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You may be looking for the slash Star Trek TOS zine Matter/Antimatter.

Title: Anti-Matter
Publisher: a club zine for TILOSK ("The Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks")
Editor(s): Carol Lee (there appear to be two, see talk page)
Date(s): September 1968 to August 1971
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Anti-Matter is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Carol Lee. It had at least four issues.

From the editorial: "Official Journal of the Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks. Dedicated to Star Trek bad guys, the overthrow of Star Fleet, subversive space activity, science fiction evil doers, terrible monsters, outer space buffs, and ridiculous projects... Most humble apologies for the entire club for the lateness of this ish. Printing was delayed while your astute Commandant went to the library to find out how to cut a mimeograph stencil. If this ish looks sort of strange, I'll try harder next time. Thank ghod for Cor-Flu!"

It is one of the very earliest Star Trek fiction zines published. For others, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

A Newsletter to Fill the Publishing Gap

  • Dilithium was published to fill the publishing gap between #3 and #4.

Issue 1

Anti-Matter 1 was published in September 1968 (second printing: December 1968, third printing: February 1969) and contains 13 pages. The theme was "The Legionaire's [sic] Handbook," and its content is mostly clubzine rules and proposed plans for the zine's future issues.

cover of the first issue, first edition
cover of the first issue, third edition, the editor adds to this edition: "Congratulations! You are one of the first TILOSK members to receive a copy of our new mimeographed handbook. All previous copies have been carbon copied."
  • ToC (1)
  • Welcome (2)
  • The Legion and its Structure (3)
  • Rights of Legionaires [sic] (4)
  • Rules and By-Laws (5)
  • What to Contribute (7)
  • Votes Ville (8)
  • Kooky Project Number One ("Pretend for one full day that you are a real live Vulcan on a visit to Earth. Do not tell anyone what you're up to. This would spoil the fun. Try to be perfectly logical, unemotional and cool. See how long you can last without losing your temper, laughing or showing other human emotions. At the end of the day list your observations: How long were you able to remain logical? Which emotion did you find it most difficult to suppress? What problems did you encounter trying to be logical in an illogical environment? How did others react to you? What conclusions can you draw from this experiment?") (9)
  • Fanzine Lingo (10)
  • Significant Statistics (11)
  • Things to Come (12)
  • Excuses (This is the zine's You are Receiving this Zine Because page.) (13)

Issue 2

Anti-Matter 2 was published in December 1968 and contains 24 pages. The theme of the zine is "The Winter Mobilization to Save Star Trek from Cancellation." Contributors are Jonnie Huberman, Elizabeth Sheridan, Flutnick, Sylvia Stanczyk, Laurie Wilcox, and Jari Lynn Wood.

front cover of issue #2, from a fan in 2013: "Yep, This oughta save it. Star Trek was never not on the verge of cancellation, and a lot of the fan mobilization was done via ‘zines. Also, I just really like the graphic design of this cover. Which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate messy covers…" [1]
You are Receiving this Zine Because page, which this zine called "Excuses"
  • Table of Contents (1)
  • The Mobilization ("By the time you read this, The Winter Mobilization To Save Star Trek From Cancellation should be well under way. Each one of you should've written at least ONE letter to NBC in support of our favorite show. If not, you deserve 10 demerits." ) (2)
  • Protest Stickers (3)
  • Write-In Rules (4)
  • Legion News (5)
  • Subversive Space Chatter, v.1 n.1 by Sylvia Stanczyk and Carol Lee, Joannie Huberman (the second installment is in a 1971 issue of Spock's Scribes) (7)
  • The Lone Stranger or The Misadventures of T'Pow Jones (fiction) by Sylvia Stanczyk (9)
  • Kooky Project #2 ("...pretend we're part of the Enterprise for a day. For example: a floor, Kirk's chair, Spock's lyre, a body function panel i sick bay, a computer bank, a communicator, a warp engine, or whatever you can dream up. Then tell us what you experienced that day. Com on, gang, use your imagination.") (10)
  • Results of Kooky Project #1 (Club members are encouraged to be purely logical for a day, "A Young Vulcan's Handbook of Emotional Control" from Spockanalia #1 is referenced.) (10)
  • Star Trek Revisited ("A Series of Scathing Reviews and Criticisms from a Fan's Point of View"—episode reviews of "Spock's Brain," "The Enterprise Incident," "The Paradise Syndrome," (11)
  • What is a Fanzine? by Carol Lee ("Basically, it's a fan magazine published by fans themselves on a mimeograph machine, much like the club journals. They are not sold on the newsstands, so the only way you can get them is to send away for them. In most cases, the editors are searching for new material and usually ask their readers to contribute stories, drawings, etc. for publication. In a sense, you could say that a fanzine is a do-it-yourself magazine." The article gives descriptive information for six zines: Kevas and Trillium, Spockanalia, Star Date, Plak-Tow, ST-Phile, and Galileo 7.) [2] (14)
  • Library Tapes (Star Trek book reviews) (16)
  • And from the Trash Heap (review of a Star Trek comic) (17)
  • Villain of the Month (The Romulan Commander: "We've certainly seen more beautiful women on Star Trek, but our nameless Commander proved more powerful than T'Pring ("Amok Time"), much sexier than Leila ("This Side of Paradise"), and more persistent than Nurse Chapel (in almost all episodes). She not only seduced Spock, but she got him to enjoy it as well. Will we ever forget those passionate scenes in her bedroom?") (18)
  • Club Directory (19)
  • Classified Ads (19)
  • Excuses (20)

Issue 3

Anti-Matter 3 was published in March 1969 and contains 64 pages. This issue contains one of the only con reports for Star Trek Con.

cover of issue #3, Kathy Bushman

Contributors of stories, articles, jokes, and poems: Mary Allen, Laura Basta, Virginia Brennan, Lucy Broadway, Julie Bushman, Kathy Bushman, Gwen Carlson, "Sam" Cornelie Cole, Debbie Dawkins, Karen Greenstein, Joannie Huberman, Bob Kerr, Susan Kotar, Susan LeVasseur, Lisa Morgan, Lynne Olson, Glenn Perelson, Janet Reilling, John Reinhart, Betty Ann Sheridan, Adrien Spectra, Sylvia Stanczyk, Kris Stacy, Ronald Waite, Laurie Wilcox.

Contributors of art and cartoons: Kathy Bushman, Karen S. Greenstein, Alan Cole, Carol Lee, Patricia Diane Olson.

This issue contains a fairly subversive letter by Gene Roddenberry, in which among other things, figures that Star Trek will be cancelled:

The whole thing [this zine] sounds totally illogical plus admittedly subversive. Probably immoral too. Therefore I consider it a great honor to accept a membership in TILOSK as Commander of the NBC Peacock Pluckers squadron. The fact this membership is free makes it doubly delightful. I would appreciate it more only if I could have somehow stolen it. Thank you and all the members for your hard work on behalf of STAR TREK in the past and in this winter's mobilization to save STAR TREK from cancellation. My own guess is that it will be cancelled, although a sufficient campaign plus high enough summer rerun Nielsens could possibly shake NBC up enough to order it brought back mid-season (January, 1970). Who knows? Maybe the fans will win again. Or maybe NBC simply feels it cannot afford to give in again and start a dangerous precedent of giving TV viewers what they want to see. I can certainly understand the network's position on this. You start that sort of thing and the next you know people will begin practicing what they preach, some nut somewhere will begin believing that happiness is better than money, the average man will start listening to those nuts who say that war isn't manly and glorious, someone will start feeding the undernourished despite the proven fact it can lead to high colestrol [sic] and heart attacks, and first thing you know the streets will be full of earth kooks as nutty as you space kooks. Reference my rewriting of Harlan Ellison. His last public statement was that I am the type of person who would rewrite the Bible. Therefore, he has decided not to send me a copy when he has completed writing it.

  • Toc (1)
  • The Fate of Star Trek (2)
  • Odds and Ends, from the Commandant (editorial) (3)
  • Legion News and Developments (includes the text of a letter by Gene Roddenberry) (5)
  • list of club members (the editor notes that membership in TILOSK had jumped from 23 to 85 since the publication of this issue of Anti-Matter)
  • announcement of a new fan club, this one for "Isis," the cat from "Assignment: Earth" (see image)
  • Kooky Project Number # and Kooky Project Results ("LEGALIZE GRAS! -- Here is another one of TILOSK's ridiculous subversive experiments. Naturally, when we speak of GRAS, we do not refer to a psychedelic weed, but to the Gene Roddenberry Appreciation Society. The experiment is to find out just how suspicious the Post Office Dept. is Simply mail something that sounds crispy to the Commandant in an envelope with the words: "LEGALIZE GRAS" written in large letters on the back. Such as: uncooked rice, a few corn flakes or something equally noisey [sic]. Then we'll see how many of these suspicious envelopes are opened for inspection before they are delivered. The results of this experiment will appear in Anti-Matter #4. Whatever you do, DON'T send real grass! We'll all be carted off to a Federation prison.") (13)
  • Why I Wouldn't Want to Be an Extra-terrestrial Body by Mary Allen (20)
  • The Star Trek Bad Guys by Julie Bushman (21)
  • Bring Back the Invisible Romulan Ships by Jill Schwinn (24)
  • *The Hortan Tunnelers (article) by Lynne Olson (25)
  • Shades of Vulcan (poems: "Direction to a Vulcan Youth," "Through Vulcan Eyes," "Compassion," "Beauty," "Aftermath: A Vulcan Legend") by Adrien Spectra (27)
  • The Truth Behind Pre-Emptions by Lucy Broadway (31)

Subversive Space Chatter:

    • Mudd's Log by "Sam" Cornelie Cole (reprinted in Spock's Scribes in 1971) (32)
    • Supplemental by Susan LeVasseur (33)
    • A Romulan Viewpoint of "The Enterprise Incident" by Sue Kotar (35)
    • Klingon Kommuniques by Sylvia and Carol Lee (39)
    • The Colonization of Sina (fiction) by Lisa Morgan (43)

From the Makers of the Galaxy's Largest:

  • Domesday Machines by Lucy Broadway (44)
  • The Lone Stranger by Sylvia Stanczyk (45)
  • Three Quarter Time by Virginia Brennan (46)
  • A Poem by Karen Greenstein (46)
  • The TILOSK Catalog (satire) by Carol Lee (47)
  • Super Algae by Karen Greenstein (50)
  • Star Trek Revisited by Carol Lee and Betty Ann Sheridan (fairly negative reviews of "Is There No Truth in Beauty," "And the Children Shall Lead," "Spectre of the Gun," "Day of the Dove," (51)
  • Public Notice by Glenn Perelson (54)
  • Library Tapes (book reviews) by John Reinhart (55)
  • Fanzines, compiled by Carol Lee (56)
  • Villain of the Month Club (James T. Kirk: for his pomposity, his disregard for the Prime Directive, for his womanizing, for his "rotten posture, his stomach sticks out, and ... his hips waggle") (58)
  • Club Directory (59)
  • Unclassified Ads (61)
  • Excuses by Flutnick and Lucy Broadway (63)

Issue 4

Anti-Matter 4 was published in August 1971 and contains 130 pages.[3][4]

cover of issue #4, art by Kathy Bushman

The theme of this issue was "TRIBBLE MADNESS!"

The zine's dedication:

This, the most over-due fanzine in print, is humbly dedicated to:

GENE RODDENBERRY - a fan's best friend.
DAVID GERROLD - whom we hope won't sue us.
ROBERT A. HEINLEIN and his MARTIAN FLAT CATS - who started it all.
L.E. WALLACE, JR. - for resurrecting STAR TREK!'.'.
RUTH BERMAN - because she IS.
SYLVIA STANCZYK - Tilosk's official, award winning BEM.
LAURA BASTA, KATHY PHELPS, and all the CONTRIBUTORS who waited 2-1/2 years to see their names in print and now wonder why.
CASPER - who glued the brain cell to our hotel room celling at Lunacon.
W.J.C. - who didn't answer our letter, but whom we love just the same.
And last but not least, our beloved: "COMPETITION!"

The editor calls it the "most over-due fanzine in print" and comments that several fans have waited two and half years to see their names in print in it. It was originally meant to be published in April 1969. In the zine's editorial, Lee says that a fan suggested she call this issue #6 and tell people that issues four and five had been lost in the mail.

The editor writes: "And now that this issue is finally printed, I sincerely hope the staples don't fall out. Half the zines I receive fall apart before I take them out of their envelops, so lots of luck with this beastie. According to Finagle's law, they should pop loose just as you turn the page."

The editor writes of the next issue which was supposed to have a Klingon theme, but "Anti-Matter" #4 was the last issue published.

The art and cartoons are by Laura Basta, Randy Rudy Bathurst, Kathy Bushman, Alan Cole, Debbie J. Dawkins, Karen S. Greenstein, Joannie Huberman, Carol Lee, Kathy Phelps, and Sylvia Stanczyk.

Two "dirges" written for this late issue:

The werewolves sllnk
the vampires roam.
The ghosts rattle their chains and groan.
Where is Anti-Matter number four!?
Has she thrown it out the door? -- Linda Schad

The paper is mildewed, the stencils are dead
The excuses are lost somewhere under the bed
The mimeograph has a cover of rust, (Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.)
Anti-Feddism stifled, subversives reform.
It's A.M. Number Four that we're gathered to mourn.
Are you up in the attic underneath all the must? (Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.)
So we're singing a dirge about TILOSK'S old zine
That must have been sabotaged by some evil fiend.
Are you dead? Did you die,
without struggle or fuss (Singing ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. -- Joannie Huberman

  • cover by Kathy Bushman (1)
  • Title Page (2)
  • Contents (3)
  • Contributors (4)
  • Dirge for Anti-Matter -4 by Linda Schad and Jonnie Huberman (5)
  • It's About Time by Carol Lee (6)
  • Kooky Project Number 4 and Kooky Project Findings (8)
  • Detailed Specification Sheet for the T.S.S. Tribblion, info compiled by Laura Basta and Carol Lee (10)
  • T.S.S. Tribblion Plans by Laura Basta (11)
  • Subversive Space Chatter by Lucy Broadway, "Sam" Cornelie Cole, Debbie J. Dawkins, Joannie Huberman, Kathy Phelps and Margie Wilson (22)
  • Mudd's Log, article by "Sam" Cornelie Cole (28)
  • T'Poof's Report by Mary Ann Cappa (29)
  • How I Learned to Stop Eating and Love Tribbles, article by M. Phillips
  • 'For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky' review by Carol Lee
  • Excerpts From the Tribble Smuggler's Notebook, article by - Laura Basta
  • Tribia by Laura Basta (31)
  • TILOSK Catalog by Michele Phillips, Carol Lee, and Kathy Phelps (34)
  • The Lone Stranger by Sylvia Stanczyk (37)
  • The Tribble Chronicles by Carol Lee (38)
  • Advertisement by Glenn Perelson (41)
  • La Tribiata by Laura Basta, Margaret Basta, Carol Lee, Kathy Phelps, and Sylvia Stanczyk (an opera, also published as a standalone) (42)
  • Anthology of Tribble Scribbles by Laura Basta (82)
  • Every Theory You Always Wanted To Know About Tribbles, article by Carol Lee (83)
  • Calculations on the "The Trouble With Tribbles" by Debbie J. Dawkins (94)
  • Excerpts from the Tribble Smuggler's Notebook by Laura Basta (99)
  • Tiloskian Catalog of Tribble Sub-Species, article by Gwen Carlson, The Cartel, Joannie Huberman, Julie Lancaster, Carol Lee and Sylvia Stanczyk (100)
  • Ode to a Tribble by John Reinhart (111)
  • Library Tapes by Laura Basta ("a nasty review of Star Trek bubblegum cards") (112)
  • Great Grandpappy to a Tribble, review of "The Rolling Stones" by Robert Heinlein by Carol Lee (115)
  • Horta, a sonnet by Adrien Spectra (117)
  • Star Trek Revisited by Janet Reilling and Carol Lee ("scathing" reviews of "Charlie X," "For the World is Hollow..." and "The Tholian Web") (118)
  • The Omega Glory of Star Trek by Bob Vardeman (123)
  • Villains of the Month by Carol Lee (127)
  • Excuses (130)


  1. ^ The Nineteen Coolest Illustrations from Star Trek Fanzines, Archived version (October 4, 2013)
  2. ^ While science fiction zines had been around for a long time, many Star Trek fans were new to the subject of zines.
  3. ^ Some clues about dates, this one from the wiki's talk page about this zine: "In November 1969 I received a brief newsletter called "Dilithium" with six pages of Carol Lee's news and gossip (it's folded over to mail, and the postmark is 4 DEC 1969). It was to excuse the lateness of A-M #4. ANTI-MATTER Number 4 finally showed up around August 1971 (I noted at the time, that it was supposed to be the April 1969 issue)."
  4. ^ Another comment about dates, added by an editor on 04/03/2012: "I am by no means an expert in this subject, but I am Carol Lee's (editor) nephew. Unfortunately she passed away a few years back and I cannot confirm this but I currently am holding a copy of Anti-Matter #4 which includes a letter explaining that this issue was 2 1/2 years late for publication. It was originally due to be published in 1969, which tells me that Anti-Matter #1 MUST have been published prior to 1970 as stated above." Also: a Fanlore editor also has a copy in their possession, confirming the date.