issue, and says this issue is better -- in mimeo almost too poor to read
back cover of issue #2

The editor apologizes for it being three months late.

From the table of contents: "This second issue of the Captain's Log is fondly dedicated to Miss Star Trek herself, our friend, Ruth Berman."

  • Some Comparisons Between Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey by Michael Sobota (5)
  • Star Trek's Sonnet by K. Farnell (8)
  • An Interview with James Doohan (actually a questionnaire with handwritten answers by Doohan) (9)
  • The Enterprise and the Real McCoy, fiction by Michael Sobota (10)
  • Star Trek crossword puzzle (18)
  • The Women in His Life by Craig Fincannon, article about some women in Star Trek ("For all male readers of this article, it will be a pleasant reminder of all those wonderful, beautiful, provocative Star Trek broads. For the wonderful, beautiful provocative Star Trek broads that read this it will probably be a reminder of the times that they ran to the kitchen for something to nibble on or to the phone for a quick call. For this is a eulogy to the women in the crewmen's lives.") (19)
  • Realization, poem by Michael Sobota (24)
  • A Little Secret, part one (reprinted from issue #1) and part two, by Mac Whatley (25)