One Blade, One Blood

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Title: One Blade, One Blood
Publisher: Wendy Rathbone (and then later Mkashef Enterprises)
Author(s): Ann K. Schwader
Cover Artist(s): Mark Feeley
Illustrator(s): Gennie Summers
Date(s): 1993
Series?: yes
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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One Blade, One Blood is a 186-page gen Star Trek: TOS novel by Ann K. Schwader. It is a sequel to Beyond Diplomacy.

cover by Mark Feeley

It is often listed in Klingon dictionaries alongside the two novels Beyond Diplomacy and Diplomacy & Empire as the source of the word: "gozhe - [n] "Feces," or "excrement." [1]


From the publisher:
Seven years after defecting to the Klingon Empire to help prevent interstellar conflict, First consort Keysa sutai-Riskadh finds herself back on a Starfleet ship -- much against her will. Kidnapped by the Federation extremist group Quattuor Anni as a pawn in their own battle plans, the former Alien Contact Specialist must face her toughest negotiation partners yet: the officers and crew of the USS ENTERPRISE. Meanwhile, on the Klingon homeworld, Emperor Karan faces his own ultimate challenge. Is his consort's abduction a call to war and glory -- or a test of diplomatic strategy and trust? This novel-length sequel to Beyond Diplomacy (and its related series) offers high adventure in both Federation and Empire space -- and the return of many of this series' best-loved characters. No familiarity with past takes is required, however. This is a stand-alone novel of professional length, with illustrations by Gennie Summers and cover art by Mark Feeley.


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