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You may be looking for the Star Trek: TOS zine Klingon.

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Klingon is the name for a humanoid species in the Star Trek universe, as well as the language they speak. The Klingon language is also sometimes called Klingonese, klingonaase or tlhIngan Hol.

Klingons first appeared in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, Errand of Mercy. They filled the role of recurring nemesis for the Federation in TOS and throughout some of the subsequent films. Pocket Books' original novel, The Final Reflection by John M. Ford, incorporated many fresh ideas about Klingons on the fanfic and in the FASA roleplaying game of the day.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation series introduced the Klingon character of Worf, a member of the Enterprise crew, was the first of several Klingon characters in regular or recurring roles in the various series and films. In subsequent canon, relations between the Klingons and the Federation were mostly peaceful, but still provided lots of opportunities for drama.

Over the course of the various films, television series and books, the Klingon culture and language has been expanded by the creators to the point that it is discussed in much the same way any Earth culture or society is. The language was developed and codified by various people during film production[1] and several reference works describing the language have been produced including a dictionary.[2]


Klingons are some of the most popular characters with fans of Star Trek, specifically Cosplayers. The complex canon around the species and the sheer joy of acting like an aggressive warrior at a convention has made them a big part of the fan experience. For more information see Klingon Fan Clubs.

Klinfan is a fannish moniker for fans of Klingons.

In his professional Star Trek works, John M. Ford described a chess-like game played by Klingons, klin zha, which was readily adopted by Klingon fandom.[3]

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HolQed is the Journal of the Klingon Language Institute.


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