Gennie Summers

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Name: Gennie Summers
Alias(es): K'Zhen
Type: artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Battlestar Galactica (1978), Star Wars, Star Trek: TNG, Conan the Barbarian, Doctor Who, Man from UNCLE
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Gennie Summers was a prolific gen artist and occasional writer. She won several FanQ Awards for her art.

Summers was introduced to fandom in 1973 when she read a newspaper that supplied the names of several fans, one of them being Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Summers wrote Lichtenberg and was sent the address of the STW. [1]

In 2009, Gennie and a new Star Trek artist exchanged emails discussing their love of Star Trek art. In those letters, Gennie explained: "I was first inspired to become an artist by the old Flash Gordon strip, by Alex Raymond. He also inspired the fantasy/sci-fi in me." The complete exchange can be read here, Archived version

She passed away in May 2010. [2] A fan remembers her with A Superb Warrior has died--Salute her with me! [3]

A 1990 Fannish Autobiography

I was born with a pen in my hand and a good imagination. At least they were waiting to be developed.

Flash Gordon came to our local newspaper when I was 9 years old, and that kindled the spark. I began an adventure strip, and continued doing so through my teen years.

As an old-timer, I remember such things as SPACE PATROL and CAPTAIN VIDEO from the '50s. When Star Trek debuted in 1966, I was there, and have been a fan ever since.

I didn't get in touch with fandom until 1973, though I knew there were other fans. I just didn't know how to find them. When I did, a new world opened up.

I'd never made it as a professional artist; I'm self-taught. But through fandom, I can share with others what I create, and enjoy their creations in turn.

These days, I'm into role-playing games, which take up a great deal of my time. I devote much time to my computer, a Commodore 128D. I'd love to hear from any other Commodore 64 or 138 users.

I recently joined the Klingon Strike Force, and am having lots of fun with that sub-group of fandom.

It's a great life. [4]




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